Thursday, January 6, 2011

Recap: Day Four Sea Day

I got out of bed this morning with a mixture of sadness and excitement. I knew it would be another lovely day at sea with the Backstreet Boys, but it was also the last day at sea. I just wasn’t ready for the fun to end so I was going to make sure I enjoyed it thoroughly.
First item on the agenda was the PDA photo session. For me this event was almost anticlimactic because I had seen them all so much around the ship. I never thought the day would come when I wouldn’t be extremely nervous to meet them. Nonetheless, we finalized our group of 8 the night prior. I wanted to stand next to AJ because he is the only BSB that I didn’t have a picture with. Since everyone wanted to stand next to a different Backstreet Boy, it worked out so well that in the end we even had 2 spots by Nick. Thus we were able to have Shauna and Lalie join our group, which made me really happy that I was able to make that happen for them.
The line moved along rather quickly. As we made our way to the front of the line, the bodyguards told us that no hugs were allowed, only handshakes. I didn’t have too many problems with that, I understood that they couldn’t do hugs for everyone. When it was finally our turn, I made sure to shake everyone’s hands but really didn’t say anything to them other than “Thank you”. Since I really didn’t have anything intelligent to say, better off making sure I didn’t embarrass myself. When they were ready to take the picture, I parked myself next to AJ. While he’s not necessarily my favorite Backstreet Boy (albeit a very close second) he was my favorite on this trip, so it was very meaningful to have him next to me in the picture. Definitely the perfect culmination to my trip. I think the picture turned out well except that Cory was blocked slightly. The moral of the story in both of my group pictures…short people in front (which includes Howie)
Group Pic
Since we were among the first to get our picture taken, we had the whole day ahead of us with nothing else to do before the concert. I grabbed some lunch at the aft pool and ended up in line behind Rochelle. I didn’t want to bug her, but I saw other fans come up and ask her for pictures and she was just so sweet. I figured that since she was stuck in line anyway, I may as well ask for a picture. I congratulated her on the engagement, and she was so nice to me. While I was in line, Howie also came by in search for food.

Me and Rochelle
After lunch, I wanted to swing by the sound check even though I couldn’t go in. The music was loud enough that you could hear perfectly fine from outside, thus Cory and I decided to listen figuring they’d only do a few songs. But they went through the entire concert which was really cool. Got me super pumped for the show that night.
Me and Cory sad we couldn't get in the sound check

Nothing much else eventful happened that afternoon before the concert. Saw Brian and family at the pool. It started to rain so we all retreated inside. Learned how to make towel animals. Chatted with Howie’s mom a bit while getting an afternoon snack at the deli. Fast forward a bit more….finally the concert!
The concert was fantastic! My only complaint was that I couldn’t see part of the stage due to the gigantic speakers. They did the full ‘This is Us’ set with videos and all. I squealed with excitement when they sang ‘If I Knew Then’ since I was not expecting that. There was also a proposal in the middle of the show, which was pretty cool. I’m not sure how I’d feel about my boyfriend proposing to me on stage…I think I’d be too distracted to give a proper response ;)
AJ during 'This is Us'
Nick singing his heart out
Have to grab a picture when they actually looked over to my side
Great concert!
There were no dancers, but the guys did bring up the winners from the ‘She’s a Dream’ dating game and sang to them on stage. Oh how I would’ve loved to been up there. My favorite song of the concert was ‘Incomplete’ because I love AJs part in it. I thought this song really highlighted it well.
'If I Knew Then'
'This is Us'
The festivities continued up on deck 11 for the Black and Blue bubble party. It was soo windy and chilly up there that we had to make a trip back to the cabin to get sweatshirts and jackets. So much for seeing the nice black and blue outfit I had spent so much time planning. Oh well…at least I was getting my $65 worth wearing my new BSB hoodie. It took a little while for the Backstreet Boys to show up so when they decided to leave shortly after, it was a slight let down. They basically arrived, played with their little bubble guns for a bit, and decided to go inside.

AJ wants to do the cruise "Again and again and again!"
Howie was the one who decided to move the party to the club and before he could finish his sentence the pool deck was practically empty because everyone ran downstairs. Inviting 1300 girls to a room that only holds about 200 was not a good idea, but I can’t really blame them for not wanting to stand outside. It was too cold for anyone to really enjoy themselves.
I managed to make my way into the club though unfortunately my friends weren’t able to. While I was able to get in, I truthfully didn’t really enjoy myself. Unless you were in the VIP section, or in the first 2 rows near the VIP section, you couldn’t see anything. Nick, Howie, and AJ showed up and basically stuck to the VIP area the whole evening. AJ briefly went to the DJ booth, so you could at least hear him for a bit, but that was pretty much the most exciting part of the evening. Around 4am I very reluctantly decided to leave knowing I wasn’t going to be able to get into the VIP section and that would probably be my last BSB sighting for the cruise.
The Black and Blue party was definitely not the best way to the end the trip. I would have preferred them to just end with the concert and saying a proper goodbye to everyone after the show. Though if you really think about it, the Black and Blue Party is what I originally expected all the deck parties to be like, they just set the bar too high with the first 2 parties!
Overall, this was the trip of a lifetime for me. The cruise far exceeded my wildest expectation times 10. I was so pleased with how receptive the Backstreet Boys were and they weren’t just cooped up in their cabins the whole time. I also met some incredible people that I hope to remain friends with for a while. I think the cruise was worth every penny and if they decide to go through with another one, I will absolutely be there!

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