Monday, August 18, 2014

SheKnows Cruise Giveaway Contest

If you're not already signed up for the cruise, make sure to enter the Backstreet Boys Cruise Getaway contest sponsored by SheKnows.

Enter here
Winner will receive:
  • 1 Ocean view cabin for 2 on the Backstreet Boys Cruise
  • Round trip airfare for 2 to/from Miami, Florida
  • Hotel accomodations
  • $250 gift card to be used for ground transportations + miscellaneous expenses 
Good luck to everyone!

Monday, August 4, 2014

100 More Reasons to go on a Backstreet Boys Cruise

So it appears that the cruise isn't sold out yet, which just amazes me!! So for anyone out there who needs further convincing, I expanded on my previous list of 101 Reasons to go on a Backstreet Boy Cruise and put together 100 MORE reasons why you should have no excuse not to cruise with the Backstreet Boys. 

100 More Reasons to go on a Backstreet Boys Cruise
  1. It's the only place you can hear the boys sing 'If You Want it to be Good Girl' live
  2. It costs as little as $13.50/hour which is way better than the price per hour at a concert. So if you think about it, you're really losing money if you don't go.... 
  3. See if you can keep up with Howie's drinking

  4. Admit defeat when you realize you can't even come close to keeping up with Howie
  5. Get free drinks compliments of BSB (While its only for an hour, but hey, you can still say Nick Carter technically bought you a drink)
  6. I swear there are more concert bloopers on the cruise than I've seen in a lifetime of land-based concerts (Nick Blooper, AJ Blooper, Another Nick Blooper,Yet another Nick Blooper). Maybe I should correct myself and say there are lot of Nick bloopers on board.
  7. Witness Brian's super competitive side come out during the game shows and beach games as well (Note his game face below)
  8. Challenge yourself to try and stay up later than Howie. (Many try, but few succeed...)
  9. You'll get to Trick or Treat Backstreet style
  10. See tons of creative costumes including a lot of costumes with Backstreet references
  11. The fun of waiting in line with the rest of the ship at 2am after the deck parties for pizza
  12. If you're lucky, perhaps catch one of AJs spontaneous chats
  13. Test your black jack skills with AJ
  14. Find out how AJs going to make up for the fact that his solo event was canceled last year (and he better!)
  15. Don't have to drive home after the concert
  16. Know that if you feel a tap on your shoulder it could be Brian surprising you (Seriously he pops up everywhere)
  17. Watch the amazingness that is Kevin standing and taking pictures with fans for hours on end. The man has the patience of a saint.
  18. That moment when you meet Kevin and he stares straight into your soul
  19. Chocolate melting cake. Yum!
  20. See Nicks awesome DJ skills
  21. Find out if Howie tries to trick us again by swapping clothes with his brother
  22. During down time play with Nick in the casino
  23. Be there at the exact moment when the boys reveal their Halloween costumes. Can't wait!
  24. See how AJ will manage to wear less with his Halloween costume this time around
  25. Be in on the latest inside jokes Ex: Protect your tings!
  26. Its the ultimate girls weekend
  27. They get up close and personal with the fans
  28. Experience Miami overrun with BSB fans 
  29. The look on people's faces when you tell them you're going on a BSB cruise. Priceless.
  30. Meet some of your new best friends
  31. You can be in the background of a BSB selfie
  32. You'll eat in the same dining room as BSB
  33. Watch the boys perform their concert on rocky waters is hilarious. AJ is especially comical stumbling around on stage
  34. Hours of entertainment just looking at the amazing decorations fans have on their doors
  35. There's an entire channel devoted to BSB (Why can't this be a thing in real life?)
  36. Hear their elusively sung solo songs
  37. Be there every time Kevin gets choked up/cries (which is quite a lot over the span of 3 days. I lost count pretty quickly)
  38. Kevin's impromptu piano sessions
  39. Watch the Carnival staff sing & dance along
  40. Bonus solo events with each of the Backstreet boys
