Monday, June 25, 2012

New Kids vs BSB Cruise

So this is a post I had really wanted to write myself. But at the end of the day I decided not to do the New Kids cruise. Thus today I present to you, the lovely Cortney Gusek. She just got back from the New Kids cruise and I really enjoyed her review and analysis on how it compared to the BSB cruise. Even though they are 2 different groups, the cruises are still organized by the same company so I think it's interesting to see what BSB does better and where BSB has room to improve. Cortney is a Nick/Donnie girl from Ontario, Canada. She's super friendly so be sure to check her out on facebook and make a new BSB friend today :)

New Kids Cruise vs BSB Cruise

As most of you know I am a die hard BSB fan and always will be. However, the summer of 2011 changed my life when I discovered the Backstreet Boys were joining forces with New Kids on the Block to form NKOTBSB for the ultimate boy band experience.

Now I will be the first to admit I had never been a fan of the New Kids and wasn’t really familiar with them so going on this tour was strictly for BSB. I bought tickets to 4 shows along with Backstreet VIP’s. I was ready to turn on my inner fangirl for BSB when BAM, the curtain dropped and my world spun upside down. I was thrown for a loop as I found myself quickly swooning over 5 New Kids I never even knew existed!

After the first NKOTBSB show I knew I was doomed! Before I knew it I was purchasing tickets to 2 more shows and trying to get an NKOTB VIP with no luck – SOLD OUT! I had a lot to learn about these guys but the first thing I discovered was an entire Block Nation of fans who knew exactly what they were doing!

And so began my new found fandom for NKOTB. A small part of me felt guilty, like I was turning my back on BSB. Then I realized that was impossible! BSB would always be my #1, having been a fan since I was 9, you can’t take that away. And there’s no such thing as too much boy band love. The more I learned about NKOTB, the more I realized how very different these two groups really are. Yes they are both singing groups comprised of men with crazy and dedicated fans that defy time, but that is about as far as the similarities go.

Please remember that this review is simply my thoughts and perspective on these two bands, both of which are near and dear to my heart. I do not mean to insult or offend anyone in any way and you can take this however you’d like.

You may find it hard to believe but I never realized how reserved BSB really are. Compared to NKOTB they are squeaky clean! I can’t really decide if that is a good thing or not. In some ways it shows they are professional and stay true to the image they want to portray, however it makes me wonder if they are 100% genuine. Backstreet are always good to their fans and try to make us feel involved. I have never been disappointed in any VIP experience and they always perform their hearts out!

BUT, NKOTB really don’t hold back. They know who their fans and audience are. They realize we have grown over the years and treat us such. They aren’t afraid to say exactly what they think, they don’t censor their language, and I just get a sense that they are being real all the time! And I hate to say it but I have never seen any New Kid with their nose buried in a cell phone during a VIP or interview.

Is it fair to say BSB has taken some ideas from NKOTB with regards to VIP’s and other added features for the fans? Yes. And is it fair to say BSB might have some improving to do? Sadly, I think so. It’s no secret BSB fans have suggestions on how to make the VIP’s better and I think there is always room for improvement, even with NKOTB. But since I have not experienced an NKOTB VIP I’ll call this a tie since I don’t think either group will 100% make every fan happy.

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for, the Cruises!!! I went on the first two BSB Cruises in 2010 and 2011. I had already book the BSB 2011 Cruise when we found out that the New Kids were having their Cruise in 2012. While we were caught up in the moment on the NKOTBSB tour we said “screw it” and booked the New Kids Cruise too! After having experienced both group’s Cruises, I can tell you there were definite similarities and differences!

Let’s start from the beginning. On the first day we board the boat. We knew the guys have to get on the boat somehow and based on the BSB Cruise we had a good idea of where to stand in the lobby to get a good view. We thought we were being smart by heading to the Port at 10:30am when boarding didn’t even begin until noon. Boy were we in for a shock when we arrived only to find the lobby already ¾ filled with fans! These Block Heads don’t mess around. Right away I could sense the difference. Both bands had a full charter boat but BSB never sold out, whereas New Kids sold out almost right away! There were so many girls in this little terminal that I began to get a little nervous. This was a whole new ball park! Moral of the story, I learned right away that the BSB Cruise was way more mellow than a New Kids Cruise, if you can believe that!

So we didn’t get the greatest view of the guys boarding and we waited twice as long to get on board but all was going well. Once on board, we headed for the Lido deck to get some lunch while waiting for our room. Just like the BSB Cruise, the guys were having lunch in the same area at the same time. The difference…the New Kids stayed on the top floor and sent their security down to get their food. I found that BSB were able to mingle a little better and sat on the main floor, stood in line at the buffet with fans, etc. But maybe that is because they had less of crowd to deal with than New Kids, who knows?

After eating we took a quick stop at our rooms to freshen up before heading to the Sail Away deck party. First of all I have to say I like the Destiny better then Imagination. The deck allows a way better view anywhere you stand and seems more roomy. But none the less, there were still those crazy fans who staked their claim on the prime spots and “camped out” for hours. Some things will never change for either group!

New Kids Sail Away Party
First I have to address the weather. The BSB Cruise was in December both years so it was usually quite cool and windy. At the time I hated it but what I wouldn’t have done for it to be cold again. Florida in Jun is friggin’ HOT! For me the Sail Away party was the worst. It was in the middle of the day, in the blazing sun, and we were crammed on a deck filled with 3,000 screaming fans! I was miserable…until the guys appeared and then the weather was the last thing on my mind! I am curious to know what it was like cruising in May – maybe next year??!!!

