Thursday, April 24, 2014

5 Theories why the Cruise isn't Sold Out Yet

First things first, in case you may have missed it, Ticketmaster is doing a cruise sweepstakes (just for US citizens) so be sure to sign up for your chance to win!

I assume other contests as well cruise deals will start popping up soon. It seems like we're repeating 2011 and the cruise just isn't selling very well. I have a couple of ideas as to why....

Why the Cruise Isn't Sold Out Yet
  1. Need a New Itinerary- It's the same itinerary and more or less the same ship as before. Yes, its technically a different ship, but its the sister ship the the Imagination thus its virtually the same thing. At least in my opinion. We're also sailing out of Miami again and going to Half Moon Cay. While I personally don't care that we're going to the same ports, particularly because I really like Half Moon Cay, it's still nothing new. But bottom line- they're not giving repeat cruisers a compelling reason to return.

  2. No Buzz- Last year there was a lot of excitement around the 20th anniversary and Kevin returning. They just simply don't have that same level excitement this year to act as a draw.

  3. Cost- Money. Period. This is not a cheap trip and I think some fans just don't have any more to give after 3 cruises and the IAWLT tour. VIP prices are going up; concert prices are going up. It's hard to justify keep pouring money into the Backstreet Boys as we get older and have more grown-up responsibilities. Now I don't fall into this category ;)... but I think some fans do.

  4. It's Getting Old- A lot of repeat cruisers have now done this up to 3 times, and I think some fans have "gotten their fill" of the BSB cruising experience. I find the experience to be a ton of fun, but its a bit formulaic at this point. We know we'll get concerts, beach parties, deck parties, game shows- just a matter of different themes and different game. Its a fantastic formula, but I feel like they need to push themselves to think outside of the box. Give us a reason to keep coming back. Do a pool party. Do Brunch with the Boys. Do a slumber party in their hall. I think in conjunction with having the new fun activities, they need to PROMOTE them. We don't get the fun details on what they're doing until 2 weeks before the cruise. So how can they expect to attract new cruisers this way?

  5. European Tour- By having the European leg of the In a World Like this tour, I suspect many Europeans are struggling to justify the added expense given that they had a chance to see the boys just a few months before the cruise.

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