Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rose Tour Feedback Survey

I know I'm a few days late, but you should've received a survey from Rose Tours via email a few days ago. I probably take these a tad more serious than I should, but I do find they did incorporate a lot of our suggestions from last time. Thus I wanted to share a few of my thoughts that I plan on submitting. 

Overall I try to stick with constructive criticism. Whining won't get us anywhere, so lets think how they can improve things for next time to make the 2014 cruise even better than this one!

Things I Liked
  • Whoever thought of the sailor suits deserves a raise
  • LOVED the smaller picture groups. Do that again!!
  • Overall a huge improvement from the past two cruises. I really appreciate that Rose Tours seemed to take our suggestions from last time. I could definitely see that the boys and Rose Tours stepped it up.
  • Loved half moon cay/private island much more than the public beaches from years prior. Definitely prefer this for future cruises.
  • Rose Tour staff was great.
  • Very much enjoy the random drawing of names for events because it gives everyone a fair shot.
  • LOVED the addition of solo events- definitely do that again! I'd say Howie's and Kevin's were my favorite and I'd gladly have those same 2 events done again next year.
  • Really happy they brought back the Q&A and got rid of karaoke. The Q&A is a must-have on every cruise!
  • The boys were especially good at working the events having 2-3 of them on stage entertaining the crowd and the others taking pictures and doing autographs. I think this worked well.
  • Did a great job of having some events that were just the boys on stage and others where for other events they were able to incorporate fans. I felt like there were a lot of opportunities to have a special moment.
  • Loved having their logo on more things throughout the ship- ie napkins, photo backdrops, elevators, etc Its all of those little extras that make a big difference

Areas for Improvement
  • 4 day cruise next time! My feedback after the first 2 cruises was to have more activities to fill the downtime, and Rose Tours sure did listen. I almost found the opposite problem this cruise where there wasn’t enough downtime. And I know I sound like a spoiled fangirl complaining about too many BSB activities. I'm not suggestions they cut back on events, but rather spread them out more evenly over a 4 day cruise to allow us all a bit more time to relax (including the boys)
  • Game shows- While the game show this year was enjoyable, I think they need an event that features fans with boys rather than fans versus boys. Hope that makes sense. But I look at last year's In It To Win It and I think it makes for a more fun and entertaining dynamic. I also liked the format of In It To Win It better with lots of little challenges to keep it interesting. As entertaining 'Are you Smarter than a Backstreet Boy' was, the trivia concept can get old rather quickly.
  • I’d love to see more of the boys throwing out cheap giveaways like the beads at bachelorette night. Something little like this goes along way for the fans.
  • I realize there was a lot to pack in, in a short amount of time…but its definitely a shame when events have to overlap and we’re forced to pick between events and/or eating. For example Kevin’s event ran into dinner and the Halloween night overlapped with Nick’s event.
  • Brian’s fashion show- If he were to do it again, they really should have catalogs, promotions, or merchandise available to make it easy for us to buy the products afterward. Seems like a missed opportunity for him.

General Suggestions for Next Time

  • Encourage the boys to make announcements on the PA system
  • BSB TV. Always a nice feature- would’ve liked to see newer footage. Also would love if that footage was turned into a DVD for purchase
  • Encourage the boys to revisit the concept of randomly knocking on cabin doors.
  • Beach games are great. Obstacle course was a lot of fun, particularly because it was fresh. I'd suggest trying some new games next time because musical chairs and limbo, while fun, are starting to get a bit old after 3 years and I think would be nice to try some new games.
  • Would like to see some fans have the opportunity to attend the soundcheck- whether its random drawing, door decoration contest winners, etc
  • Nick’s event- As much as it pains me to say it- it was good, but not great. I think the other events were unique to the cruise, which made them that much more special. Nick DJs all the time. So next time I'd love to see Nick do something more unique. 
  • Solo events- I liked the ones that incorporated fans and would like to see more of that next time where possible.
  • Having things like those commemorative cups and poker chips is so smart & we really love that. I think it would also be neat to sell a “commemorative set” of glasses for example and featured a different guy on each cup. Or if they had a different cup for every day, perhaps to reflect the theme nights.
  • They should broadcast the alternate groups event on the TV so the rest of the ship can simultaneously watch and not feel left out. And continue to air all that footage the remainder of the cruise, similar to how they do it on a ‘regular’ cruise.
  • I think there needs to be a monitor or screen at the deck parties with a live feed of the event in order to make it easier for people to see. I know the Destiny was more conducive for that, and I'm sure other ships offer similar functionality. Unfortunately the Imagination does not.
  • I liked how on the cruise in 2010 you would upgrade girls to front row for each event via a random drawing. I'd like to see that brought back.
  • No major complaints about the Imagination but I think it would be nice to try a new ship next time. I also think other ships have a main lounge that is more conducive for a concert. The Imagination's lounge isn't meant for people to stand up, which made it difficult for a lot of fans to see during the concert.

Event suggestions
  • ‘Boys will be Boys’ Battle of the Sexes
  • ‘Incomplete’ Name that Tune
  •  ‘Downpour’ Pool Games- Similar style to the beach party but at the pool on the lido deck
  • ‘If you Stay’ Survivor- Boys and fans in various survivor like challenges. I.e eating funny items.
  • ‘Hey Mr. DJ’ Dance Class- We got to sing with the boys in karaoke, what about dancing with them?
  • Backstreet Boy Roast
  • Do some sort of brunch/lunch with the boys for a smaller group of fans. They have to eat anyway...
  • Do a townhall like the New Kids- whereby it gives the fans a chance provide feedback to the boys.
Don't forget fill out the survey here if you already haven't. Feel free to use some of my ideas above when filling out your survey, should you agree. Alternately, if you have anything I may have missed, let me know!


  1. Oh I hope they plan one for next year!!! I would really love to go!!!!

  2. LOL, I love doing feedback surveys, and I always take them super seriously too! Would love to see them do a Backstreet Boys Roast, like you said.

  3. Oh my gosh, I completely with everything you said, ESPECIALLY adding an extra day! By the last deck party, I was struggling to keep up my energy to really enjoy the party after trying to pack in everything else that day on next to no sleep! I imagine the boys felt the same way! The only thing I would add, I think, would be they stick to the smaller 4-5 cruisers per photo group. It really sucked for the early groups that went before they changed the number! I hope so badly that they take note of the surveys.