Thursday, October 16, 2014

Only 1 more week

Hi cruisers- I can't believe we're just about one week away from cruise time! First off...

Nick JUST tweeted that he will likely do a dinner event before the cruise.
"Hey Florida, do you wanna have a dinner date with me before the backstreet cruise on the 23rd?" - Nick
So it looks like we'll be split between Brian's Wylee event and Nick's dinner event. I have to laugh that my biggest problem next week will be whether I want to have dinner with Nick or Brian. I love my life! #BackstreetFanProblems

My Schedule
These next few days are going to be super hectic, so I'm saying bon voyage now! If you have any last minute questions, comments, or just want to say hi- don't hesitate to email me!

I'll be headed down to Florida on Wednesday and participating in all of the pre-cruise festivities as well as hopefully find time to relax by the pool. If you see me around before the cruise or on board, please come up and say hi! I might appear a bit frazzled on the outside, but this is normal during cruise time ;) And I do really want to meet you all! I'll also be staying in Florida two days after the cruise just to ensure some quality R&R time.
Don't forget to please come by my cabin, U299, and say hi! We have a fun door decoration this year with little giveaways. Here's a sneak peak.

See you all on board and safe travels!

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