Friday, January 29, 2016

Theme Night #3 - In a World Like This Night

Man oh man, these theme nights keep rolling in. I can barely keep up! Not that I'm complaining. I'm happy they're giving us lots of time to shop.

BSB Cruise 2016
Our Third Theme - As Voted By You!

Rio, Monaco, LA, Tokyo... The BSB Army is WORLDWIDE and we want you to represent.
You voted, and our third theme night on #BSBCruise2016 is.....

In A World Like This Night
This night is all about celebrating where we're from -
show your hometown pride.
In A World Like This... We've Got All Of You.
Let's make some new memories onboard.

My take - I'm excited but perhaps not as excited as I am with the other themes. Mainly because this is a repeat from the very first cruise. Yes, it's been a while, but it's been done. I just like to experience something new. On the bright side though, this will be easier for me to prepare. I'll likely either go Red, White, and Blue to represent the good ole US of A. Or I may represent some of my local sports teams. Gotta check to see what I have buried in my closet.

What does everyone else think of this theme?


  1. Hi Laura!
    Before I am trying to write a comment for the fourth or fifth time:
    I do have trouble posting a comment here. I´ve replied to a few of your last posts, but they never showed up.
    Just wanted to let you know.

    About the In a world like this theme:
    I guess they´ve wanted to do it because there are so many first time cruisers and people from different countries there.
    As for me: I am a first time cruiser and I also know people from seven different countries who are also cruising for the first time.

    And, no, I don´t have an outfit ready yet. I am mixed. I was born in one country (and most of my family still lives there) but do live in another one for almost my whole life now.
    I feel closer to the country I was born in.
    So not sure what I will do about that.

    1. Hey Helen! Sorry you had such trouble posting a comment. Well, I finally do see it :)
      I agree with you that the In a World Like This theme is perfect for this cruise and I do agree that the majority of cruisers likely haven't dont it before. I'm sure it'll be a lot better and more interesting than the first time they did it!

      Hmm...maybe you can do some sort of cool hybrid outfit to represent both countries? So many choices!

  2. Hi!

    I think I might found the problem posting on here:
    I am able to post something when I am using a Windows computer. I am not able to post something if I am using a Mac. That is kind of strange.
    But at least now I know why it didn´t work.

    About the theme:
    I was thinking about a hybrid outfit too.
    My only problem is: The colors and the pattern don´t fit together.
    I never thought that that theme would be that difficult.
    I mean I do have theme #1, theme #2 and almost everything for theme #4.
    And then I get stuck at the IAWLT theme...I really can´t believe it.

  3. Glad you could at least diagnose the computer issue. Super bizarre!
    My advice is try not to stress too much about the theme outfits. Sounds like you're ahead of most having the other 3 themes done :) Some people go ALL out and others don't do much anything at all. Just do what makes you comfortable :)

  4. Guess I am only stressing about the theme outfits since my roomie and I wanted outfits which fit together. But the thing is: She doesn´t have any of her outfits ready yet lol
    Same goes for the pre night hotel and the door decoration: She wanted to book it/make it ... but nothing happened yet.
    Excursions are also not planned yet.
    So I guess I just wanted to make sure that I have a few of the things done lol

    1. Ahhh ok. Then yeah I can see how the stress is building. The cruise is so quickly coming up! Just take comfort that you're not alone, I also have so many of those things that I need to get done :P