Thursday, January 25, 2018

#CruiseThemeThursday: Party Like It's 1993​

 And another Thursday brings us another theme....90s night!!

Ahoy, Backstreet Army!

Grab your tamagotchis and beanie babies! We're going back to the 90s!

#BSBCruise2018 Theme Night 2 Is.....
Party Like It's 1993​

Celebrating one of the greatest decades - the 90s!

We're going back to the 90's with a "Party Like It's 1993" Party! Cruisers should go all out 90s in their get-ups. Nothing is off limits!

My Take
Overall - looking forward to this one! I think fans have been asking for it for a while. Seems like they're making this a nostalgia cruise. High school night and 90s night. Quite frankly for both of these themes I would've been wearing a BSB t-shirt back in the day. But I feel like that's cheating so I'll have to put in a bit more thought. Any ideas are welcome.

I wonder what the boys will do with this one. I'd love to see them embrace some of their earlier roots. I think the New Kids watched some of their old videos with fans at the deck party and I think this sounds like a fun idea and an appropriate night to do that. Basically watch videos like A Night out With the Backstreet Boys, All Access or the Disney special. How fun would it be to have their live commentary watching those. Plus I haven't seen those videos in ages because they all sit on VHS.

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