Saturday, December 1, 2012

Are You Compatible Roommates?

I'm a little late on this quiz as most of you probably already have your roommates. But I still thought it would be fun.

1.       You see Howie eating lunch at the lido buffet with his family. You..?
a. Steal a quick glance and continue outside to the pool as planned.
b. Grab your food and conveniently sit at a nearby table with a good view of Howie.
c. Walk right up to his table and ask him for a picture and autograph.
2.       In between events you will most likely be found...
a. Relaxing in the hot tub. You’re happy have some down time and take a break from the Backstreet Boys for a while
b. Checking out door decorations, and hey, maybe you’ll run into a Backstreet Boy in the hall if you’re lucky.
c. Camping outside of Nick’s cabin waiting for him to come out.
3.       When do you plan on going to bed?
a. You expect to return to your cabin before midnight because traveling is quite exhausting.
b. After a couple hours at the deck party, you’ll probably head back to your cabin around 2 or 3am.
c. Bed? You’re not sleeping at all this cruise in order to soak up every second of breathing the same air as AJ.
4.       At a deck party you will most likely be...
a. In bed. Those deck parties are too late for you.
b. Enjoying the excitement
c. Right up front for the best view after hours of waiting to claim that spot.
5.       What are you willing to do to get into VIP?
a. Eh, VIP isn’t really your thing. If it happens great, but you won’t go seek it out.
b. You might make a few extra trips to pass the security guards to try your luck at catching their attention but not much beyond that.
c. Anything and everything. You will be Mrs. Carter one day and need to make sure Nick sees you sooner than later.
6.       On the cruise you are happy...
a. Being in the Caribbean and exploring the ports
b. Attending the Backstreet Boys events and the general atmosphere
c. Only when you are as close to a backstreet boy as humanly possible
7.      Your idea of fun at the beach party is?
a. Soaking up some sun by the ocean
b. Enjoying the BBQ and watching BSB when the finally arrive from a comfortable distance away
c. Camping out in front of the stage for hours just so you have a good spot when BSB finally arrives.

Mostly As
If you AND your roommate answered mostly As, congratulations! You guys are a match made I heaven. Though I wonder why you're shelling out all this money to go on a Backstreet Boy cruise when your main interests seem to be on just enjoying the cruise itself. You're primarily going for the experience of cruising in the Caribbean than enjoying BSB. Hey, whatever floats your boat!

Mostly Bs
If you AND your roommate answered mostly Bs,congratulations! You will get along splendidly because you both get the same amount of excitement from seeing the Backstreet Boys on the cruise but also don't feel the need to follow their every move to be happy.

Mostly Cs
If you AND your roommate answered mostly Cs, congratulations! You each found yourself a wonderful buddy that shares the same level of passion as you do. Hopefully you'll even have the chance to get to know each other because there are exactly 5 reasons, and 5 reasons only, why you are doing this cruise- Nick, Brian, Howie, AJ, & Kevin.

If you and your roommates don't match up, that's okay too. But you might want to have a few talks to set expectations. This quiz is all in good fun, but I still think there's actually some truth behind it. I think its key that you and your roommates are on the same wavelength about what you want to get out of the experience.