Along these lines was the rockiness of the boat. In December I found the water to be a bit more rough. I handled the movement fine but some people were out of commission for the first day and missed all events because they were so sea sick. In June, I didn’t even know I was on a boat most of the time so that was a huge plus!

Another major difference at the deck parties was that NKOTB had 3 small stages on the main level of the deck. Just like BSB they came out on the top deck by the railing but quickly made their way to the lower stages. I found this amazing since it allowed us to have a good view of each of them no matter where we were standing. The guys also took turns switching spots, crowd surfing through the fans to get from one stage to another or just walking through everyone! Each guy only had one security guard and I found they were really good at staying back and not being too pushy with fans. BSB did make an attempt to walk through the fans but it was literally a few minutes, quickly walking past everyone from one set of stairs to the other and back to the safety of the top deck with two security around each of them! Whereas the New Kids spent almost the entire night on the deck mingling with the fans.

Another huge difference between the two groups was that New Kids were constantly signing autographs for fans. If you were gutsy enough to go into the sea of fans in front of the stages and hold up something you were guaranteed to get it signed. The guys would also grab cameras and snap shots of themselves or with fans. They were just way more interactive! If you were like me and stayed back on the tiered railings you weren’t out of luck either. Some of the guys weren’t afraid the venture up further for us less “aggressive” fans! If I could suggest anything to BSB it would be to loosen up and trust your fans a bit more. We pay a lot of money to be there so try to make it a little more worth while.

I also found that the New Kids spent a lot more time on the microphone. As much as BSB tried to party I hate to say they really have nothing on NKOTB. These guys can drink and really know how to have a good time. They dance, pull fans on stage to dance with them, sing along to songs, give speeches, tell jokes, etc. Yes there were a few funny moments on the BSB Cruise and the guys had their fair share of drinks, etc. but I just found I spent a lot of time watching BSB hang out with each other and their friends/family from behind the railing and only occasionally addressing the fans.

New Kids at Pajama Night
One thing both groups need to improve on is the DJ! How many times can we hear the same song in one night? And it would be nice if we could hear an entire song in full before it gets cut off by another crappy song half way through. And seriously, enough with the blow horn – we get it! P.S. – theme nights usually mean we would like to hear songs that match that theme. We can hear the top 20 on the radio any day! And on a side note, 90’s does not equal all rap – seriously know your audience!

Moving on… be prepared to not sleep, on any cruise! Those deck parties go to the wee hours of the morning and you’ll have to get up the next morning to do it all again. Wear comfy shoes!!! I paid the price on this cruise by wearing flip flops the whole time and my feet got so swollen from the heat and never sitting down. Comfort is key!!!

Next up…Beach Party. I have to say neither group had the best Beach Party. For Backstreet we were taken to the beach where it was a free for all to get spots in front of the stage. We had to eat our lunch in the sand at our spot because there was no tables and we waited for over 3 hours until the guys finally arrived. Once they got there it was great though. They sang a couple acapella songs and played a bunch of beach games. I found BSB got the fans more involved and spent more time on the beach playing games. They moved around and divided into two groups so there were more options for fans to get a good view at the guys doing something.

With New Kids they offered a reserved area for priority wrist bands, which I was lucky enough to have however, we were the first ones to get off the boat and had to stand in a line away from the beach for hours until we were finally let into the area closer to the stage. We were dying from standing in the heat all day but luckily the reserved area went into the water so we opted to stay a bit further back to cool off. The regular wrist bands were being kept off to the sides of this area but it was not officially blocked off. We thought we had it good until suddenly the stupid security guards let EVERYONE rush the stage at the last minute right before the guys arrived and they all ran in front of us in our reserved area so in the end we had a crappy view after standing in a line all day while the others got to relax on the beach and then took our spots. I was pissed!

A note for next year, the reserved area should be roped off right into the water and monitored better by security to make it fair for those who were supposed to have the priority wristbands. It’s a “reserved” area for a reason!

But in the end, having a reserved area at the beach for wristbands is a great idea that BSB should consider too, it just needs to be organized better!

I also wasn’t a fan of the concert being on the beach for NKOTB. Because of the heat they only sang a few songs, whereas BSB had a full on concert with lights and effects back on the boat. I think it’s more fair to have the concert in the theatre on the boat where everyone has an assigned seat instead of the mayhem that took place on the beach with general seating!

I found the New Kids only did a few beach games and even though they brought up fans, they themselves didn’t really participate in the games as much as BSB did so there was less interaction. They only spent a couple hours total on the beach whereas BSB were there all day with us! I think the Beach Party needs a lot of improvements for both groups and it’s hard to say which was better or worse.

Donnie at the beach party
Now for the photo-op. This too was a mess for both groups. We are told to pre-arrange groups with two fans per guy. This is easier said than done! When you finally have your group formed you spend most of the day standing in a long line waiting nervously to meet the guys. And when you finally get there, it’s over in a blink of an eye. It also doesn’t help having security yelling at you the whole time to keep it moving, turn around and snap/flash, get out! What just happened??? Both groups spend about a millisecond giving each person a quick hug and a half-hearted hello. It always seems like they are pre-occupied and bored which really doesn’t help.

