Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winning Door - FRIENDS Meets BSB Part 2

Turns out fifth time is the charm. After 5 cruises, my lovely cabinmates and I won the door decoration contest. Woohoo!!

I also feel the need to clarify. Yes, we did the same theme last year. No we did not win last time. We really enjoyed this theme and wanted to update it and make it even better than last year.

In case you're curious, we found out that we won on the very last night, after the final deck party had started. I went back to our cabin and found a note on our bed saying that we won. Our prize this year was a swag bag of merchandise including a picture frame, trucker hat, water bottle, tote, medal, and a signed copy of the Show Em What You're Made Of documentary.

New Memes from 2016 Door

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