Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Europe Cruise

So I stumbled on this video from a recent sound check party where the fans ask the boys if they would consider doing a European cruise.

Boys discussing a potential European Cruise

I found the answer quite interesting. Typically when they've been asked this question in the past, the simple reply was, "We'd love to do a European cruise." Well this time Kevin chimed in and said they've actually trying to develop a relationship with a cruise line that operates in the Mediterranean. I still don't know how seriously they're entertaining the idea, but it certainly got me thinking.

As an American, of course I'm biased and hope they decide to stick with the US. As much as I've always wanted to do a Mediterranean cruise, I think combining that with a BSB cruise isn't necessarily the way I'd choose to go. For starters the cost scares me immensely, especially factoring in the conversion rate. Now I'm starting to fathom what you international fans must go through! I also don't think I'd be able to enjoy the ports because there would be too much Backstreet activity to focus on. I barely get to see any of the islands we do now. 

There are clearly still so many unknowns, its hard to say if I'd actually go. So many factors to consider- from cost to timing. I do know I'd try my best to be on that ship because at this point I don't think I could miss a BSB cruise. I also imagine I'd extend my trip and make a point to see some of Europe.

Putting aside the fact whether or not I would go, I do think it makes business sense for them, just given how high the demand is in Europe. I suspect one of the reasons the cruise hasn't sold out this year is because there's a European tour. Fans simply just don't have the budget for both. 

One last thought- if they decide to use a European based company aside from Rose Tours, I think the cruise has the potential to be very different. Rose Tours has a strict formula that they stick to. Beach Party + 3 Themed deck parties + Game show + Concert =  BSB Cruise. Not saying thats a bad thing, because it really is a great formula. But I can only imagine that if a different company were running the show we might have a totally different experience.

Found another video at a recent after party where AJ brings up wanting to do a European cruise. Granted we can't always trust AJ, but they're definitely talking about it.

Cruise talk starts 3 minutes in.

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