Monday, July 29, 2013

Unofficial 2013 Cruise Gear

Hi all! As we close in on the 3 month mark from our sail date, a couple of our fellow cruisers have graciously organized some unofficial cruise merchandise. Big thank you to Leslie G. (@gadawgs71) and Morgan D! I'm seriously so impressed, they even have their own website. There are tons of great styles, designs, and colors to choose from so be sure to check out all the options! Visit Cruising with the Boys 2013 for all the details.

***New Info-Updated 9.21.13***
Leslie has some great new features/designs added to her already amazing bsb gear! And rather than have me misspeak, I'll let her explain all the neat things she's able to do for you...
"We added a few new items to our site.  Now cruisers can order NAME SPECIFIC shirts to show who their favorite is!  We can also personalize them a bit more if necessary, and/or if someone wants something that they don't see readily available in a design they like, they can message me and we'll get it added.  Like a hat - if someone likes the "Cruising with Brian" design but I don't currently show it offered on a hat, but that is what they want, then I can modify the items available and send them a link to order the hat with that design on it.  When you go to the main page, you'll see the new specific BSB designs available." - Leslie
 So definitely go check out her site if you already haven't, only a few more weeks left until we cruise!