  41. Know every time the elevator door opens there could be a Backstreet Boy waiting for you on the other side
  42. You're sleeping only a few cabins away from Nick, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Kevin
  43. Every TV in the public areas plays BSB TV (Why is there no such thing as a BSB bar?)
  44. So many chances to get a picture with one of the boys
  45. Hear new stories and learn new dirt during the Q&A
  46. Its a judge free zone to fully embrace your BSB-loving side
  47. Spend 70 straight hours with BSB. If you do the math- that's like 20 times longer than anywhere else you can spend with them
  48. Seriously that's like condensing 10 years of BSB interactions in 1 mega weekend
  49. Get super cool BSB-themed goody bags
  50. See Nick make faces like this...
  51. Can get an infamous Howie D autograph, complete with smiley face of course
  52. Literally watch the Backstreet Boys while floating in the beautiful Caribbean waters
  53. See the exquisite Half Moon Cay
  54. All the yummy food on board (yumminess level subjective of course, especially per Brian)
  55. See the dirty side of BSB
  56. Yes, even Brian's dirty side (I don't know where that Brian is the rest of the year!)
  57. You can share your BSB stories with people who truly care
  58. Unexpected goofy antics from Brian
  59. Everything is included in price so no worrying about buying extra VIPs or after parties
  60. That feeling of first stepping on the ship #Indescribable #PureBliss
  61. The boys let loose more on the cruise than anywhere else
  62. You never know what will come out of AJs mouth when he has a mic
  63. A BSB Halloween party puts any other Halloween party to shame
  64. Discover first-hand that Howie is the true party animal of the group
  65. Get chocolates/candy from BSB during Halloween night
  66. See how low the boys can go in limbo
  67. Wet t-shirt contest hosted by BSB. Um, yes please!
  68. Unparalleled photo ops with boys all dressed up in their costumes
  69. Perfect place to wear all your old (and new) Backstreet shirts
  70. Treat you inner 13 year old. She (or he) deserves it
  71. Nick likes to hang out with us during the events
  72. BSB decorations everywhere- even the freakin floor!
  73. Can get bonus Nick time in Miami with Nick & Knight if you head down 2 days early
  74. The months of anticipation leading to the cruise are almost as exciting as being on board
  75. Its the only time you'll get Brian at an after party
  76. Seeing the boys take selfies with each other is super adorable
  77. Enjoy seeing Brian sipping fruity drinks
  78. Appreciate Howie's quiet but awesome sense of humor
  79. Literally trapped on a ship with the Backstreet Boys
  80. Chuckle at the fact that AJ gets seasick
  81. Its the best Q&A above any sound check party because questions are pre-screened and only good questions are asked
  82. Hear them re-tell the same jokes they always tell, but somehow they're funnier on the cruise
  83. Find out what the Backstreet Boys eat for lunch, as they eat in the lido buffet with us...
  84. Smaller group photos
  85. Party with the Backstreet Boys til the wee hours of the morning
  86. If you're lucky, Nick's new thing on the cruises seems to be feeding fans from the stage
  87. Even waiting in the cruise terminal is a fun experience with the roar of the BSB fans
  88. You WILL definitely get to meet the Backstreet Boys at least once on board 
  89. Witness Brian and his cheating first hand
  90. This is the only cruise you'll lose weight on. Too much to do and barely any time to eat
  91. Only place where the Backstreet Boys go crowd-surfing
  92. Learn how they're going to top Bachelorette night (not even sure how that's possible)
  93. We'll be on a new ship this year- the lovely Carnival Ecstasy
  94. Mummy wrapping with BSB
  95. Best place to Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive
  96. Tons of viewings of Kevin's cheesy but awesome dance moves
  97. Won't have a heart-attack figuring out your seats for the concert because they're assigned
  98. Its the experience of a lifetime
  99. More chances than ever to interact and/or get on stage with the boys
  100. Nick, Howie, Brian, AJ & Kevin in sailor outfits. Enough said.