Friday, August 5, 2011

Cruising with Howie

Part 2 in my mini-series on cruising with each Backstreet Boy. Next up on the list, bringing those infamous famous latin moves to the high seas, is the one and only Howie D! 

 Howie playing twister at the beach party

Favorite Howie Moment #1:

I did not previously publish this story for various reasons, but anyway, here goes! I basically had the opportunity to go backstage during the cruise so after the Q&A session I decided to head backstage and try my luck at running into a Backstreet Boy. I figured I may be able to catch AJ on his way out for a smoke break or something. Well, I did not catch AJ but rather Nick and Howie coming out after the show. I had a very brief chat with Howie as they were waiting for the elevator. I was so nervous I can't even remember what we talked about. This was obviously a really cool moment for me because I’ve never had the opportunity to be backstage before let alone talk to a Backstreet Boy backstage.

Favorite Howie Moment #2:
I woke up early for breakfast one morning because I was having trouble sleeping, even though I was so tired. I think the adrenaline kept my body from staying asleep too long. Normally I have trouble sleeping after a concert, but trying to get sleep on the cruise, it’s like 20 times worse. Anyway, I grabbed some food and tried to find a familiar face so I wouldn’t have to eat by myself. It didn’t take too long before I found a lovely girl who I met from Australia the day prior. So I joined her while she was finishing up her breakfast. We were probably chatting for a good 5 minutes or so and she abruptly said, “You know Howie has been eating right behind you?” Me- “NO!” Then I pull an awkward maneuver trying to turn around and catch a glimpse of him without it seeming terribly obvious. The rest of my breakfast involved my trying to maintain a normal conversation with this girl, but in my head all I’m thinking is “Omg, Howie is right behind me!” When Howie finished up his breakfast, he graciously decided to take a few pictures. I tried to grab my spot in the mere resemblance of a line and unfortunately just missed him. That’s happened to be several times now so I’ve decided I’m a jinx when it comes to getting a picture with Howie.
Favorite Howie Moment #3:

During the last day at sea, I went to the back pool area to scope out some snacks. After grabbing an ice cream cone, I grabbed a seat to just enjoy a calm moment to myself away from the craziness. Not long after I had grabbed a seat, Howie strolled by with apparently the same idea. I didn't approach him, follow him, or whip out my camera. I just continued with my snack and took in the moment. Nothing like hearing the sound of the ocean and relaxing with with some ice cream with Howie a few tables away. Oh how I wish I could rewind to that moment right now.

Other Howie Highlights
In addition to my personal memories, here are several that I think most of you previous cruisers remember:
  •  The ironing board story. If you were on cruise 2010, enough said.
  •  The fatherly side of Howie definitely came out with him playing with James pretty much the majority of the cruise.

    Howie and James. So cute!
  • Howie rapping during karaoke night
Howie rapping!

Favorite Howie Quotes
  • “Actually my house payments depend upon on you guys so I can’t live without you guys.”
  • “I actually get excited when I hear [a BSB song] in the grocery store. I like want to tell people ‘Hey hey, that's me! In LA especially nobody cares there. Whatever dude. Do your thing. You crazy nut.”
  • “What is your treasured position and why…Possession!

What I’m looking forward to most from Howie on cruise 2011?

Getting a solo picture with Howie! He is the one Backstreet Boy I wasn’t able to get a picture with so that is my goal for the upcoming cruise. I’m also really looking forward to seeing him interact more with his son. This was just so adorable. With his son being a year older, maybe we’ll see them in the pool or around the ship even more than last year.

I’d also really like to see him get more involved in the deck parties. Last year I felt he was probably the quietest BSB at the events so I’d love to get some more cerveza in him so he loosens up ;)
Lets start a campaign for more outgoing Howie next year!


  1. of course i have to leave a few comments about my little howito!!...haha!

    1) i dont think i will ever stop laughing about the ironing board story

    2)brian is goofy funny, nick is random funny, aj is "he did/said what?!?" funny, and howie is secretly funny...he quietly makes jokes in the background that are awesome!...agree? or disagree?

    3)i think his problem at the deck parties was a little too much cerveza...he even said in the video "they had to put me to bed" haha!

    4)YES YES YES...howie needs to be shirtless at some point on this cruise!!! (or the whole time...ya know whatever works...haha!)

  2. I knew I could count on you, Ashley, for some Howie love.

    1- The ironing board was just so comical in its randomness.

    2- Agree! Never thought of it that way. Its hard for Howie to to keep up with some of the other BSBs more overt styles of humor.

    3- If thats the case, we need to cut howie off. I want to see him the life of these deck parties this year!!

    4- Hahah. The whole time works for me.

  3. Have you done a cruising with Brian? I cant find it :( if not can you please do one? He is my favorite