Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Random Tidbits about the Imagination

Since I just got off the Carnival Imagination, well not just, it was already a month ago. Yikes, time does fly! But I tried to gather some information that I thought might be helpful to you all.

Dynasty Lounge Floor plan
I'm not sure this is necessary helpful, but just in case you wanted a more detailed look at the lounge and really plan out every possible seat option. I figured someone out there might find it useful.

I feel like the topic of drinks comes up quite often. Particularly drink prices. So I started to type this all out, but figured you could just look at the pictures instead. Save me a lot of trouble!

To sum it up though:
  • Icy concoctions- $7.25 or $4.75 with no alcohol
  • Smoothies- $4.75 
  • Soft drinks- $1.95 (Or you can just buy the soda card for unlimited soft drinks)
  • Energy drinks- $4.75
  • Bottled Water- $1.95-$4.75
  • Beer- $4.95-$6.75
  • Cocktails- $8.75
  • Martinis- $8.95
  • Cordials & Liqueurs- $5.75-$6.50
  • Straight up drinks- $5.25-11.95
  • Wines- $5.75-$10.75
  • Cognac & Brandy- $5.75-$12.25

Professional Photos
You can buy professional photos in the photo gallery. They also sell extra memory, batteries, cameras, novelty goodies and such. I just grabbed a snapshot of the main picture prices though.
  • 'Fun Snaps'- Includes 2 5x7s or 1 5x7 and 4 wallet sizes. $9.99
  • 'Fun Candids'- Includes a 6x9 photo $11.99
  • 'Fun Photos'- Includes a 8x10 (landscape) $19.99 
  • 'Fun Portraits'- Includes a 8x10 (portrait) $21.99  
Medical Center
Lets hope no one needs this information, but just so you know....

Doctors Hours: 8-11am & 3-6pm
Miami Port Hours: 3-6pm only
I believe the medical center itself may be open for a longer period of time though.

Doctors Fee: $90
After Hours: $170
*Medical services are charged to your sail & sign card

For aspirin, tylenol, band aids & seasick tabs- call 7777

They do NOT have the sea sick patch. They made that clear on the sign outside their door (located deck 3)


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  3. Im getting ready to do the bsb cruise for the first time this year and your blog is SO helpful! Can you tell me how much the unlimited soda card is? Also i just wanted to be sure..all food on the cruise is included in the cost of the cruise?

    1. So glad you find the blog helpful!
      The unlimited soda card is $6 a day.
      And all of the food is included! There might be a few specialty shops on board where they'll charge, but if you're not sure, just ask :)