Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Theme Night Poll

FINALLY some updates, and what an update at that- a poll to pick our theme nights! Make sure you cast your votes here if you already haven't.

Theme Choices
  • Millennium '90s Party - Celebrate the original decade of the Backstreet Boys! Bring your best '90s attire or even take it a step further and go all white like the Millennium album cover.
  • Don't Put Out The GLOW PARTY - "Stay here don't put out the glow…" Join the party in your favorite neon clothes and accessories. Don't forget your glow sticks!
  • Platinum Party - You guys are the ones who helped us go Platinum, now we want to go Platinum with YOU! Let's celebrate 20 years together! We'll be having a silver and white only party - so make sure you're ready!
  • Titanic Formal Night - We'll be the Kings and Queens of the world! Wear your best formal attire for this theme night. Maybe we'll even have a little high class dining ;)
  • Bachelorette Party - It's Ladies night! Leave your man at home and we'll be your boys tonight. We promise to make this night lots of fun! P.S. - Fellas are still invited too!
  • Cowboys and Indians - We know you all remember the infamous TRL showdown between "Don't Want You Back" & "The One"… Now it's time to deliver Cowboys & Indians style! We'll hit you faster than a shark attack!
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - It's not sailing the high seas without pirates right? Bring all the pirate necessities for this theme night. Don't forget your parrot!
  • Drowning - "Girl you leave me breathless, but it's okay cause you are my survival…" You guys keep us drowning in your love by keeping the Backstreet pride alive! Make sure you pack your floaties and ocean attire for this theme night.
Make sure to not only think about what you want to wear, think about what you want to see the boys dress up as, and potential corresponding activities for that theme. For example even though I don't personally want to dress up as a pirate, I think it would be pretty cool to see AJ dressed as one. Or the Drowning night might include water themed games, which could also be fun.

The other important thing to note is that we will definitely be having a BACKSTREETS BACK HALLOWEEN PARTY!! This doesn't come as a huge surprise, but it's great to finally get it confirmed. I do foresee a lot of slutty outfits in our future with this theme, though I hope to see a lot of creative outfits as well. The possibilities are really endless so I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with, myself included.

Who's starting to get excited and who's voting for what? Let me know what you're thinking because I'm still up in the air!


  1. I'm exited too... I know what I will wear for the Halloween Night.
    Personaly, I would like to ha ve the Bachelorette Night and the Don't put out the glow party, I think it would be funny to see them with neons :).
    Cynthia Wahl

  2. i voted for Titanic night and Glow night! i'd looooove to see what the titanic night decorations would be, and neon is always fun (and easy to pack!). i have NOOO idea what i'm gunna wear to the halloween party. or how i'm gunna fit a halloween costume, 2 theme outfits, 4-5 regular outfits, swimwear, door decorations, and everything else in a suitcase. do you have a packing tips post i can read?!?

    1. Great choices!!!

      I do have a "packing light" post that may or may not be helpful lol

  3. Great post Laura - I know we're all getting anxious about the theme night announcement!

    When do they normally make the announcement? Do they always leave it this late? Don't they know we need to plan!!!

  4. I voted for the Bachorlette party and the Titanic Formal Night. Getting Super excited!

  5. I don't fancy the idea of a Titanic theme while I'm on a boat... Feels like a bad omen!

  6. Some people are selling their cabins. Could you post the list here? Maybe it can help.

    1. hey! I dont mind posting it, but I'd just want to have everyone's permission. Hope that makes sense! :) Just shoot me an email wit all the details!

    2. @MelMuff My friends and I want to purchase a cabin. How can I go about it? I'd love to see the list of cabins that are available for purchase please? Can I send you my email for you to send it 2 me? I am very much interested? Please message me back ASAP dear, I'd love 2 hear back from you, thank you & God Bless! :-)

  7. I voted for Platinum and Titanic. yeah it's morbid to have it named Titanic. Maybe they should change it to something else. "Dress you up" or something like that. "fancy smancy" LOL