Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Behind the Scenes, Blackjack, and Guiness World Record, Oh my!

Nothing distracts me more from work than a Backstreet cruise email! Oh boy! We have 3 new items to discuss! Below is the email in case you missed it...

Hello cruisers…only two more weeks until we are all sailing away on the Brilliance of the Seas.  We have just a few more items up for business:

BSB:  Behind the Scenes:
You know those burning questions you always wanted to ask the boys?
Well, here is your chance!
We're having a Q & A session with the BSB – so bring em on.
We will be randomly selecting among your questions, so submit them here by May 2nd

Blackjack Tournament:
Ever dream of playing blackjack on the High Seas?
Well, here is your chance.
On Friday, May 13th, AJ is hosting his first European Blackjack Tournament.
For just $25 dollars (payable to the casino host on-board), you can have a chance to play for a cash prize and, more importantly, the chance of beating Mr. McLean himself
The top six chip winners from the qualifying rounds (starting in the casino at 10am) will test their skills in the grand finale.

The three players with the most chips will win cash prizes. 

Submit your name, email address and dining time below. We will randomly select among all entries. You will receive a schedule with your table time in advance.

Please submit your request HERE May 2nd
Good luck!

Just to be Close to you – A Guinness Book of World Records Attempt!
Most Nationalities in a Jacuzzi:

We have so many countries represented in our Backstreet family – over 47 on the cruise alone.  How could we not try to beat the world record for the most nationalities in a Jacuzzi?  However, we need your help.

We need one volunteer from each country on board to get in the hot tub with the BSB!

If you would like the chance to get wet and possibly be a world record holder – please sign up here!  We will randomly select one participant from each nation.

** If selected, you must present a valid passport for the nation you are representing **
My Take
Lots to process!

BSB Behind the Scenes
Well, it looks like this event isn't quite what I had initially anticipated. I was hoping for the boys to share some of the behind the scenes stuff we normally don't get to hear a lot about. Slightly disappointed this isn't the case. Nonetheless, I'm always a fan of the Q&A so the disappointment is short lived. I just submitted my question, so fingers crossed!!

Blackjack Tournament
I also signed up for the blackjack tournament! I always figure there's no harm in signing up and trying. For $25 you get the chance to play with a Backstreet Boy. Totally worth it in my opinion. I encourage everyone to give it a shot, even if you're not a big blackjack player. The other new piece of info we got today is that AJ will be hosting it this year! Woohoo!

Just to be Close to you - A Guinness Book of World Records
Well this is definitely not what I thought it would be, thats for sure! It sounds like a fun concept, but as an American, I feel at a slight disadvantage. Obviously depending on what country you're from, your odds of participating are going to be much higher or lower. I also question if they may not even pick an American if the Backstreet Boy will fill that slot. Hopefully thats not the case, but if they're trying to break a world record, I wouldn't doubt it. It'd just be slightly upsetting knowing I have a 0% chance instead of a .05% chance. Geez, maybe I should look into getting a passport from like Cameroon or something :P Nonetheless, I threw my name in the hat for this one too and we shall see what happens!

Good luck to everyone entering all the contests!!


  1. For my 'Just to be Close' submission, I put (Filipino) American lol. No harm in trying haha! Ugh, too bad I'm not like my brother who actually has dual citizenship!

    1. hahah nice! You never know, maybe that'll work! ;)