Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Post-Cruise Survey

Fellow cruisers - you should've received a survey from Rose Tours in your inbox. I usually spend more time than I probably should on these things, but if nothing else it's nice to think that our voice gets heard. If you haven't filled yours out yet, I always encourage you to keep your comments constructive rather than critical. Complaining for the sake of complaining won't get us anywhere, so really take some time to think about what Rose Tours can actually do to help make our experience better for next time.

I also encourage you to leave positive feedback as well for aspects of the cruise that you enjoyed so that they continue to do things we like.

That said- here are some of the comments I left in my survey in no particular order:

  • Loved the Millennium deck party!! And Fast Times at Backstreet High was also amazing. Go figure we want to hear BSB music on a BSB cruise ;) I’d love to see more of that…themes that lend themselves to BSB music being played at the deck parties.
  • I personally loved the balance of the deck parties this year – I think having 2 theme nights where the boys primarily performed and entertained us and 2 that were a bit more interactive (aka pictures with fans) worked well.
  • Selfie lines! Yes, please! When the boys decide to pictures with fans, lines are the way to go. I think they help so much keeping fans civil and reduce the pushing while keeping things fair.
  • I say it every year, but I wish they did more for the fans who decorate their doors. I’m glad that this year they at least made an announcement. I believe the winners got merchandise but in my opinion they should either have better prizes (like a pic with the boys which would cost them nothing) and/or pick more runners up.  We spend a lot of time, money, and effort on those and a little more recognition would go a long way
  • I'd love to see them bring back the beach party and/or Q&A or some other group event. The beach party is always a fave of mine and I felt like we could've used 1 more group event during the day be it a Q&A, a karaoke type event, etc.
  • Love the solo events – keep on doing those! I also appreciate that they try to switch it up for us year after year and try new things. I also liked that 3 of the solo events incorporated fans and gave more fans a chance for their special moment.
  • I’ll say that we love the to attention to detail that Rose Tours puts into the decoration and it’s a shame that just a few bad fans ruin that experience for others. I hope that doesn’t deter decorating in the future. Perhaps there should be consequences for people who steal the decorations as to discourage that behavior in the future. Ex: No photo session or they can’t cruise again in the future. 
  • Along the same line of thought as the prior comment, I know the Backstreet Boys didn’t necessarily go over the ‘rules’ of the cruise during the sail away party but it may be helpful to have them go over some general guidelines (aka not stealing decorations) and perhaps fans may be more inclined to listen if it comes from the boys
  • Minor point but I wish they didn’t do hoodies in white. I’d prefer other colors.
  • I wasn’t in group A but I heard several complains from fans in that group that the schedule wasn’t ideal…so perhaps take into consideration the flow of events for both groups of fans so that the days are more balanced for both groups
  • I'm not sure whose idea it was, but the fact that the buffet served food besides pizza after midnight was awesome!!! That has been a recommendation of mine for years and I think it made a huge difference. Rose Tours, if you have any control over that, please do that again in the future!
  • I continue to love the concerts that are unique to the cruise where the guys sing more rare songs. Keep on doing that!
  • When I think about the game shows, it seems like the physical challenge type of mini games work better than trivia based questions. Thus in the future I think picking game shows that are more physical are better. 
  • When I think about the game shows, I love Jen, but I do think having a proper host personality would enhance the game show a lot more and keep things on track. It might work well to have 1 of the Backstreet boys host the event or bring on a professional host. I wonder if you could even leverage Carnival's cruise director? But I really felt a difference at Brian's solo event with the guy who hosted his solo event - He had the personality to host a show and I thought it worked well.
  • This was the first cruise after 6 times that I finally had a bad seat in the lounge. Man oh man do I feel bad for cruisers who get those crummy seats. I honestly don't know what could be done to improve that experience on a sold out ship, but to me it's such a shame when we all pay tons of money to be there and some fans literally have a pole in front of them or are in the back corner of the room and cant see a darn thing (aka me this time). Perhaps you could implement 'stand-by upgrade seating' if fans don't show up 15 minutes after the event starts or maybe do it on a rotational basis to at least make it more fair. I understand those aren't the best solutions but trying to think of something outside the box. Hmm....
  • I still love the outfits the boys do for the sailaway parties. This is a nice, fun touch that hasn't gotten old yet!
  • I know we've done both 3 and 4 day cruises in the past and I really do enjoy the 4 day cruise a lot more - I hope you can continue that in the future. That extra day gives us a lot more time to spread the events out and makes a big difference.
  • I loved that Kevin 
    • a) made an announcement on the speaker system. I would love to see you encourage more of this from the boys in the future 
    • b) he went around signing doors. Again, hope you can pass that feedback along that we appreciate that. It goes back to how much time we spend on those doors and its a very nice gesture.
  • I continue to love BSB TV and appreciate that you had new footage this year. Honestly if you sold that footage on a DVD, I would buy it. 

Anything else major I'm missing??

Here is a link to the survey in case you missed it. Make sure to submit feedback!

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