Thursday, January 25, 2018

#CruiseThemeThursday: Party Like It's 1993​

 And another Thursday brings us another theme....90s night!!

Ahoy, Backstreet Army!

Grab your tamagotchis and beanie babies! We're going back to the 90s!

#BSBCruise2018 Theme Night 2 Is.....
Party Like It's 1993​

Celebrating one of the greatest decades - the 90s!

We're going back to the 90's with a "Party Like It's 1993" Party! Cruisers should go all out 90s in their get-ups. Nothing is off limits!

My Take
Overall - looking forward to this one! I think fans have been asking for it for a while. Seems like they're making this a nostalgia cruise. High school night and 90s night. Quite frankly for both of these themes I would've been wearing a BSB t-shirt back in the day. But I feel like that's cheating so I'll have to put in a bit more thought. Any ideas are welcome.

I wonder what the boys will do with this one. I'd love to see them embrace some of their earlier roots. I think the New Kids watched some of their old videos with fans at the deck party and I think this sounds like a fun idea and an appropriate night to do that. Basically watch videos like A Night out With the Backstreet Boys, All Access or the Disney special. How fun would it be to have their live commentary watching those. Plus I haven't seen those videos in ages because they all sit on VHS.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

#CruiseThemeThursday: Fast Times at Backstreet High

Oh boy, we're finally kicking into cruising gear with the announcement of our first cruise theme!

Ahoy, Backstreet Army!

Just a few months til we set sail on our 6th cruise. Crazy how time flies! We can't wait to head south and spend time in the sunshine with you.

We know you're eager to hear what fun we're getting into with theme nights on this year's cruise. So let's get to it...

#BSBCruise2018 Theme Night 1 Is.....
Fast Times at Backstreet High
“Learn it. Know it. Live it.”

Think back to high school (we know.. it wasn't THAT long ago ;)). What clique did you roll with? Were you hanging with the theater crew? Or rocking a varsity jacket while hanging out with fellow jocks? Maybe you identified with the lovable nerds.... whatever it was, we want to see it!

Dress like your high school clique (or the clique you wished you were a part of) and we'll meet you after class for a wild party!

Stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook & Instagram over the next few weeks for #CruiseThemeThursday and let the cruise countdown begin!

See you soon!

My Take
I personally have no idea what I will do with this cruise theme, but I'm excited for it. It seems like good ole fashion innocent fun with some nostalgia sprinkled in. If I were a betting woman (or the one in charge of their costumes) I'd go with...
  • Nick as the nerd
  • Brian would be (and still is) our class clown
  • Jock Kevin 
  • AJ as the theater guy
  • Howie....struggling with Howie. Maybe the foreign exchange student? lol
As a reminder to first time cruisers, make sure when you plan your outfits for different conditions. In the past we've been crammed indoors in the atrium; outside on the pool deck where it can be cold, windy or rainy; or the rare deck party with actual nice weather. Just make sure your outfit is flexible for potentially hot or cold weather. Also bear in mind comfortable shoes. Its a lot of standing around!