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Favorite Quotes from 2011

Time to bring back good memories with some of my favorite quotes from the cruise. I'll let the Backstreet Boys speak for themselves for this post.

Sail Away
Howie- "We're gonna get our drink on, our groove on, and our party on."

Howie- "Are you going to pole dance again?"

Nick- "I love to see AJ in tights. Its really sexy."
AJ- "Im anxious to see me in tights as well."
Nick- "His junk hangs out. Its scary.
AJ- "I'm not ashamed to put a sock in there at all."
Nick- "No a banana! Is that a banana in your pocket AJ?"

Nick- "How many bad girls we got on this cruise? Oh you better represent girlfriend."
Howie- I'm a Puerto Rican fly."

Howie- "I'm Britney bitch!"

AJ- "I wanna take you way back."
Nick- "If you keep bringing me that far, I might not be born."

Nick- "If Weird Al had a version of our song... That's the way I wipe it"
In it to Win It Group A
Howie- "That's full service management right there."

Howie- "I just had some bean soup, so sorry."

Nick- "These freakin hula hoops don't hula."

Nick- "No one trusts me, right, because I'm the youngest. What the hell?"

AJ- "No one better have gas."

Nick- "Howie got back."

Howie- "I get paid to show my junk in my trunk."

Nick- "There's nothing clean about this show"

In it to Win It Group B
AJ- “Its like jazzercise with the Backstreet Boys."

Nick- “Hey, team pee pee because of the yellow shirts. You guys are so dead.”
AJ- “Team blue balls. Whatever. Its all good. We got this.”
Nick- “Hey at least we got the cajones man.”
Brian- “You know what... My wife is here.”

AJ- “I was going to say something but I kind of feel like Lindsay Lohan.” (With his legs tied up)

Nick- “That’s a little premature over there coming from some blue balls.”

Howie- “Wait, my nose never gets between balls. That’s for sure. AJ, you gotta do it.”

AJ- “I have to say for once, I’m actually glad for once my nose is as big as it is.”

Nick- “Anything to do with balls and moving. We tend to have it.”

Brian- “We played betterly.”

AJ- “Actually in everyone’s defense. We all played it wrong. Seriously we all did. ”
Brian- “AJ, we’re in a boy band, dog."

Nick- “That’s like a Florida vote.”

Nick- “Can someone tell me how the hell we were supposed to play that game?”

Howie- “I got a get out of jail free card. I got a threesome right here… AJ got to watch.”

Brian- “Oh Christmas tree. Oh Christmas tree.”

Nick- “The question is, where’s the mistletoe.”
Beach Party
Nick- “Girl, look at that Kevin”

Kevin- “Sphynkter’s my favorite band.”
Nick- “Yeah, screw the Backstreet Boys.”

Nick- “Say it loud and proud.” (right before the lyric ‘backstreets back alright’)

Howie- “I had one too many bahama mamas that night and things haven’t changed since then.”
Kevin- “Was Howie a good boy last night?”
Fans- “Noooo!”
Howie- “Oh no you didn’t!”
Nick- “I have a question."
Howie- "You said you had too many bahama mamas, or too many bahama mamas?”

AJ- “We’ve got twister…we got limbo, see how much you guys can be flexible, we have magical chairs, duck duck goose- duck duck goose, what are we 4?”

Howie- “Have you guys been drinking? It’s really bad you shouldn’t do that.”

Nick- “There’s a cruise right next to us. ZZ Top is on that boat. I might have to say goodbye and we’ll go hang out with some long-bearded old guys. I’ll bring Kevin with me and we’ll get a free pass.”

Kevin (laughing at AJ)- “Dude, its not the last one to sit, it’s the one that doesn’t have a chair.”

AJ- “I'm surprisingly good at this.” (referring to musical chairs)

Nick- “Just don’t sit in my lap AJ.”
AJ- “Are you excited?”

Brian- “Just remember to respect your elders.”

Howie- “I’m getting some ideas of some positions.”

Howie- “Nick that’s a compromising position. We should renegotiate our contracts right now.”

