Friday, June 28, 2013

Lots of Cruise Talk

With all the promo that's been going on recently- there's been lots of mention of the cruise. It's reminding me quickly the cruise is approaching!

The Daily Beast

Cruise talk starts at 3.12

I hear there are these Backstreet Boys cruises. What goes down?

Brian: Bring your floaties! [Laughs]

A.J.: It’s fun, man! We do games with the fans and a performance. There’s a different-themed deck party every night. Last year, we did a prom night, an ‘80s night, and a world night.

When’s the next one, and what’s the craziest thing that’s gone down on a BSB cruise?

A.J.: It’s in October. And we did a costume party on this last one where everyone had Halloween costumes, and we were doing a truth-or-dare thing and it got a little crazy with dancing on top of the bar, and singing and doing crazy stuff. For the guys that actually drink, doing crazy shots or whatever.


Cruise talk starts at 1.10

How was that cruise by the way?

Nick: They get crazy and we say what happens on the cruise stays on the cruise.

Howie: We're still recovering from it.

Are you going to do it again.

Howie: Yes, we have a full boat.

When is it?

Howie: I think its October....right? Where's management?

So what kind of shenanigans, I know you're supposed to stay on the boat. But how does it all work? Do you guys perform each night? Do you perform spontaneously? How does the whole cruise thing work?

Howie: Since we have a whole boat, we can't fit everybody in the theater for 1 night so we'll end up doing 2 shows. But pretty much the whole cruise is just a performance. I mean its us just acting crazy, silly, doing games, drinking with our fans. You know, I pretty much tell people to start sleeping now because there's no sleeping on the boat and you'll have to recover a couple months afterwards.

Listen here! (Cruise talks starts at 7.10)

Along with hitting the road later this year to support their new release, In a World Like This, the Backstreet Boys will also take to the sea for the third Backstreet Boys Cruise. Fans who wish to join BSB in the Bahamas will only be able to sign up to a waiting list—the cruise sold out in just 45 minutes.

“It’s great,” said Nick Carter of the seagoing experience. “We have a great time with our fans. They get to see us in a different light than just normally performing up on stage.”

The concert cruise is a growing trend, with bands from Matchbox Twenty to Weezer taking to the high seas on a boat filled with some of their biggest fans this year, but Nick and Howie Dorough believe the cruise’s greatest appeal is offering a closer connection between the band and their fans.  That… and, of course, the partying!

“The last cruise we had, we did this game… We got crazy and did some stuff with the fans,” Howie recalled.  “We get interactive with the fans.  We did Twister with them, so you’ve got Backstreet Boys intermingled in between girls’ legs, trying to find a red… whatever!  It was pretty funny.”

“It’s one big party,” he continued. “We are constantly doing games, excursions, beach parties, we perform on stage, autograph sessions… It’s just a big booze cruise!  It’s a lot of fun!”


  1. Love that you found all these clips talking about the cruise!! Thanks!

    If I was Dori in the first clip, I think I would've passed out. haha!

    Hope you're doing well Laura!

  2. They also mentioned the cruise at last nights fan event in London. I don't have a video but they had a fan ask to sing with them during the q&a and afterwards said that they should do an xfactor style event on the ship. Would be pretty cool to do that, showcase some of the fans talents :)

  3. autograph session?? did we miss something.?.?

  4. Ahhh!!! talk always makes me excited!!! =)

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