Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fan Breakout Sessions

I don't talk much, or really at all, about my personal life. But when I'm not fangirling, I plan corporate events for a living. I realized that there is so much that can be translated from the corporate world of events I plan into the Backstreet cruise. In fact I feel like there's a huge missed opportunity by only having 1 track of activities. With the conferences I manage- they have so many things going on at any given time in various breakout sessions and I really wish BSB would do that too!

So I thought it would be fun to plan out a few hypothetical "Fan Breakout" sessions. All of these are just fun extra events where the boys wouldn't necessarily be present at all, but still super fun activities to bring us cruisers closer together because I still maintain one of the best parts of the cruise is meeting other fans.

  • What It's Like to be Married to a Backstreet Boy
    Hosted by any/all of the lovely Backstreet wives on board (which of course would most likely just be Leighanne). The wive(s) dish about life on the road, what it's like to be married to a pop star, and of course spill some embarrassing secrets about their husbands. Q&A session to follow.

  • Birds of  Feather Dinner
    Tonight for dinner meet some new fans local to your neck of the woods. Every table will be labeled with a different state/country so go find your table and meet a new friend or two.

  • Struggles of a Fan Man
    Calling all male fans! This mixer is for you. Meet up with other male fans and share your Backstreet stories.

  • The Business Behind BSB
    "Being in show business is just as much about the show as it is about the business" - Howie D.
    Hosted by Jen and any of the other management staff, you will learn all about the behind the scenes things that go into the business side of BSB. You'll hear about everything from putting together a touring schedule to BSB PR. Q&A session to follow.
  • Protecting the Boys You Love
    Hosted by the infamous security guards that watch over the Backstreet Boys on a day to day basis. Hear some crazy fan stories and what it takes to keep BSB safe on the road. Q&A session to follow.

  • Town Hall with Ground Ctrl
    Want to see another BSB BBQ or tell Ground Ctrl how much you love the new VIPs? Join this open forum to provide direct feedback to the ground ctrl staff and let them know your suggestions, feedback, or potential areas of improvement.

  • Backstreet Taboo
    Challenge your fellow fans to this classic party game with a Backstreet twist.

  • BSB Karaoke
    Come out and sing along to all of your favorite BSB hits

  • Millennium Poolside at Sunset
    Long day in the sun? Come unwind poolside with a cocktail and the soothing music from the top-selling Millennium album

  • Fanfic Forum
    Everything fanfic. Share your favorite stories, meet the authors, swap tips for writing the ultimate fanfic and much more!

  • Memorabilia Auction
    Join us for an afternoon of autographed merchandise and classic BSB goodies as well as raffles and giveaways. Grab a glass of complementary champagne with one hand and cross your fingers with the other because you could win a rare BSB collectible.
I feel obliged to again point out that these are NOT actual events that will be on the cruise. But if I were in charge, most of these certainly would be ;)


  1. I vote you plan the next cruise! those ideas would be really neat. I hope you have a fun time on this cruise!

    1. Awww thanks. I wish I could plan the next cruise ;) haha

  2. Loved all of these ideas! Ever thought about applying for a job with Rose Tours/Ground Control? The Business Behind BSB would be super cool if they ever did something like that.

    1. Aww thanks!! Id love to work for Rose Tours but I think I heard they aren't currently hiring. Maybe 1 day ;)