Thursday, April 12, 2012

80s Night Unabridged

The first deck party of the cruise was 80's night. The Backstreet Boys, or should I say Sphynkter, came out very appropriately to Just Want You to Know playing in the background. The boys all looked absolutely amazing in their outfits, they really went all out tonight. Brian had eyeliner on, for crying out loud! Meanwhile I think the crowd was a little thin this evening because the boat was rocking. I know several girls couldn't make it out that night due to seasickness.

Nick- "I don't envy you ladies for having hair. This shit's in my eyes."
So as the night unfolded, if I'm being perfectly honest, not a whole lot really happened. Which is why it took me a while to actually want to write this post. As I think back to what happened that night, I cant think of anything noteworthy. My favorite part of this night was just seeing the boys in their getups.

Most of this event encompassed the boys singing along to the songs the DJ was playing. The one that stands out for me was AJ singing along with 'Pour Some Sugar on Me'. So the boys did this for a little while and AJ eventually asked us if we wanted them to come closer. What a ridiculous question. Of course we do, AJ! In the history of the Backstreet Boys ever asking that question, I'm willing the bet the answer was never "No." So soon after, Nick and Howie made their way downstairs to the bar and handed out some drinks to the crowd. AJ also made his way across the deck to get a little closer to the fans.

Loving AJ in a fishnet top and spandex bottoms.

The other highlight of the evening was the boy's playing beer pong with a few fans. They picked a few fans to go up on stage. AJ did sit this event out, which I'm very happy to say. The remaining boys did play though. This is another one of those events that I'm sure was really fun for the girls up on stage playing, but speaking on behalf of one of the onlookers- it was rather boring. It wasn't a game that was particularly entertaining to watch. And I also think it was in bad taste to do it in the first place and make AJ sit out. It just seems like there are so many other things they could've done.

Howie partying all night
I hate to say it, but that pretty much sums up 80's night. Howie was out with the fans until the wee hours of the morning, which was great. Was it my favorite event of the cruise. No. But it was still an evening with BSB thus I still had a great time. Plus it was a once in a lifetime chance to see Sphynkter live.

So what did everyone else think of 80's night?


  1. i had a ball during 80s night...i hate to say it but i almost had a better time waiting for the boys to come out...i thought they played more girly 80s music during that time...i had so much fun singing and dancing in my jazzercise gear...

  2. To me this was the best event. But that cuz I was bias as I was 1 of the lucky fans picked to go up on stage with them. I didnt play beer pong but got pics with them all and watched them play! It was a amazing time! And I loved dressing up for this themed party more then the other 2