Friday, July 17, 2015

18 Signs You're Obssessed with the BSB Cruise

Since we have a lot of time to kill in between now and the cruise....

18 Signs You're Obsessed with the BSB Cruise
  1. At any given moment you know exactly how many days we have left until the cruise (298 days...but who's counting?)
  2. Your YouTube home screen is full of BSB cruise videos
  3. You know the names of at least 2 Rose Tour employees
  4. More and more of your facebook/twitter feed is filled with fellow cruisers and Backstreet related updates
  5. You constantly stalk and twitter praying for cruise-related updates
  6. You already have your photo group planned for a picture that's 10 months away, but aren't concerned at all about planning that weekend getaway with your family that's in a week
  7. Memes like this make you giggle uncontrollably
    Credit to @CarterClan
  8. You have nightmares about missing the cruise, losing your passport, or the cruise being cancelled.
  9. Or if you're lucky you have good dreams about the cruise like running into AJ outside your cabin or getting a selfie with Brian at the deck party.
  10. Even though you have a big meeting/test the next day, you still find yourself up at 2am watching cruise videos.
  11. People ask you what you want for your birthday/the holidays/etc the answer is always money to put towards the next cruise,
  12. Anytime you meet someone else going on the cruise, they are instantly your new best friend.
  13. Every conversation you have leads back to the cruise somehow...
    "Speaking of Game of Thrones...did you know Nick likes that show? Oh and have I mentioned I'm going on a cruise with him and the Backstreet Boys??"
  14. Anytime you go clothes shopping you somehow end up buying something you "need" for the cruise instead.
  15. All other vacations now seem so dull because the Backstreet Boys aren't there to party with you.
  16. You've legit spent more time daydreaming about the cruise than you will actually be on board the cruise.
  17. You're almost just as excited to see Justin and their security team as you are the boys.
  18. Just the thinking about the cruise makes you want to stop everything and do this...

Please tell me I'm not alone, here.