Howie- “Nick’s got the happiest face I’ve seen in a while.” (While playing twister)

AJ- “That’s what the Backstreet boys are supposed to sound like” (Upon singing with Kev)

Concert (Group B)
Howie- "All i can say, you girls want some bad bad boys."

Nick- "I'm in the middle of the song trying to sing and Josh is going 'Tag, tag, tag'. Tie? I dont have a tie on."

AJ- "But now that he took the tag off, it's now Nick's personal wardrobe."

Brian- "Can you turn me down a little bit in my ears because I'm killing myself. It doesn't sound good."

Brian's guitarist- "Hello"
Brian- "That was sexy. Do you want to be in a boy band."

Nick- "See that's what happens we mess up."

Brian- "See I can't read this."
Howie- "Nick, did you tear that up."
Nick- "Yeah I did that on purpose"
AJ (to Nick)- "You almost got in trouble with the Japanese Mafia...I got chased down by the cops. It was fun."
Nick- "It was awesome"

Nick- "I was eating this barbequed eel and it was the grossest stuff I ever had in my life. I wouldn't recommend it."
AJ- "But you still ate it didn't you?"
Nick- "I had to because it was on camera. You can't turn it down"

Nick- "I was thinking that. Next cruise, when you guys do the next cruise. Why don't we do Backstreet Fear Factor?"

Brian- "I'm a business man just like all 3 of the other guys, and when you think about holidays, and schedules, and gifts, and trimming the trees, and traveling home....doesn't it make sense to do it in the summer time when you have a little bit of time off. That's just me be being I cant say ecofriendly, thats not the right term. Economical friendly."

Brian (imitating fan)- "Thank you. God bless you. Because my pockets are empty. I have my room key and some chapstick."

Howie- "This is really unplugged."

Nick- "Can I be honest? We woke up a little late because we partied really freakin hard last night with you guys."
Nick- "Can we get a get out of jail free card, please?"

Brian- "Can we do the little boy band thing where we shake our butts?"

Nick (On IWITW)- "Which version? we've got like 3 versions"

AJ- "Dude, we're backstreet boys. We're like chameleons. We can make this happen man."

Brian- "Listen, we were like superheroes once in life."
AJ- "Superheroes who ate burgers."

AJ- "Howie doesn't get a mic stand."

Nick- "I forgot where I was."
Howie- "You're on a boat."

AJ- "No, no, no. Can we do the song that should've been the single? And the only reason why it wasn't was because you called TRL. Your fault"
Nick- "Do you understand the concept of TRL? Its voting. THEY voted for it.
AJ- "No I know it. Carson called me personally."

AJ- "Ladies, ladies, I dont know about you ladies, but I am Burning Up. I'm on fire. Nice segue."
Nick- "Just start the freakin song."
AJ- "You know what, I love you too"

Prom Night
Kev- “I wasn’t very creative.”

Howie- “He’s a used car salesman.”

Nick- “We’re adults now I can see things now like shit. Back in the day we would’ve gotten in trouble and I would’ve been spanked.”

Nick (to Howie)- “I don’t love you, I love Lloyd.”

AJ- “I'm the last one to know but I still know it all.”

Nick- “See I think it’s better to do the Perfect Fan versus that song that AJ used to grind to on the stage.”
AJ- “That’s not a prom song.”
AJ- “I was 15 when we cut that. What do I know about sex at 15?”
Howie- “You had no business humping that stage.”

Nick- “I wouldn’t recommend this anybody. I’m sorry. They’re still doing it. You look like cattle…May as well call that the sheep dance.”

Kevin- “I feel like I’m at a wedding reception where everybody just goes buck wild.”

Howie- “Did you guys have fun last night? I know I sure did. Til 6 in the morning.”

Brian- “I was always Sporty!”
Nick- “Howie knew Baby really well.”
AJ- “And it will be on twitter tomorrow.”

Nick- “Did you notice the lyrics to that song? If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my FRIENDS. Then slam your body down and wind it all around.”
Howie- “Zig a zig AHH”
Nick- “Whoever wrote that was a perv.”