I understand it must be tough taking photos all day and meeting 3,000 fans but there really HAS to be a better way to organize this! Just don’t ask me how! My only suggestion to make up for this a little bit is to give each fan a autographed photo like at the BSB VIP so everyone walks away with something. It’s the least they can do when we spend so much really!

Ok back to the positive…shows on the boat! I have to say I LOVED the shows put on in the theatre. First was the game show. I thought NKOTB Squares was hilarious but they should have invited one fan to sit with each of the guys to play together to make it more interactive rather than having all the fans off to the side. Other than that it was great. BSB also did a great job at their game shows each year and they really know how to involve the fans so I have no complaints there!

NKOTB on the other hand had extra shows in the theatre that BSB didn’t. They divided it into two days with two guys each day. Danny’s show was really moving and raw and the Joe Show was hilarious! He is so talented, I would pay just to see him perform that alone. Then there was the Backrub which I really have no words for and only wish I could have brought my camera but what happens on the boat stays on the boat (sorta)! And I couldn’t have been more excited to see Jordan perform his Live & Unfinished show again, and he didn’t disappoint! There really is nothing I would do differently about these shows!

BSB on the other didn’t do anything above and beyond like this to showcase themselves as individuals or even offer extra events in the theatre. So I think that is something they should consider adding for the next cruise because it really does make a huge difference. We get to see them more and having it in the reserved seating theatre is very fair!

Each group also offered a gift bag and it’s hard to say which was better. NKOTB had a drawstring beach bag as the actual gift bag whereas BSB had a cheap plastic bag. NKOTB had sunglasses and chap stick whereas BSB had trinkets that matched each theme night to bring with you to the deck parties. Another thing I liked with BSB was they planted 5 golden ducks one year and 5 golden crowns the next year and whoever had these items in the gift bag got to go on stage with the guys on one theme night to hang out with them. However, NKOTB had a water bottle which was by far the best gift! We brought it with us to the beach which was a lifesaver and then used it for the deck parties so we didn’t have to keep buying drinks! Perfect!

I think overall I saw BSB around the boat more but that could be because the boat was less full and a downfall was they always had tons of security. I only saw NKOTB a couple times and they passed by quickly but I did see that Donnie and Danny signed almost everyone’s door decorations that I passed by which means they took the time to walk around and leave autograph’s which is awesome!

Doing these cruises can’t be easy for either group and I’m so glad they put in the effort to do this year after year but I still think there can be improvements. I had an amazing time on each cruise I’ve been on and I’m sure it won’t be my last! I can’t say that one group is any better than the other but the best way I can describe it is they are very different!

I said from the get-go that I have always been a BSB fan and they will always be #1 but they’d better watch out because they have some serious competition!!! After this summers’ NKOTBSB tour and the New Kids Cruise I now officially call myself a Blockhead even though BSB will always be in my heart! I can’t even imagine what the future holds…all I know is I’m in trouble!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Backstreet Townhall

I've been reading how the New Kids do a townhall meeting with their fans where essentially the fans have the floor to speak their mind and tell them what they'd like to see in the future. I've never been to this event, but I still liked the concept and thought it would be nice if our boys did the same thing.

So now I'm pretending that BSB did do a townhall concept. Here are a few things that I would like to suggest to them for future improvements as well as some fun things I'd love to see them do.
  1. First and foremost we need a new album. Never Gone was released in 2005; Unbreakable in 2007; and This is Us in 2009. So by that pattern we should've had an album last year! We are way overdue.

  2. More consistency in the VIP experience for sound check parties. I'm sympathetic that sometimes things come up that are beyond their control which translates into last minute changes. But aside from that, I don't think its fair that sometimes there are barricades and sometimes there aren't. Sometimes they do more songs than others. Sometimes they'll handle the Q&A differently. And don't even get me started on how different the platinum VIPs can differ. I do like the fact that each boy does their tour a little different to suit their personality, but it still doesn't feel right that Brian may spend upwards of 45 minutes doing a Q&A before the tour actually starts where Nick's whole tour lasts 10 minutes. Even Howie himself has joked that he would ask for his money back if he had Nick as a tour guide. If we're all paying the same amount, we should all largely have the same experience? 

  3. I'm not sure how best to articulate this thought, but we need an improvement on the end to end management of events. Fans are starting to feel like they are being financially taken advantage of. For me personally, my issue isn't in the prices of the events themselves (though I certainly wouldn't complain if they lowered the cost of things) but rather on how the whole thing is being handled.

    On the front end, events are not always clearly outlined on just exactly what is and is not included in the price. Fans are feeling confused and mislead through vague terminology in event descriptions/ads. Example- This whole debacle with the MixTape barbeque or even the beach party for the first cruise later being announced as an additional charge. Had they been up front from the beginning that these types of things are an addon, then people wouldn't be as upset. In the future I would like to see things very explicitly written out. For example, "Photo op" is too vague for my liking. They need to say "Meet & greet with 5 fans per picture guaranteed" or they need to say "BSB will be taking pictures at their own discretion so no one is guaranteed a photo." I think simply by using more clear wording should hopefully avoid fans feeling deceived going forward.

