Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cruise Wish List

Since we've been getting the themes announced, I imagine the Backstreet Boys and their team are currently putting together the itinerary for the cruise. That thought has me all sorts of giddy inside! Oh how I wish I could be a fly in that room.

I thought it would be fun to think through some fun, new activities I'd love to see on the next cruise.

  • Pool Party Luau
    Since we're not doing a beach party this year, I think the timing on this would be wonderful. Essentially the beach party, but up on the lido pool deck. I envision fun poolside games like belly flop contests, wet T-Shirt relays, pool volleyball, etc. They can even still bring back some of our favorite back games like the coconut game.

  • Intimate Events
    One of the best things about the cruise is the chance to get up close and personal with the Backstreet Boys but I'd love to see even more opportunities for this. Maybe they can have contests to eat brunch with the Backstreet Boys (They gotta eat anyway, right?) or perhaps allow some fans to attend the soundcheck. Even better if they select door decoration winners for this.

    I just like the idea if the crowd is limited, we can get some meaningful conversation/interaction and not act like crazy people. Win/win all around in my opinion.

  • Deck Party Activities
    I look back to one of my personal favorite deck parties over the years and it was actually pajama night where the guys played Truth or Dare. It was so entertaining! I hope they continue to incorporate appropriate themed activities for the deck parties. My creative juices are stifled at the moment, but even things like the 'Heads Up' game from Ellen's TV show where topics coincide with the theme. Or for Night at the Cinema - they could do 5 Second Summaries (from Jimmy Fallon) where you have to guess movies based on a 5 second summary. There are also a ton of fun mini games from Hollywood Game Night that could be fun.

  • Battle of the Sexes
    I've always liked this idea for a game show. Boys versus fans with fun (and by fun I mean raunchy) questions and activities.

  • Solo Events
    I loved the scavenger hunts last year (of course I'm biased) but I also love the solo events. Each Backstreet Boy can use this opportunity to do things that suit their personality and interest them. I'd love, love, love if they bring solo events back in 2016.

  • Town Hall
    This is an idea from the New Kids world and I think it would be interesting to try with BSB.  Similar to a Q&A, but its basically a forum where we, the fans, get the opportunity to give ideas/suggestions/feedback to the boys. I think it could be mutually beneficial...they can get firsthand feedback from us and we get to feel heard. I think the key here is pre-screening the feedback.

Other Ideas 
    • Deck Party Interaction
      This really goes hand in hand with my point above. I've learned that there really is an art to the perfect deck party. They started off with very little interaction with the fans back in 2010. And now I think they've veered off into (dare I say) too much interaction with fans?? I know, I know. That sounds ridiculous. But please hold off on throwing tomatoes at me.

      I think there's a balance to be had. If all the boys are in the crowd taking selfies, it leaves us with not a whole lot of entertainment. Thus I find myself forced to stand in a crowd of girls trying to get my selfie. I think having some fun activities (see above) in conjunction with selfie time, is great. Or have 2-3 boys in the crowd and 2-3 on stage. Or dedicate the first 30 minutes to an activity and then go into selfie time.

    • Final Goodbye
      I realize it's kinda hard to pull off, but at every concert the boys give us a final bow. It'd be nice if they did something at the end of the cruise towards the end of the last deck party where they just said something like "It's been a blast. Hope to see you all again real soon. Thanks for spending thousands of dollars coming out to see us" :P Okay, maybe not in those EXACT words, but you get the idea.

    • Get the boys using the PA
      I'm stealing another idea from the New Kids. Our boys need to hop on that darn PA. It seems like so much fun to wake up to the boys goofing off on the PA system. If you put a mic in front of AJ, you know he's going to ham it up!

    • Door Decoration
      I so enjoy decorating my cabin door and I know from experience that we all put a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and money into those things. While they currently have winners, it seems the prizes and recognition have declined from that first cruise. I love that they now have multiple winners and acknowledge more fans. But I'd love to see improved winner announcements as they did the first year. They brought the cabin on stage and they got a picture with the boys.
    What else would you cruisers like to see? 


    1. Awesome ideas! I would love to see Solo Events, I was really hoping for that last year.
      I wonder if during the 2 days on port, if there will be any BSB events. I struggle with wanting to see more of Europe and wanting to see more of BSB lol

      1. I totally agree! It sounded like we won't get any events during the days when in port, but im guessing we will have evening stuff.

        But I'm worried about balancing Europe and BSB. Its nice in the Caribbean because our port days are centered on relaxing. These ports are meant for sight-seeing and i dont know how Im going to stay up until 3/4am at the deck parties and then get up to see as much of Florence as possible.