Friday, January 6, 2012

Sail Away Party Unabridged

One of my favorite events of the trip was the sail away party because it set the tone for the rest of the cruise. So in case you missed it or want to experience the magic again, here's how it went down....

Immediately after life boat drill, girls started filling up the lido deck in anticipation of our 4 favorite men to show up. And before we knew it- Nick, Brian, Howie and AJ made their way out to the center stage on the lido deck. All the boys except for Brian gave us a nice little welcome to the cruise.

Howie started us off with some nice comments welcoming us to the second annual Backstreet Boy cruise and thanking us for coming.

Howie: "We're gonna get our drink on, our groove on, and our party on."
I still don't think Howie's statement was an adequate enough warning. Anyway, AJ and Nick were up next. First of all, AJ pointed out how they are doing all the events twice, as if its a positive thing. Yes, AJ, that would be phenomenal if the fans actually got to attend everything twice. It does me no good if I don't get to go the event twice. Grrr. Okay, rant over. AJ continued his intro and starting talking about Sphynkter night...

Nick: "I love to see AJ in tights. Its really sexy."
AJ: "Im anxious to see me in tights as well."
Nick: "His junk hangs out. Its scary."
AJ: "I'm not ashamed to put a sock in there at all."
Nick: "No a banana! Is that a banana in your pocket AJ?"

So that conversation happened. At which point I don't think Brian wanted to follow that up and they jumped right into some Backstreet tunes. From the best of my recollection and piecing together youtube videos, they played the following songs (in this order): Larger than Life, I Gotta Feeling, Living on a Prayer, Bad Girls, Poison, Party Rock, F-ck You, Billie Jean, Gimme More, Tearin' up My Heart, Everybody, Hollaback Girl, 99 Problems, Sexy and I Know It, Snoop Dogg, Thats the Way I Like It, Shining Star, Masquerade, Hey Mr. DJ, The Call. I'm sure I missed one or two and probably messed up the order a smidgen. But I did my best.

At one point a fan gives their sun glasses to the guys. Brian, Nick and then Howie start playing with them.

Howie: "I'm a Puerto Rican fly
Nick and AJs faces are equally as priceless during this stint. Nick then dedicates the song 'Bad Girls' to all the fans and ask how many bad girls there are in the audience. Everyone cheers.

When Party Rock started playing, the boys were given streamer shooters and were shooting those off inappropriately. Meanwhile Brian was running around elsewhere on the deck.

I love how AJ gets so into these streamers

So at this point it somehow turns into AJ's dedication hour starts. AJ makes his first dedication to Howie. 'Gimme More' by Britney Spears starts playing. Though Howie has a clueless look on his face and inconspicuously asks the other guys "What is this?" since he clearly doesn't know what song it is. Kinda sad that he was just on tour with the woman yet he doesn't know her latest single. Oh Howie. But I give him props for doing a quick Britney imitation dance.

The next song also from AJ goes out to Nick. The one and only 'Tearin up My Heart' starts playing. Ill let the video speak for itself because I thought it was hilarious. I totally just lost it at that point.

Nick: "I really like this song though."

During 'Everybody' Howie did some rapping as did Nick. They tried to get Q to rap, but he clearly wanted no part of that.

Brian was very monkey-like running around throughout the deck party. He was climbing on the wall kind of like Spiderman and went 'surfing' on a hand rail. I'm surprise this man doesn't get hurt more often.

AJ's dedication hour continues, this time its for Q and his security team because AJ has "99 Problems but [they] ain't one"

When Snoop Dogg started playing, Nick pointed out how Kevin looks like Snoop Dogg, "He's the white Snoop." I still let out a laugh despite it not being the first time I heard that joke. After all, they really do look alike.

Next the DJ played 'Thats the Way I Like It'. Definitely an oldy but goody, as AJ pointed out. Nick and AJ were goofing around during the song, trying to remember the old choreography. AJ seemed to remember it decently well. Though some fan threw their shoe on stage so Nick joked that they must not like AJ and his dance moves. Nick decided to interrupt AJ again to make a rather crass (in my opinion) observation. Nick pointed out "If Weird Al had a version of our song... That's the way I wipe it." And yes he turned around and motioned as well. I wasn't sure if I should laugh, be disgusted, or just grateful I had a nice view of his backside. Regardless, I won't be able to listen to that song the same way ever again.

Nick then dedicated 'Masquerade' to Brian. See video below for some unique dance moves from Nick and Brian.

Nick (referring to Brian listening to Masquerade): "He wants to throw up."

Only a few more songs and the sail away party came to an end. The boys were there for around 45 minutes in total though it felt a lot longer. Personally I thought Nick was the star of this event, or at least he seemed more engaged than usual. In my opinion he was a lot more interactive on the mic than he typically is- making a lot of jokes and doing funny dances. Howie was on the other end of the spectrum; I didn't see too much of him. But we all know that wasn't the case for the rest of the cruise.

Overall I loved the sail away party and thought it was a delightful way to start the trip. What did you all think of this event?

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