    I also feel like things need to be done on the back end to better resolve scenarios that didn't live up to what was promised. As I said before, I'm understanding that things come up last minute that might elicit changes, but the reality is that if what I bought isn't what was delivered, there should be some sort of restitution. If I bought a VIP ticket that promised 3 songs or bought a group picture that was supposed to have 5 people, its simply not right if I'm not compensated when they only do 2 songs or last minute enforce a picture with 8 fans. This is when I really start to feel taken advantage of because I'm not getting what I paid for. In any other business scenario, that is how it works. If I were to order a pepperoni pizza at a restaurant and they brought out cheese. I'd think to myself, 'Self, this pizza is absolutely delicious but I paid extra for pepperoni so I better get a pile of pepperonis to go or the amount I paid for the extra topping back." Sorry for the food analogy, I'm hungry. I would just like to see us fans treated as any other consumer. We pay a lot for this stuff so we deserve a bit more customer service.

    I hope you don't take this massive rant as complaining, but rather I view it is an opportunity for improvements in the future.

  4. I'd love to see some different pre/post concert events besides an after party at a club. Obviously after parties aren't suited for all members of the Backstreet Boys so perhaps they should do another fun event before the concert that can better incorporate all members. I've heard a little about these brunches that Jordan Knight does and I thought that would be a ton of fun to do with BSB. I wouldn't mind eating an omelet with Howie D.

  5. Release a DVD from the NKOTBSB tour. And an international version of the This is Us Tour while they're at it. Its been over a week since I've dropped money on our boys, so I'm overdue to spend more money on them. But I can't do that unless they give me something to spend it on.

  6. Do more atypical concerts such as the unplugged concert on the second cruise where fans can pick songs that Nick doesn't know the lyrics to. Or do more acoustic shows with the Q&A weaved throughout the event. I love the full stage production shows, but the concerts where the boys are more 'raw' are by far my fave.

  7. Try to add a little more value to the Fan Club. We're essentially paying $40/year for access to a few pre-sales. I'd love to see the boys do more chats or exclusive videos. Just SOMETHING.

  8. Do more big events similar to the cruise. I'm not sure I can dream up anything better than the cruise, but I love the concept that we have the opportunity to spend more time with the boys outside of just your normal concert. I love interacting with the guys in different ways like game shows, Q&A, etc. The fans get really pumped for big events like this so I think they should do more of them. They could do something like a cruise on land- some sort of Backstreetfest weekend. Even though my wallet is already trying to seal itself up at the mere mention of it.

  9. So now I'm getting into a few cruise specific suggestions. My latest brainchild was to have one of the themed deck parties in the afternoon as opposed to late at night. Think luau themed pool party in the afternoon with pool games. We know Brian doesn't like these late night events. Meanwhile AJ doesn't exactly thrive in that environment either. So I'd be interested to see if our boys might be more engaged and energetic in the afternoon than these late-night deck parties. Plus I think it would be fun to try something different.

  10. Something else I'd really like to see on the cruise is each of the boys doing their own event on the cruise. I've mentioned this before, but if each BSB does a solo event, that's 4 (hopefully 5) more events for us fans and not much extra work on their part. I think it could be a great opportunity for some of them to either promote their solo material or just pick an activity that is better suited for their individual personalities.

  11. Actually have a townhall meeting so I can share #'s 1-10 with the Backstreet Boys.

So what would be your question/comment if there was a Backstreet townhall?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Game: Which Backstreet Boy...?

It's that time again- game time! Rules are simple. Just answer the questions below with the name of one member of the Backstreet Boys. I'll leave it up to you if you want to include Kev or not but I didn't. I also added my answers as well. 