Nick- “This song has a lot of lyrics in it. It really does. Right about now I could kill Sisqo.”

Brian- “Hey hold on, hold on. Do you guys know I’m divulging in some personal information but AJ had an old girlfriend that actually did that to his truck.”
AJ- “Wait what was that? Did I hear my name?”
Brian- “She dug her knife into his into his seat and 7,000 dollars later. And he didn’t even cheat.”
AJ- “Oh you mean my ex? Yeah she was crazy. But just because of twitter, she was a nice girl most of the time. But she was still crazy.”

AJ- “If ya’ll want to see little AJs running around she can’t be touching those.”

Nick (referring to the song Before he Cheats) “Girls don’t be mad but I don’t think guys really like listening to that song. It kind of makes them uncomfortable.”

Nick- “Who wants to get wet with Backstreet?”

Howie- “That gave a whole new meaning to my chapstick. I can put it on so much. 100 kisses. It’s got a whole new thought in my mind now. Oh I’m lathering it up tonight.”
Brian- “100 chapsticks girl”

AJ- “Who’s ready for the pajama party?”
Howie- “Make sure to wear your thongs.”
AJ- “I hope you guys brought some nice and sexy pajamas. Ours might not be that sexy but we do have pajamas.”
Nick- “Mine is cute.”
AJ- “Mine has big feet. Seriously.”
Howie- “Mine is easy to get in and out of.”
Nick- “Are you going in your birthday suit?”
AJ- “Uh no. That was the last cruise. Not this cruise.”
Nick- “I dare you to just go in underwear. Just straight underwear.”

Nick- “Do you guys like how dirty the Backstreet Boys have become?”|
AJ- “We have to we’re getting older. That’s what happens with age."
Howie- “It’s called the dirty thirties.”
AJ- “But for you guys its almost dirty forties.”
Brian- “I know you look up to me all the time.”
AJ- “Actually we’re a little taller but still.”

Nick- “Even Brian’s dirty. What the hell is going on?”
Howie- “See what the boat does to you. The boat brings out the dirtiness.”
AJ- “Howie is the dirtiest of all.”
Howie- “What are you talking about? It’s just because I’m Latin. I can’t help it. I have hair all over my body on places it shouldn’t be.”
AJ- “He’ll be talking to you telling you a whole serious talk and his hips will just go.”

Brian- “Can we do a bigger boat?…. She’s like ‘No’ “
Howie- “You want it small and intimate. Like AJ.”
AJ- “Whaaat. Damn this is like the full backstreet boy roast.”
Nick- “Its just because you’re getting married we have to roast you now.”
Howie- “She’s going to roast your nuts.”
AJ- “Really? Damn.”
Nick- “We could make hundreds of dollars of jokes on this cruise.”
Howie- “I'm the king of one liners."
Nick- “Chestnuts roasting on Rochelle’s dinner plate.”

Brian- “Thanks for staying out in the rain with us. It was kind of like the Quit Playing Games video. Its kind of like Howie when he jumped off the stage.”
Howie- “That was when I had a 6 pack. Now I got a 1 pack.”

PJ Night
AJ- “On behalf of myself and my brothers we want to say thank you guys for an amazing cruise. Its been better than the first cruise. We had the best time with all you guys.”

Nick- “Just so you know its past my bed time. And I’ll probably get in a lot of trouble for the things I’m gonna be doing tonight. So I might get a spanking if you want to spank me. Just be nice cause my bum is like really pale.”

Nick (after his voice cracks)- “Does anyone else got this shit going on with their voice? No its not just us, right. You ever hear of people getting sick on a cruise ship so you can be like ‘Yeah I got sick from a fuckin backstreet boy.' You can blame it on us.”

AJ- “We have one last event to end this cruise on a good night. We’re going to play, I cant believe this, truth or dare. So this could be your one and only chance if you get a truth to ask us anything you really don’t already know.”
Brian- “Why wouldn’t you chose dare, AJ”
AJ- “Well, I don’t want to get in trouble.”
Nick- “I say we make a rule. None of us can choose truth. We can only choose dare.”
Aj- “But what if the truth question is really gritty. Like really gritty”
Nick- “I don’t know. Seeing you do some stuff like walking down the hall with your pants down would be pretty funny, AJ”
AJ- “But that’s like a Tuesday afternoon for me.”

