Sunday, August 7, 2011

Platinum VIP vs Cruise

I finally did my very first VIP experience the other day on the NKOTBSB tour. And since I was doing it, I figured I may as well and do it right, so I splurged for platinum. In case you aren’t familiar with platinum VIP- it costs $520 for a sound check party, an individual photo with you and the Backstreet Boys, an autographed picture from the guys, a backstage tour from one of the Backstreet Boys, and an individual picture with that BSB as well.

So you may ask, Laura, why are you comparing platinum VIP to the BSB cruise? Well, at the end of the day I found the costs to be pretty comparable. Hear me out on this. If you look at the cost of a concert ticket and a platinum VIP, its going to run you about $640 or so. Meanwhile the cruise costs on the lower end $900 for the cheapest cabin (with fees). Though I also figure a normal carnival cruise would cost about $250 so if I back that out and only look at what I’m really paying for the Backstreet portion, it’s about $650.

If I could only afford one, I would absolutely do the cruise. For starters, the cruise lasts 3 days and the platinum VIP experience lasts maybe 50 minutes. Maybe an hour and a half if you’re lucky with a longer tour. For both events, you will be guaranteed a concert. The concert on board may be on a smaller scale, but its still just as enjoyable and I think the odds of getting a better seat on the cruise is better. For both events you get the opportunity to ask the guys questions. On the cruise the event lasted well over an hour and they answered a good 25 questions. During the sound check you only get 4 questions. For both events you are guaranteed a picture with the guys. The only pro to the platinum is that you get a solo picture with the guys. But the pro for the cruise is that last year there was no barrier. So if you were lucky with your platinum vip experience and were able to snag a no-barrier picture, than hands down the photo session for platinum is better.

Me + the Backstreet Boys= Pure happiness

There are a few other differentiators for the platinum experience that I do feel are pretty amazing. Thus includes the backstage tour and a guaranteed a solo pic with one of the Backstreet Boys. The backstage tour is certainly really neat, but its still going to be you and 25 other girls in the group. Personally, I had the opportunity for more intimate experiences on the cruise as well as the opportunity for solo pics. The last thing is that you get autographs for the platinum VIP…which for me personally, doesn’t do a lot for me. I’d prefer to get a hug, picture, or the opportunity to say something to them rather than get an autograph.

Me and Nick. He looks so high haha

Meanwhile the cruise has TONS of activities you won’t find anywhere else- family feud, dating game, karaoke, beach party, themed deck parties, and hopefully even more amazing events are in store for next cruise. Plus you will more than likely run into them around the ship, see them eating, playing in the casino, hitting up the club, waiting for an elevator, etc. Then there’s fun other BSB bonuses such as the door decorating contest, BSB TV, the opportunity to see their family, a possible visit from AJ in the middle of the night and much more!

I guess it boils down to the fact that its 8 months after the cruise and I’m still on a high reliving the whole experience. Its been a little over a week since my VIP and while I’m still on a high, it no where compares to the feeling of leaving after the cruise.


  1. But if you can do both Platinum and the Cruise, its even better! At least we can say that we have gotten to experience both....

  2. i wish i could "like" chrissy's comment!...haha!

    vip doesnt even compare to the cruise...yeah vip was AMAZING but the cruise...well there really are no words to describe how awesome it is...

  3. I loved the up close and personal aspect of Platinum though. And our platinum was sold out at about 40. Brian answered my question and fully. Just all the interaction with him. All the stories he told. I love the cruise for all the events and the platinum for the interaction. Going on 2011 and DEFINITELY doing platinum again!