Which BSB has the messiest cabin?
Howie. I don't picture him as the messiest. But I said Howie because I imagine all his hair products take over the room.
Which BSB packed the morning of the cruise?
Nick. Considering how he generally looks like he just rolled out of bed at any given moment, I imagine its the same when it comes time to packing for anything. I envision their manager calling him the morning of the cruise, "Hey Nick. You ready to go?" Nick, "Where?" Manager, "The cruise is today." Nick- "Oh shit. That's today? I haven't even done laundry let alone pack. I'll just grab the clothes I wore for the last 3 days, spray some Fabreeze on them, I'll be ready in 5 minutes."
Which BSB would be most likely to attend their own favorite artists’ themed cruise?
Nick. He seems pretty passionate about whatever it is he's into, whether its sports, video games or music. I think he would have the same level of dedication to whatever artists he listens to, similar to the level of dedication we all have for BSB. Ok, maybe not quite that much.
Which BSB is most likely to be found in the casino?
AJ. I probably would've said Nick but I'm trying not to answer Nick for too many questions. And AJ seemed to have quite a bit of fun at those Blackjack tables.
Which BSB is most likely to go in the hot tub?
Drunk Howie. Prior to cruise 2011 I would've said AJ. But after cruise 2011 I say Howie. I mean the man was doing the limbo at 4 in the morning. I think he was only a few shots away from joining us in the hot tub.
Which BSB is most likely to skip out on life boat drill?
AJ. I had to assign this one to the "bad boy" of the group.
Which BSB would you find waiting in the pizza line at 3 in the morning?
Nick. Considering Brian would be asleep and Howie would probably be found at the bar. That only leaves Nick and AJ. And I still think Nick slips some bad food into his diet every now and then.
Which BSB is actually looking at the door decorations?
Howie. I could see him taking the time to really appreciate what fans do and getting a kick out of some of the older pictures and such.
Which BSB is watching BSB TV before they go to bed?
Brian. I could see the Littrells just goofing around watching old videos of themselves. 
Which BSB would actually participate in the door decoration contest?
AJ. And it would probably be a collage of all his bomb videos.
Which BSB tried to lose weight/tone up before the cruise?
AJ. He actually made comments on the cruise that he went tanning beforehand. So I'm led to believe he actually cared somewhat about his appearance before he boarded, unlike some of his other band members *cough* Nick *cough*
Which BSB is most amused by the towel animals?
Brian. Self explanatory.
Which BSB tips the cabin stewards/waiters the best?
Brian. Here's my rationale. He doesn't seem like a stranger to eating out at nice places. Ergo he's probably used to leaving generous tips.
Which BSB would accidentally fall overboard?
Nick. He seems like the sloppiest drunk of the Backstreet Boys. And I imagine it was hard to navigate things in that Ninja turtle outfit.
Which BSB would work on a cruise ship (if they weren't in BSB)?
Nick. He was pretty into the ocean and boats so it seems like a natural fit for him.
Which BSB could win the commonly played cruise game- Battles of the Sexes?
AJ. He knows a lot about women and isnt afraid to share it.
Which BSB would approach a random fan on the ship to chat?
Brian. I'll give Brian credit here. I think he'd mainly do it just to get a laugh and see our faces as we realize who is approaching us.
Which BSB isn't able to give up their cell phone while at sea?
Nick. I'm not sure why, but Nick was the first one that popped in my head. I guess he's always glued to that thing at sound checks, so I envision the same thing even in the middle of the ocean.
Which BSB orders room service?
AJ. I say this because he's the only Backstreet Boy that I personally haven't seen in the lido buffet. So if he's not eating there, he's gotta be eating somewhere, right?
Which BSB was scared the first time they flushed the toilet on the cruise?
AJ. I don't think he's been on the high seas much and I could see him getting a kick out of that. And then making a bomb video about it of course. "Cruise Toilet...BOOOMB"
Which BSB struggled the most in those tiny showers?
Nick. He's got almost a foot on me and I struggle in those things. But I mostly picked Nick because I just wanted to visualize him showering :) 
Which BSB got seasick?
AJ. Clearly he's the one who struggled most with the waves. "Drive straight man!"
Which BSB had the biggest suitcase/brought the most stuff on the cruise?
Howie. He seems the most high maintenance. Lots and lots of hairs products.
Which BSB would most likely read novels by the pool?
Howie. This is by default because I don't see any of the other 3 reading novels.
Which BSB would be the most helpful and help give you directions to your cabin if you were lost?
Brian. He seems like he'd be very helpful and would take the time to help you if you needed it.

Perhaps more to come later if I come up with some more questions. As always- I'd love to hear your answers as well. Please post below if you'd like.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Favorite Quotes from 2011

Time to bring back good memories with some of my favorite quotes from the cruise. I'll let the Backstreet Boys speak for themselves for this post.

Sail Away
Howie- "We're gonna get our drink on, our groove on, and our party on."

Howie- "Are you going to pole dance again?"

Nick- "I love to see AJ in tights. Its really sexy."
AJ- "Im anxious to see me in tights as well."
Nick- "His junk hangs out. Its scary.
AJ- "I'm not ashamed to put a sock in there at all."
Nick- "No a banana! Is that a banana in your pocket AJ?"

Nick- "How many bad girls we got on this cruise? Oh you better represent girlfriend."
Howie- I'm a Puerto Rican fly."

Howie- "I'm Britney bitch!"

AJ- "I wanna take you way back."
Nick- "If you keep bringing me that far, I might not be born."

Nick- "If Weird Al had a version of our song... That's the way I wipe it"
In it to Win It Group A
Howie- "That's full service management right there."

Howie- "I just had some bean soup, so sorry."

Nick- "These freakin hula hoops don't hula."

Nick- "No one trusts me, right, because I'm the youngest. What the hell?"

AJ- "No one better have gas."

Nick- "Howie got back."

Howie- "I get paid to show my junk in my trunk."

Nick- "There's nothing clean about this show"

In it to Win It Group B
AJ- “Its like jazzercise with the Backstreet Boys."

Nick- “Hey, team pee pee because of the yellow shirts. You guys are so dead.”
AJ- “Team blue balls. Whatever. Its all good. We got this.”
Nick- “Hey at least we got the cajones man.”
Brian- “You know what... My wife is here.”

AJ- “I was going to say something but I kind of feel like Lindsay Lohan.” (With his legs tied up)

Nick- “That’s a little premature over there coming from some blue balls.”

Howie- “Wait, my nose never gets between balls. That’s for sure. AJ, you gotta do it.”

AJ- “I have to say for once, I’m actually glad for once my nose is as big as it is.”

Nick- “Anything to do with balls and moving. We tend to have it.”

Brian- “We played betterly.”

AJ- “Actually in everyone’s defense. We all played it wrong. Seriously we all did. ”
Brian- “AJ, we’re in a boy band, dog."

Nick- “That’s like a Florida vote.”

Nick- “Can someone tell me how the hell we were supposed to play that game?”

Howie- “I got a get out of jail free card. I got a threesome right here… AJ got to watch.”

Brian- “Oh Christmas tree. Oh Christmas tree.”

