Sunday, July 1, 2012

Backstreet Queries #3

That time of the month again. Fun questions and even funner answers.

Do you have any particular favorite parts of music videos?
Nick when he sings 'Tell me Why' in the I Want It That Way video.
What's your favorite choreography?
Everybody dance. Its classic. It's one you can bust out in the middle of a party and people will actually recognize.
What's one thing you DON'T like about the Backstreet Boys.
Up until recently I didn't really have an answer to this question. I know they aren't perfect, and I'm okay with that. I like them- imperfections and all. But having been exposed to a bit more of the New Kids in recent months, I actually have a standard of comparison now. I've been able to see some new personalities and how other bands act with their fans. So my answer to this question is that I wish they were a bit more interactive with the fans and less afraid of us. I wouldn't even classify this as something I don't like, but perhaps an area for improvement. They do a great job when they can, but a little more wouldn't kill them, right?
What's your weirdest Backstreet dream?
I don't have an incredibly exciting answer to this. They do pop into my dreams every now and then, but nothing super out of the ordinary. Just every day events but with backstreet in them. Hopefully you all have some better answers.
What are your thoughts on fanfic?
I used to read fanfic back in middle school and then wanted to try my hand at writing my own once. I think I got a half page in and stopped writing because I realized I didn't have a clue what I was doing. And it felt weird to write about them in that capacity. And speaking of fanfic, here is one of my favorite videos of Nick's opinion on fanfic. Priceless reaction. Question starts at 20 seconds in.
 Nick- "Ooooh, its sexual?!"

You're favorite BSB clothing or accessory?
I suppose my This is Us hoody. I love that thing. I even wear it in the summer months.

So I also want to give a shout out to my friend Sara for coming up with a bunch of these questions. We just enjoy asking each other these types of questions in our free time (that's normal, right??) She's come up with some really good ones that left me scratching my head. Some got me thinking so much that they're going to get a post of their own. So look for some of those fun questions in months to come. In the meantime, I recommend checking out her fanfic, if you're into that sort of thing. Even if you're not, its really good. Its an AJ story called This is Us. And I've never read a non-Nick story before, so that should speak to how good it is ;)

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