AJ-“What do you really really really want to know about the Backstreet Boys. I mean really want to know”
Nick (mocking fans)- “What’s your favorite position?”

Howie- “Protect ya tings. Use a rubber every time.”

AJ (while Brian’s body surfing) “Now that's the definition of a true rock star right there”

Nick- “Hold him up girls.”

AJ- “Boys, boys, boys”
Howie- “AJ, AJ, AJ”

AJ- “First of all, how fucking cool was that? Brian crowd surfing. Never in the last 19 years did I ever think that I would see that.”

AJ- “I feel like Joey Tribbiani right now. How you doin?”

Brian- “I’m not going to fall in a mud puddle.”

Brian- “Im playing by the rules. Normally I cheat”

AJ- “He needs rhythm for a white boy.”

Brian- “Suck it Howie.”

Nick- “I just want to get mine over with please. I don’t want to do this. I'm sure I’m going to get the worst.”

AJ- “Oh my god. That’s my mom’s name. You kissed my mom?! Oh shit.”

AJ- “Where do you think I got it from?”
Nick- “Where you’d get what? Wearing ladies clothes.”
AJ- “Why are you asking me?”
Nick- “Because you wear girls clothes sometimes.”
AJ- “So? Don’t be jealous. I’m just better.”
Nick- “I am jealous.”

Nick (Talking to Jen about Howie)- “Why are you doing that? You are protecting him? Don’t you protect him. Favoritism!”

Nick- “No no no no no no. Can we add to that? He has to have sex with a pillow?”

Nick- “What’s your poison?”
Howie- “Unfortunately everything.”

Brian- “Hey we could be the kissing cousins. I could make out with him.”

AJ- “Howie’s gotta do it on the bar. And Howie, lay the pillow down on the bar. The ladies want to see you work those hips on the bar.”

Howie- “This is definitely different than doing the centipede.”

AJ- “I'm so glad this wasn’t my dare” (referring to Howie's dare)

Howie- “Okay shut all your cameras off”

AJ- “I want you to go back to when you lost your virginity, Howie. That’s what that pillow is.”

Howie- “Don't tell me how to make love to my woman!"

AJ- “Lay her down. Lay her down. Be gentle Howie. There you go. Spank her ass. Howie, spank her ass. There you go! Good boy. Now give her a big kiss. That’s what these girls want to see. C’mon Howie, show that pillow what you’re made of. Pump howie pump. Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump.”

Nick- “Howie, get on the ground with that thing. Go doggie style. Get on your knees homes.”

Nick- “That’s not how he normally does it. Trust me.”

AJ- “In my defense, I really do have to pee so be gentle. If you tickle me too much, it could get really gross.”

Nick- “Go for his knees”

Howie (sung to wiggle wiggle wiggle)- “Tickle, tickle, tickle”

Nick- “I’m not massaging you AJ, what’s wrong with you?”

AJ- “Ladies, ladies. To make it more fun, Nick has to lie on his stomach. Massage his butt. He likes that. Really get in there. He likes his butt massaged.”

Nick- “Honestly, I kinda liked it.”

Howie- “Does anyone have a belt?”

Brian- “Wait, how old are you? Like 12… She looks really young.”
AJ- “How old is she?”
Brian- “She’s 19”
AJ- “So she’s legal. Go for it.”

AJ- “Please please spank it Howie. Please, please spank it harder. Please smack my butt.”

Nick- “The principals are calling you. Calling AJ and Brian. AJ, faster. Run.”

Nick- “I love you too. Even though I don’t know you. I still love you.”

Nick- “Sexy dog? Like dog? Ruff ruff.”

AJ- “We want to have a little pillow fight with you guys.”

AJ- “Are any of you ladies hooooorny? Howie’s horny."

AJ- “I’ll never let go, Nick. I’ll never let go.”
Nick- “OK, you can let go.”

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