Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cabin Fever

I know I'm not the only one stressing over which cabin I want to get. There are just so many things to consider! I thought Id share a few things I've been debating over in hopes it may help you decide.

Interior vs Exterior- If you get seasick, or fear that you may get seasick, I’d recommend an exterior cabin so you can look out at the horizon. Exterior rooms also have the benefit of sunlight, which is helpful trying wake up (that is if you plan on sleeping at all ;) ) But interior cabins are far cheaper and the reality is, you will not be spending much time in your cabin anyway.

Balcony vs no Balcony- No decision necessary as the Carnival Imagination does not offer room with balconies. That makes one less decision for us!

Suite vs non Suite- Aside from the fact that there is more room in a suite and the cabins are nicer- If you book a suite, you are guaranteed one of the first 6 rows to the events. This is a huge perk. If you buy a suite, you will also have a greater chance of being on the same floor as the Backstreet Boys or at least closer to them. While the perks are fantastic, the cost is obviously a lot more for a suite. You’re looking at an additional $1000+ per person

Which deck do you want?- I didn’t realize until rather recently, but you can select your deck and placement on the deck. For example if you are looking at an inside room for 2 people you could decide you want deck 2 midship or perhaps deck 7 Fwd/Aft. The higher up you go the more money you’ll pay. In my opinion, you gain nothing by being higher up, well, except you will be closer to the buffet. Another factor to consider is that the Backstreet Boys will most likely be staying on Deck 6 in the suites. So if you wanted to be closer to them, you can try your luck there. Just note that there will be security blocking off their hall, so I’ll leave it to you to decide if the extra money is worth the extra potential glimpse.

# of People in the room- You can get a room for up to 4 people, which I’ve done and it can be cozy but it does cut costs. If you decide to go with any more than 2 people per room, those people will have to sleep in a bunk type of bed that retracts from the ceiling. Also consider the fact that you will have to coordinate getting ready, and make room for everyone’s suitcase. Plus, there’s the inevitable drama that comes with too much estrogen in one room.

To room with friends or not? – Well, this could probably be a whole separate post in itself. But really think about this before deciding to commit. Its great to room with someone you know and trust, but it might be fun to meet new people. You just want to think about if your living habits will be compatible. I have this same philosophy outside of the cruise. Its just not worth ruining a friendship over.

Handicap accessible rooms- Be sure to ask for handicap accessible room if you need it. They are typically larger and equipped to handle a wheelchair.

I’m still debating which type of cabin I want. I'm so tempted to splurge on an ocean-view or suite, but the reality is my budget is causing me to stick with a good ole interior cabin. I'm just going to wait until the full price list is revealed before I decide how many roommates I want to have.

Happy cabin shopping!


  1. there are so many different sister and I are debating if we should get a suite or really depends how much it is...we have a price in mind that we don't want to go over but we'll see how strickly we stick to that...haha!

    also its great to have posts from you again...excellent job as always!!! =)

  2. Thanks Ashley! I'm looking forward to actually starting posts from the beginning this time. Keep me posted on your blog as well :)

    And keep me posted if you end up getting a suite. I'll def have to come visit and meet you this time!

  3. yes...we def need to meet up this time!!!

    as far as my blog goes...if you go to it and click follow, anytime i post something it will come up on your dashboard when you sign in to blogger...i dont always talk about the backstreet boys but they def make their fair share of appearances...haha!!!