Friday, January 14, 2011

Top 14 Moments of BSB Cruise 2010

I tried to narrow this down to my top 10 memories of the cruise but I just couldn't pick as there were too many great moments, so you get 14 of them.

14. Meeting the Backstreet Boys for the second time during the PDA Photo Session and being able to get a picture with AJ. It was the perfect culmination to my trip.

13. Having a wonderful dinner with Jessica and her mom on the second night only to be interrupted by AJ asking her for a dance.

12. AJ and his friend Madonna Mark singing ‘Like a Virgin’…then AJ seductively crawling on the stage and imitating Madonna.

11. Nick getting up in the middle of the Q&A session to pee and bringing his microphone with him.

10. Seeing AJ in person wearing a kilt. Too funny.

9. Brian during the dating game “What is your favorite position? Awww….It wasn’t me. G-d forgive me”

8. During the Q&A: When a Backstreet song comes on the radio do you sing along or change the channel?

AJ: “It depends on what song it is. If its one that we haven’t heard in a while. Like All I have to Give came on the other day. I listened to it. I didn’t sing along. Looking like a dork…Cant pull up next to a car with your windows down and singing your own song”
Nick: “It’s so funny because I don’t ever hear it on the radio. I hear it in an elevator or grocery store. And its freaken elevator music half the time so I have to listen to it while I’m buying milk”
Howie: “I actually get excited when I hear it in the grocery store. I like want to tell people ‘Hey hey, thats me! In LA especially nobody cares there. Whatever dude. Do your thing. You crazy nut.”

7. Nick came down to the bar during masquerade night and was handing out shots.

6. Catching AJs ‘one-man show’ in the casino. Totally unexpected but one of the best parts of the trip for me. It was great watching him goof around and be himself while playing some blackjack with only a few fans nearby. He made us feel really welcome.

5. Beautiful beach in the Caribbean. Free drinks. Mexican Buffet. Me chilling with my friends and the bro. Sun setting over the ocean.

4. First lunch on board eating next to Howie and Brian’s table. It was that initial adrenaline rush of knowing we’d actually be hanging out with the Backstreet Boys for the next 4 days, very indescribable.

3. AJ singing London at the masquerade party. Absolutely incredible.

2. Nick and AJ dancing to ‘Low’ by T-Pain in the dining room on the first night. Great vibe and happy to be part of it at the best table in the dining room.

1. Meeting Nick, AJ, Brian and Howie for the first time at the acoustic show. I had major butterflies in my stomach but it was everything I had hoped for and more.

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