Monday, June 4, 2012

Backstreet Queries #2

As promised, here is volume 2 of Backstreet Queries. Enjoy!

What do you REALLY think of Nsync?
I started off as a BSB fan and then was introduced to Nsync. I first thought, "hey another band similar to BSB. Let me give this a try" Which i did. I have their first 2 albums I think. They have some catchy songs. But then I realized you were only supposed to like one or the other. And BSB won, hands down. I also cant stand Justin. His voice sounds like a dying cat! Ugh. No thank you.
What's been the best concert you've been to and why?
This is a tough one because I feel like I'm being asked to pick my favorite child (even though I don't have any kids). I feel like there are certain reasons why I like all of the concerts I've attended but there are a few more memorable ones. I'd say either the Miami acoustic show just because it was so different and casual from any concert I had been to before plus that was the first time I had met the boys. My other top contender is the Black & Blue concert because that's when I was at the height of my obsession back in the day and I was just in sheer awe to be breathing the same air as my idols. I've calmed down a lot since. Plus it was a great concert. Hooked ever since.
What is your most prized Backstreet possession?
I'd ay my old school VHS collection of all their TV appearances. I recorded everything I knew they'd be on and I'd be really upset if something ever happened to those tapes. In fact, those tapes are the sole reason I still have a VCR in my bedroom.
Would you really marry or "get with" a Backstreet Boy if you had the opportunity (and this assumes the married ones were single)?
I can honestly say I would not on either account. I wouldn't want to marry one of them and deal with the lifestyle. I see what their significant others deal with- and there's no way I could deal with thousands of girls hating on me every day. I also wouldn't want to even hook up with one of them. It just doesn't do it for me. The most I would want is a hug. I think because I've looked up to them for so long- it would just be too weird for me. I feel it would really tarnish what I have with them now. I like that fan/idol relationship; its a ton of fun! I don't want that to change.
What do you miss most about the earlier Backstreet years?
I miss how much more they were on TV and had a ton more specials. They used to have all these album release specials, did talk shows, concert specials, etc. Now its like gold if we see Howie on E! for 3 minutes talking about other boy bands.
What do you like most about the more recent Backstreet years?
Hands down they are more accessible. They do the VIP packages, cruises, and after parties so we actually get a chance to meet them (if you're rich of course). But at least they do it.
Another thing I enjoy more now in this backstreet era is being able to use to use the internet to feel more connected to the boys through social media as well as easily meet other fans.

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