Saturday, July 14, 2012

BSB Fandom Then and Now

This post is fairly self explanatory. Life as a BSB fan then and now. Enjoy :)

Then Now
Get super excited when 'Nick' was IMing you and you actually believed it was him. Get super excited when BSB tweets you (even though we all know its Jen tweeting)
Had to ask parents permission to go to a concert. Have to ask boss' permission to go to a concert.
Thrilled if you just get a ticket to the BSB concert. Only thrilled if you are in the first 10 rows.
Camp out for BSB tickets while simultaneously having every member of your extended family try via phone to get through to ticketmaster. Sit in front of laptop, ipad, phone, and refresh like your life depended on it.
After concert immediately had to go drop off your camera film and wait a few days to get back your pictures Upload pictures in real time with your phone.
Lucky to have 5% of your pictures turn out decently. It was considered a good picture if you could make out which backstreet boy is which. Now its considered a bad picture if Nick isnt looking directly at your camera. Love the power of the zoom!
Couldn't decide which BSB pic to put on the front of your binder. Can't decide which BSB pic to make your cover pic on facebook.
Had to figure out how to program a VCR to see the boys on TV. Remember tracking? Youtube
Listened to Millennium on cassette tapes. Listens to This is Us on ipod.
Considered normal to cover locker in BSB Pics No so normal to cover cubicle at work in BSB pics
Best feeling: Knowing you're breathing the same air as AJ Best feeling: Getting a hug from AJ
Piles of VHS tapes Piles of credit card debt
Get the latest BSB scoop a few days after the fact from Get the latest BSB scoop before its even public via Twitter
Brian waves at you in concert and you squeal like a 13 year old girl Still squeal like a 13 year old girl when Brian waves at you in concert
Excited to hear I Want it That Way performed live Starting to get sick of hearing I Want it That Way live
Must endure BSB are gay jokes. Must endure BSB are old jokes.
Thought Kevin was too old to give him a second look Fully appreciate Kevin's mature sexiness
Thing you hate most: Nsync Thing you hate most: Ground Ctrl
Most exciting purchase: A fresh new issue of Tiger Beat Most exciting purchase: VIP baby!

Feel free to add any others you can come up with below.


  1. I loved this!

    you forgot to add the cruise in there somewhere but it basically goes where the purchasing tickets are but wayy more hyped up and freaking out drinking alcohol to calm your poor soul down.

    haha and brian totally waved at me on the boat...we looked at eachother then back at him and he was still pointing...awesome!

  2. haha!!!...this post is amazing!!!! freaking funny and so freaking true!!!

  3. Oh my god i loved this! It made me laugh real hard! *lol* Do you mind if i copy this? Go check out my blog if you´d like:

    1. Thanks Sophie! Glad you enjoyed it. I see you already posted this on your blog....i would just appreciate if you could give me credit and link back to my blog. Thanks!

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  5. Loved this! (I know, bit of a delayed response!) but its SO true! What would we do without technology!? :)

  6. "Get the latest BSB scoop a few days after the fact from"? I didn't have internet at the height of my fandom (1999-2000), I got the latest BSB scoop weeks or even months after the fact from a magazine.

  7. awesome! am totally sharing on my page...