Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Random Tidbits about the Imagination

Since I just got off the Carnival Imagination, well not just, it was already a month ago. Yikes, time does fly! But I tried to gather some information that I thought might be helpful to you all.

Dynasty Lounge Floor plan
I'm not sure this is necessary helpful, but just in case you wanted a more detailed look at the lounge and really plan out every possible seat option. I figured someone out there might find it useful.

I feel like the topic of drinks comes up quite often. Particularly drink prices. So I started to type this all out, but figured you could just look at the pictures instead. Save me a lot of trouble!

To sum it up though:
  • Icy concoctions- $7.25 or $4.75 with no alcohol
  • Smoothies- $4.75 
  • Soft drinks- $1.95 (Or you can just buy the soda card for unlimited soft drinks)
  • Energy drinks- $4.75
  • Bottled Water- $1.95-$4.75
  • Beer- $4.95-$6.75
  • Cocktails- $8.75
  • Martinis- $8.95
  • Cordials & Liqueurs- $5.75-$6.50
  • Straight up drinks- $5.25-11.95
  • Wines- $5.75-$10.75
  • Cognac & Brandy- $5.75-$12.25

Professional Photos
You can buy professional photos in the photo gallery. They also sell extra memory, batteries, cameras, novelty goodies and such. I just grabbed a snapshot of the main picture prices though.
  • 'Fun Snaps'- Includes 2 5x7s or 1 5x7 and 4 wallet sizes. $9.99
  • 'Fun Candids'- Includes a 6x9 photo $11.99
  • 'Fun Photos'- Includes a 8x10 (landscape) $19.99 
  • 'Fun Portraits'- Includes a 8x10 (portrait) $21.99  
Medical Center
Lets hope no one needs this information, but just so you know....

Doctors Hours: 8-11am & 3-6pm
Miami Port Hours: 3-6pm only
I believe the medical center itself may be open for a longer period of time though.

Doctors Fee: $90
After Hours: $170
*Medical services are charged to your sail & sign card

For aspirin, tylenol, band aids & seasick tabs- call 7777

They do NOT have the sea sick patch. They made that clear on the sign outside their door (located deck 3)