Nick- “The question is, where’s the mistletoe.”
Beach Party
Nick- “Girl, look at that Kevin”

Kevin- “Sphynkter’s my favorite band.”
Nick- “Yeah, screw the Backstreet Boys.”

Nick- “Say it loud and proud.” (right before the lyric ‘backstreets back alright’)

Howie- “I had one too many bahama mamas that night and things haven’t changed since then.”
Kevin- “Was Howie a good boy last night?”
Fans- “Noooo!”
Howie- “Oh no you didn’t!”
Nick- “I have a question."
Howie- "You said you had too many bahama mamas, or too many bahama mamas?”

AJ- “We’ve got twister…we got limbo, see how much you guys can be flexible, we have magical chairs, duck duck goose- duck duck goose, what are we 4?”

Howie- “Have you guys been drinking? It’s really bad you shouldn’t do that.”

Nick- “There’s a cruise right next to us. ZZ Top is on that boat. I might have to say goodbye and we’ll go hang out with some long-bearded old guys. I’ll bring Kevin with me and we’ll get a free pass.”

Kevin (laughing at AJ)- “Dude, its not the last one to sit, it’s the one that doesn’t have a chair.”

AJ- “I'm surprisingly good at this.” (referring to musical chairs)

Nick- “Just don’t sit in my lap AJ.”
AJ- “Are you excited?”

Brian- “Just remember to respect your elders.”

Howie- “I’m getting some ideas of some positions.”

Howie- “Nick that’s a compromising position. We should renegotiate our contracts right now.”

Howie- “Nick’s got the happiest face I’ve seen in a while.” (While playing twister)

AJ- “That’s what the Backstreet boys are supposed to sound like” (Upon singing with Kev)

Concert (Group B)
Howie- "All i can say, you girls want some bad bad boys."

Nick- "I'm in the middle of the song trying to sing and Josh is going 'Tag, tag, tag'. Tie? I dont have a tie on."

AJ- "But now that he took the tag off, it's now Nick's personal wardrobe."

Brian- "Can you turn me down a little bit in my ears because I'm killing myself. It doesn't sound good."

Brian's guitarist- "Hello"
Brian- "That was sexy. Do you want to be in a boy band."

Nick- "See that's what happens we mess up."

Brian- "See I can't read this."
Howie- "Nick, did you tear that up."
Nick- "Yeah I did that on purpose"
AJ (to Nick)- "You almost got in trouble with the Japanese Mafia...I got chased down by the cops. It was fun."
Nick- "It was awesome"

Nick- "I was eating this barbequed eel and it was the grossest stuff I ever had in my life. I wouldn't recommend it."
AJ- "But you still ate it didn't you?"
Nick- "I had to because it was on camera. You can't turn it down"

Nick- "I was thinking that. Next cruise, when you guys do the next cruise. Why don't we do Backstreet Fear Factor?"

Brian- "I'm a business man just like all 3 of the other guys, and when you think about holidays, and schedules, and gifts, and trimming the trees, and traveling home....doesn't it make sense to do it in the summer time when you have a little bit of time off. That's just me be being I cant say ecofriendly, thats not the right term. Economical friendly."

Brian (imitating fan)- "Thank you. God bless you. Because my pockets are empty. I have my room key and some chapstick."

Howie- "This is really unplugged."

Nick- "Can I be honest? We woke up a little late because we partied really freakin hard last night with you guys."
Nick- "Can we get a get out of jail free card, please?"

Brian- "Can we do the little boy band thing where we shake our butts?"

Nick (On IWITW)- "Which version? we've got like 3 versions"

AJ- "Dude, we're backstreet boys. We're like chameleons. We can make this happen man."

Brian- "Listen, we were like superheroes once in life."
AJ- "Superheroes who ate burgers."

AJ- "Howie doesn't get a mic stand."

Nick- "I forgot where I was."
Howie- "You're on a boat."

AJ- "No, no, no. Can we do the song that should've been the single? And the only reason why it wasn't was because you called TRL. Your fault"
Nick- "Do you understand the concept of TRL? Its voting. THEY voted for it.
AJ- "No I know it. Carson called me personally."

AJ- "Ladies, ladies, I dont know about you ladies, but I am Burning Up. I'm on fire. Nice segue."
Nick- "Just start the freakin song."
AJ- "You know what, I love you too"

Prom Night
Kev- “I wasn’t very creative.”

Howie- “He’s a used car salesman.”

Nick- “We’re adults now I can see things now like shit. Back in the day we would’ve gotten in trouble and I would’ve been spanked.”

Nick (to Howie)- “I don’t love you, I love Lloyd.”

AJ- “I'm the last one to know but I still know it all.”

Nick- “See I think it’s better to do the Perfect Fan versus that song that AJ used to grind to on the stage.”
AJ- “That’s not a prom song.”
AJ- “I was 15 when we cut that. What do I know about sex at 15?”
Howie- “You had no business humping that stage.”

Nick- “I wouldn’t recommend this anybody. I’m sorry. They’re still doing it. You look like cattle…May as well call that the sheep dance.”

Kevin- “I feel like I’m at a wedding reception where everybody just goes buck wild.”

Howie- “Did you guys have fun last night? I know I sure did. Til 6 in the morning.”

Brian- “I was always Sporty!”
Nick- “Howie knew Baby really well.”
AJ- “And it will be on twitter tomorrow.”

