Wednesday, June 10, 2015

21 Stages of Running into BSB at a Deck Party

Basically my experience at every deck party...
  1. Strategically find a spot that will allow me the best access to the Backstreet Boys
  2. Try and wait patiently for Brian, Howie, Nick, Kevin, or AJ to come towards me
  3. Wonder why all the boys seem to be on the opposite end of the ship, all the while internally cursing my friends for picking the worst possible spot on the deck to wait

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  4. Panic and run to the other end side of the deck
  5. Immediately regret decision when I see my favorite Backstreet Boy go to where I was just standing and do something incredibly special with another fan

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  6. Momentarily contemplate jumping overboard and cursing my horrible luck
  7. Get incredibly anxious when one of the guys finally starts to head in my direction
  8. Grab camera and frantically check to make sure its still functioning
  9. Make a deal with a nearby fan or friend to take pictures of each other when the Backstreet Boy finally makes their way over
  10. Have a mild panic attack as Backstreet Boy gets closer to me

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  11. Brace myself for pushing fans
  12. Have the fleeting thought, "What the hell am I doing with my life as a grown-ass woman at in a mob of people at 2am?"

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  13. Make eye contact with Backstreet Boy, and completely throw previous thought out the window
  14. Sputter out 10-15 seconds of small talk, trying not to sound like an idiot
  15. Get picture with said Backstreet Boy
  16. Maintain composure and thank him, all the while freaking out that a Backstreet Boy just had his hand on the small of my back and smells better than I ever could've dreamed
  17. Escape crowd
  18. Pray to the BSB gods that the picture came out okay, no one was blinking, and I didn't have anything stuck in my teeth
  19. Show picture to all of my friends...and random fans I don't even know because of course I know they're dying to see my picture too
  20. Make a list of all the social media sites I plan to post the picture on once I have an internet connection again, and eagerly anticipate how jealous everyone will undoubtedly be
  21. Wash rinse and repeat with another Backstreet Boy


  1. I always read your blog, but rarely comment. But this just sent me back to those precious moments with the Boys!! :)

    # 17 was particularly hard during the sail away party last year. Having it indoors was a nightmare. Lots of pushing, no room whatsoever. I tried to get a pic with Kevin but I was starting to suffocate, then I looked at Kevin.. he's a sweetheart, but the look on his face was enough for me to back out. He was getting uncomfortable and the fans just wouldn't stop pushing. About 5 seconds later Keith got him out of there and back to the party.

    1. Hey Gloria!! Glad to hear you enjoy my blog and like this post. Thanks!!
      And also glad to hear I'm not alone on this haha I totally feel you on the crowds. Sometimes you feel like its just not worth it, as you experienced with Kevin. I totally sympathize, it can get super crazy at times!

  2. Hey Laura!!! Also thinking about #17 and how this upcoming cruise is going to be!! Knowing that this cruise is probably almost sold out and all the new European fans that haven't gotten the chance to go on previous cruises!!!! This will be an interesting cruise I'm super excited!!!

  3. Hi Laura, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and advice last year with the cruise. It was me & my sister's first time and it was amazing! I meant to send you a msg and then when I started reading your blog again after booking up for next year - woopee!! I thought darn I never did say thanks! You were a great help and we are so looking forward to next year! It looks like you had some amazing once in a lifetime experiences with the guys in 2014 - lucky girl! I will defos look out for you in 2016 and say hello! Thanks again, Kelly & Mary, Scotland Uk

    1. Hey Kelly! Aww thank you so much, your words really mean a lot. So glad my blog has been able to help you :) And I'm even more happy that you enjoyed yourself and are going again next year. I'd def love to meet up on the next cruise!! It's going to be so much fun!!