Friday, November 21, 2014

Recap 2014: Day 1 (Part 2)

(First off, sorry this review is taking me forever to get up. Grad school is kicking my butt. I promise I'll get the rest up quicker!)

Sailaway Party

The sailaway party was moved indoors this year, and while I had a great time, I think this event is really better suited to be outside. Of course the weather was out of anyone's control so we all made the best of it!

AJ, Brian, Kevin, Nick and Howie made their grand entrance wearing their lovely sailor suits. They kinda goofed around a bit and played with some streamers. The highlight being when Nick accidentally shot one off backwards, right into AJ and himself. Kevin also shared that the pictures plastered around the ship, and seen in the banner hanging from the atrium was taken at Nick's wedding.

BSB during the sailaway party

During the sailaway party they also did a toast- to those who were going to be up late partying, no kids, and no sleeping this cruise. I also mentally added no work and no school to my toast. The boys made their way around the atrium mingling with fans. Pouring champagne into mouths and spraying us with champagne as well. Fortunately I was out of the splash zone.

I had a spot on the bottom level and was lucky to have 2 Backstreet Boys make their way in my general area. Brian was the first to slowly inch his way in my direction. I just kept hoping he'd continue towards me and not turn around, which he did! So I was able to snag a picture with Sailor Brian. Yayy!

Me and Brian
Why is it that Brian is always the first Backstreet Boy I get a picture with every year? I suppose its just because he's super awesome like that.

Nick was the next boy to head my way. He wasn't doing pictures but rather pouring champagne in fans' mouths. He literally ran out right in front of me. Though to be honest I was really okay with that. I didn't exactly want a bottle in my mouth that had already been in like 30 other mouths. 

That was pretty much the end of the sailaway party. Another great kickoff to what I knew would be a fabulous cruise.

BSB Loves the 90's Game Show
I was in group B, late dining, thus next on the to do list was the game show. I really loved this event, and thought it was quite well done. The basic format was trivia plus some funny challenges in between.

BSB doing the typical 90's pose
Some of my favorite moments:

  • Kevin coming to the epiphany that the categories have nothing to do with the corresponding questions
  • When the boys started getting really into singing Gangster's Paradise
  • Brian having too much fun with his buzzer and partner
  • AJ & Brian playing a noodle toss/catch game and all the sexual innuendos that came up as a result.
  • This conversation:
    Kevin - "Measure the thickness."
    Jen - "Only Nick Carter would say that."
    Nick - "That was Kevin!"
  • Kevin using 2 bottles worth of whipped cream to smash in a fans face
  • Kevin embracing the 90s with his hilarious dance moves
  • Brian's furby impression
  • The boys quoting Forrest Gump
  • Howie losing the game Simon after 3 rounds
  • AJ's story about his run-in with Leo DiCaprio (even though I've heard the song before) 
  • Nick sharing the fact that him and Brian used to play Mario Kart all the time back in the day (<3 Frick & Frack)
  • Nick reverting back to a boy playing Mario Kart crossed legged
  • AJ getting his butt kicked in Skip-It. To which Nick replies, "Really, AJ? What the f*ck man?" and Kevin chimed in "I think we can all agree AJ got his vagina kicked."

    AJ playing Skip It and the boys playing with a jump rope
  • All of the boys (sans Brian) trying to figure out how to do double dutch. I mean, was anyone else really shocked that Howie wouldnt be a jump rope pro?
  • Nick so eagerly chiming in to answer the villain in Ninja Turtles and seconds later realizing he can't remember his name
  • When Straight Through My Heart came on and Kevin blurted out this gem, "I know that shit. I did my homework. I watched youtube. I learned the words on youtube."
As much fun as the game itself was, I actually found watching the boys who weren't participating more entertaining. They were having WAY too much fun with all those toys on stage.

Nick and Howie playing with a water tube thingy

Nick and Kevin playing with the metal pin toy
Nick upset that the metal pin toy didn't hold the shape of his face

Brian being goofy
Not pictured:
  • Nick playing and chewing bubble gum tape
  • Nick playing with a slinky and wearing it as a bracelet
  • AJ trying to make a slinky go down stairs
  • Nick playing catch with fans 
So after the game show it was time for dinner. I had a lovely meal with a bunch of different friends so we decided to do a little "game" over dinner. We all went around and shared our favorite Backstreet memory. This ended up taking up a good chunk of our dinner and we had so much fun. I loved hearing everyone's different memories as well as sharing my own.

Also during dinner I decided to sneak out and do some merch shopping - where every year I willingly hand over an absurd amount of money on some overpriced BSB gear. But I just cant help myself.

Shopping with Rachel
Studio 54 Night

Oooh the first theme night. I was a little upset that they had to move this one indoors, but of course all I could do was make the best of it. So I put on my very un-disco themed outfit. I decided to go more typical 70s and I saw many other with the same exact outfit, which was no surprise considering I shopped at a Halloween shop.

My girls and I getting our disco on

I think these theme night can be summed up in just 2 words: funny accents. To be honest, really not a whole lot happened during this theme night because I think it was literally 2 minutes after they arrived that AJ said they want to come and hang with us. Which I'm certainly not complaining about!

My view of Kevin on the bar from above

Nick playing with bubbles
I was up on the second level and the majority of my evening was spent watching most of the Backstreet Boys visit all of the floors. At one point I was tempted to go upstairs to try to grab a picture with Nick, but I didn't feel like battling that herd of girls. So I was attempting to be patient and finally AJ visited our level. Yayy! Sometimes being patient pays off. I was getting more and more anxious as AJ made his way closer to me. Partly from AJ getting closer and partly because the mob of girls around me increased.

AJ finally made his way up to me and the first thing he does is grab his disco ball necklace, and touch it to my disco ball necklace and says, "Look our balls are touching." I had to pause for a moment, and I actually blurted out the exact thought that was running through my head, "Well that's a phrase I never thought I'd hear a Backstreet Boy say to me." He chuckled. I wish I was able to come up with a witty reply, but when does my brain ever function properly around AJ?

AJ and I <3
And that pretty much concluded my noteworthy moments of the day.

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