Nick- “Did you notice the lyrics to that song? If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my FRIENDS. Then slam your body down and wind it all around.”
Howie- “Zig a zig AHH”
Nick- “Whoever wrote that was a perv.”

Nick- “This song has a lot of lyrics in it. It really does. Right about now I could kill Sisqo.”

Brian- “Hey hold on, hold on. Do you guys know I’m divulging in some personal information but AJ had an old girlfriend that actually did that to his truck.”
AJ- “Wait what was that? Did I hear my name?”
Brian- “She dug her knife into his into his seat and 7,000 dollars later. And he didn’t even cheat.”
AJ- “Oh you mean my ex? Yeah she was crazy. But just because of twitter, she was a nice girl most of the time. But she was still crazy.”

AJ- “If ya’ll want to see little AJs running around she can’t be touching those.”

Nick (referring to the song Before he Cheats) “Girls don’t be mad but I don’t think guys really like listening to that song. It kind of makes them uncomfortable.”

Nick- “Who wants to get wet with Backstreet?”

Howie- “That gave a whole new meaning to my chapstick. I can put it on so much. 100 kisses. It’s got a whole new thought in my mind now. Oh I’m lathering it up tonight.”
Brian- “100 chapsticks girl”

AJ- “Who’s ready for the pajama party?”
Howie- “Make sure to wear your thongs.”
AJ- “I hope you guys brought some nice and sexy pajamas. Ours might not be that sexy but we do have pajamas.”
Nick- “Mine is cute.”
AJ- “Mine has big feet. Seriously.”
Howie- “Mine is easy to get in and out of.”
Nick- “Are you going in your birthday suit?”
AJ- “Uh no. That was the last cruise. Not this cruise.”
Nick- “I dare you to just go in underwear. Just straight underwear.”

Nick- “Do you guys like how dirty the Backstreet Boys have become?”|
AJ- “We have to we’re getting older. That’s what happens with age."
Howie- “It’s called the dirty thirties.”
AJ- “But for you guys its almost dirty forties.”
Brian- “I know you look up to me all the time.”
AJ- “Actually we’re a little taller but still.”

Nick- “Even Brian’s dirty. What the hell is going on?”
Howie- “See what the boat does to you. The boat brings out the dirtiness.”
AJ- “Howie is the dirtiest of all.”
Howie- “What are you talking about? It’s just because I’m Latin. I can’t help it. I have hair all over my body on places it shouldn’t be.”
AJ- “He’ll be talking to you telling you a whole serious talk and his hips will just go.”

Brian- “Can we do a bigger boat?…. She’s like ‘No’ “
Howie- “You want it small and intimate. Like AJ.”
AJ- “Whaaat. Damn this is like the full backstreet boy roast.”
Nick- “Its just because you’re getting married we have to roast you now.”
Howie- “She’s going to roast your nuts.”
AJ- “Really? Damn.”
Nick- “We could make hundreds of dollars of jokes on this cruise.”
Howie- “I'm the king of one liners."
Nick- “Chestnuts roasting on Rochelle’s dinner plate.”

Brian- “Thanks for staying out in the rain with us. It was kind of like the Quit Playing Games video. Its kind of like Howie when he jumped off the stage.”
Howie- “That was when I had a 6 pack. Now I got a 1 pack.”

PJ Night
AJ- “On behalf of myself and my brothers we want to say thank you guys for an amazing cruise. Its been better than the first cruise. We had the best time with all you guys.”

Nick- “Just so you know its past my bed time. And I’ll probably get in a lot of trouble for the things I’m gonna be doing tonight. So I might get a spanking if you want to spank me. Just be nice cause my bum is like really pale.”

Nick (after his voice cracks)- “Does anyone else got this shit going on with their voice? No its not just us, right. You ever hear of people getting sick on a cruise ship so you can be like ‘Yeah I got sick from a fuckin backstreet boy.' You can blame it on us.”

AJ- “We have one last event to end this cruise on a good night. We’re going to play, I cant believe this, truth or dare. So this could be your one and only chance if you get a truth to ask us anything you really don’t already know.”
Brian- “Why wouldn’t you chose dare, AJ”
AJ- “Well, I don’t want to get in trouble.”
Nick- “I say we make a rule. None of us can choose truth. We can only choose dare.”
Aj- “But what if the truth question is really gritty. Like really gritty”
Nick- “I don’t know. Seeing you do some stuff like walking down the hall with your pants down would be pretty funny, AJ”
AJ- “But that’s like a Tuesday afternoon for me.”

AJ-“What do you really really really want to know about the Backstreet Boys. I mean really want to know”
Nick (mocking fans)- “What’s your favorite position?”

Howie- “Protect ya tings. Use a rubber every time.”

AJ (while Brian’s body surfing) “Now that's the definition of a true rock star right there”

Nick- “Hold him up girls.”

AJ- “Boys, boys, boys”
Howie- “AJ, AJ, AJ”

AJ- “First of all, how fucking cool was that? Brian crowd surfing. Never in the last 19 years did I ever think that I would see that.”

AJ- “I feel like Joey Tribbiani right now. How you doin?”

Brian- “I’m not going to fall in a mud puddle.”

Brian- “Im playing by the rules. Normally I cheat”

AJ- “He needs rhythm for a white boy.”

Brian- “Suck it Howie.”

Nick- “I just want to get mine over with please. I don’t want to do this. I'm sure I’m going to get the worst.”

