Tuesday, May 26, 2015

2016 Cruise Teaser

So the boys just posted a little cruise teaser on their facebook page....

I'm hopeful and optimistic that this means we'll have a cruise announcement sooner than anticipated. The rumors floating around are that BSB and New Kids were swapping cruise times, meaning the BSB cruise would be slated for next May/June 2016. Again- nothing certain, just rumors. Based on that I was previously expecting an announcement in the September-ish time frame.

Meanwhile Kev also just posted a picture of the Barcelona cruise port so it looks like we're going to Europe, ladies (and a few gents)!

Barcelona Cruise Port
Of course living in the US, I'm biased and still hope they stick with Caribbean. But here are my thoughts on a Mediterranean cruise
  • Cost- I suspect in and of itself, just with conversion rates and everything, a Mediterranean cruise will be that much more pricy. Let alone the added flight expense (at least for me). I also figure it'll cost the boys a lot more to fly all of their crew and equipment, cutting into their margins too.

    How I feel thinking about the cost of a Mediterranean BSB Cruise
  • Location- While the Mediterranean would likely have much more exotic and fun ports to explore, it seems like a waste to visit those on a BSB cruise because I'd be so focused on BSB that I don't think I'd take advantage of the sites. I'll be the bozo who returns from Europe and doesn't see anything beyond the airport... 'What Colosseum? I have to go find Nick Carter!'
  • Crowd- The crowd will be completely different on a European cruise. I think a lot of Americans who were able to go in the past might not be able to afford the flight over to Europe. Meanwhile Europeans and others in the Eastern hemisphere who haven't had a chance to go in the past will now have the opportunity. Therefore I think we'd see a whole lot of first time cruisers if they do a European cruise. I also think the crowd will be completely different. Historically its been primarily Americans. A European cruise will mean a whole lot of different cultures and nationalities on board, and different fan behavior. Not sure if it'll be better or worse, but I imagine it will be quite different.
Looks like I have to start saving up and making sure my passport is up to date!


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  2. Omg Laura!!! They are truely teasing us!! Do I have to find a second job now lol!!!!

  3. haha i know!!!! I think we both need 2nd jobs for this announcement. I'm dying over here...i need more info stat!

  4. I think it is fair an european cruise. i went twice to usa, so now, it is our turn !!. So happy and in my city !!! Amazing !!!

  5. well.. the bsb site says Italy-Cannes and Barcelona so.. <3