Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Acoustic Concert

I totally just jumped up in my chair when I saw this email come through. I'm so excited they've listened and we're finally getting an acoustic concert on board!!

BSB 2016 Acoustic Song Selection
You guys have been asking for it, and we're all about making you happy. This year, we're doing something extra special: we'll be doing a full acoustic show onboard #BSBCruise2016. That's not all.... you get to suggest what songs of ours you'd like us to perform. Nothing is off limits...

Vote HERE for what songs you'd like to see in our full acoustic show onboard

So what is everyone voting for?? All I know is I don't want to hear singles. I want to hear some unreleased songs or other songs we don't get to hear too often. Here are a few I'm thinking...
  • Back to Your Heart
  • London (AJ)
  • Crawling Back to You
  • Spotlight (hey, its worth a shot!)
  • Undone
  • I Still
  • Get Another Boyfriend (I'd like to see them tackle that haha)
My only lingering question this THE concert or is it in addition to a "normal" concert. I'm assuming its our one and only concert but certainly hopeful its not. Can't wait!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

50 Shades of BSB

Welp, I never thought I'd have a blog post with this title. But here we are. Our 4th theme night for BSB Cruise 2016 is officially - 50 Shades of BSB Leather & Lace Party! Check out AJ in this teaser video.....

My Take 
I'm guessing Brian got outvoted on this one!

Seriously though, my general take on theme nights is to not think about what I'm going to wear, but rather what the boys are going to wear and what the night will entail. With that said, I'm excited to see where they're headed with this. I like that it's something different, though it feels very similar to Bachelorette Night. It should certainly be interesting to see how the boys interpret the theme and what they wear. I'm sure AJ will get really into it.

My biggest concern with the theme night is figuring out what the heck I'm going to wear! I literally have zero articles of leather or lace in my closet, nor do I intend to go out and buy them. I'll have to think outside of the box a bit on how to dress for this theme without dressing for this theme. Does that make sense? The other thing I'm slightly concerned about is seeing what some fans will (or will not) wear. Should be an interesting deck party, that's for sure.