Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Themes, Door Decoration Contest, and Q&A Annouced

Lots of excitement going on today! Here are all of the announcements in case you didn't get the email (like myself) commentary at the end.

Theme Nights


There ain't no party like a Backstreet Halloween party! In honor of Halloween, we're throwing a massive costume party. BSB related or not, get creative! After all, what's Halloween without an epic costume?


"Stay here don't put out the glow…" Join the party in your favorite neon clothes and accessories. The brighter the clothes the better! And don't forget your glow sticks!


It's Ladies night and it's guaranteed to get wild. Think club attire. Sexy, chic and ready for a good time. You be the bachelorette, we'll be your eye candy! P.S. - Fellas are still invited too!

Get your costumes ready, this year's cruise is going to be the best one yet.

Submit your Questions to the Boys for the QA Session   

You know those burning questions you have always wanted to ask the Boys?  Here is your chance!  We are having a Q & A session with the BSB on-Board, so bring em on!   We will be randomly selecting among your questions, please get them in by Wednesday, September 24th.

Submit your questions now!

Want a chance to prove you are the most creative BSB fan aboard? All you have to do is have the best decorated door on the cruise! Get together with your cabin mates and keep that BSB Pride alive! You can use photos, letters, poems, keepsakes, banners, streamers, lights, music....whatever fits on the door to make yours stand out! Use your imagination and design the door that everyone wants to see! Best-decorated door will win an prize.

*The cabin door is 22" x 6’8"

My Take

So I am most excited for the return of the Q&A! I really loved that event the first time around and am so happy they're doing it again this year. The fact that we can submit our questions in advance weeds out the crummy questions you might get at a soundcheck party for example. I like that someone will pre-screen them. So now I just have to brainstorm a good question to submit and hope I get picked.

No major surprises with the door decoration contest announcement. Glad to see they actually announced something this year. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with and what the prize will be.

The long-anticipated themes.....well neon night is interesting. Wonder if Brian would let me borrow a pair of his shoes? So I know a lot of fans seemed to want this one, but definitely not in my top 5. I think I'm not very excited by it because I can't imagine what sort of activities they'll do for it; nor can I picture anything exciting that the boys themselves would wear. Hopefully I'm proved wrong. As for bachelorette night, im half excited and half scared to see what the night brings. Definitely not my sort of thing on the surface, but I am interested to see what they do with it. Probably most excited to actually see poor Brian's face throughout the whole night. I think in terms of the themes I'm just most excited to know what they are so I can start planning!


  1. I am happy that themes were announced like every other cruiser!!! I really did LOL at your comment about Brian during Bachelorette night!!! I voted for that night pretty much to see what they would do because they promised a true "Ladies Night" in the description. Also, I like the choices because I can shop in my closet and only have to buy accessories. I submitted my question tonight, I asked what I thought was a really good/creative question at my soundcheck (Kevin said it was good, Nick loved it and Brian said they never been asked that before)so I hope the question I submitted will be considered just as good and gets chosen!!! I can't believe the cruise is almost a month away!

  2. Does the door decoration contest have to be BSB related? I'm kinda confused on that one.

    1. I suppose it technically doesn't HAVE to be, but yes, everyone makes it backstreet boy related.