AJ- “Oh my god. That’s my mom’s name. You kissed my mom?! Oh shit.”

AJ- “Where do you think I got it from?”
Nick- “Where you’d get what? Wearing ladies clothes.”
AJ- “Why are you asking me?”
Nick- “Because you wear girls clothes sometimes.”
AJ- “So? Don’t be jealous. I’m just better.”
Nick- “I am jealous.”

Nick (Talking to Jen about Howie)- “Why are you doing that? You are protecting him? Don’t you protect him. Favoritism!”

Nick- “No no no no no no. Can we add to that? He has to have sex with a pillow?”

Nick- “What’s your poison?”
Howie- “Unfortunately everything.”

Brian- “Hey we could be the kissing cousins. I could make out with him.”

AJ- “Howie’s gotta do it on the bar. And Howie, lay the pillow down on the bar. The ladies want to see you work those hips on the bar.”

Howie- “This is definitely different than doing the centipede.”

AJ- “I'm so glad this wasn’t my dare” (referring to Howie's dare)

Howie- “Okay shut all your cameras off”

AJ- “I want you to go back to when you lost your virginity, Howie. That’s what that pillow is.”

Howie- “Don't tell me how to make love to my woman!"

AJ- “Lay her down. Lay her down. Be gentle Howie. There you go. Spank her ass. Howie, spank her ass. There you go! Good boy. Now give her a big kiss. That’s what these girls want to see. C’mon Howie, show that pillow what you’re made of. Pump howie pump. Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump.”

Nick- “Howie, get on the ground with that thing. Go doggie style. Get on your knees homes.”

Nick- “That’s not how he normally does it. Trust me.”

AJ- “In my defense, I really do have to pee so be gentle. If you tickle me too much, it could get really gross.”

Nick- “Go for his knees”

Howie (sung to wiggle wiggle wiggle)- “Tickle, tickle, tickle”

Nick- “I’m not massaging you AJ, what’s wrong with you?”

AJ- “Ladies, ladies. To make it more fun, Nick has to lie on his stomach. Massage his butt. He likes that. Really get in there. He likes his butt massaged.”

Nick- “Honestly, I kinda liked it.”

Howie- “Does anyone have a belt?”

Brian- “Wait, how old are you? Like 12… She looks really young.”
AJ- “How old is she?”
Brian- “She’s 19”
AJ- “So she’s legal. Go for it.”

AJ- “Please please spank it Howie. Please, please spank it harder. Please smack my butt.”

Nick- “The principals are calling you. Calling AJ and Brian. AJ, faster. Run.”

Nick- “I love you too. Even though I don’t know you. I still love you.”

Nick- “Sexy dog? Like dog? Ruff ruff.”

AJ- “We want to have a little pillow fight with you guys.”

AJ- “Are any of you ladies hooooorny? Howie’s horny."

AJ- “I’ll never let go, Nick. I’ll never let go.”
Nick- “OK, you can let go.”

Monday, June 4, 2012

Backstreet Queries #2

As promised, here is volume 2 of Backstreet Queries. Enjoy!

What do you REALLY think of Nsync?
I started off as a BSB fan and then was introduced to Nsync. I first thought, "hey another band similar to BSB. Let me give this a try" Which i did. I have their first 2 albums I think. They have some catchy songs. But then I realized you were only supposed to like one or the other. And BSB won, hands down. I also cant stand Justin. His voice sounds like a dying cat! Ugh. No thank you.
What's been the best concert you've been to and why?
This is a tough one because I feel like I'm being asked to pick my favorite child (even though I don't have any kids). I feel like there are certain reasons why I like all of the concerts I've attended but there are a few more memorable ones. I'd say either the Miami acoustic show just because it was so different and casual from any concert I had been to before plus that was the first time I had met the boys. My other top contender is the Black & Blue concert because that's when I was at the height of my obsession back in the day and I was just in sheer awe to be breathing the same air as my idols. I've calmed down a lot since. Plus it was a great concert. Hooked ever since.
What is your most prized Backstreet possession?
I'd ay my old school VHS collection of all their TV appearances. I recorded everything I knew they'd be on and I'd be really upset if something ever happened to those tapes. In fact, those tapes are the sole reason I still have a VCR in my bedroom.
Would you really marry or "get with" a Backstreet Boy if you had the opportunity (and this assumes the married ones were single)?
I can honestly say I would not on either account. I wouldn't want to marry one of them and deal with the lifestyle. I see what their significant others deal with- and there's no way I could deal with thousands of girls hating on me every day. I also wouldn't want to even hook up with one of them. It just doesn't do it for me. The most I would want is a hug. I think because I've looked up to them for so long- it would just be too weird for me. I feel it would really tarnish what I have with them now. I like that fan/idol relationship; its a ton of fun! I don't want that to change.
What do you miss most about the earlier Backstreet years?
I miss how much more they were on TV and had a ton more specials. They used to have all these album release specials, did talk shows, concert specials, etc. Now its like gold if we see Howie on E! for 3 minutes talking about other boy bands.
What do you like most about the more recent Backstreet years?
Hands down they are more accessible. They do the VIP packages, cruises, and after parties so we actually get a chance to meet them (if you're rich of course). But at least they do it.
Another thing I enjoy more now in this backstreet era is being able to use to use the internet to feel more connected to the boys through social media as well as easily meet other fans.