Thursday, April 7, 2016

Check-In Time

Cruisers - I can't believe it's time to check-in. I seriously can't believe we're 1 month away!!!

You should've received an email from Rose Tours with check-in information. Make sure you get this filled out before you set sail. It's similar to checking in for a flight. The cruise line needs some key information to allow you to board, come the day of the cruise.

In case you missed the email, I've included it below. I also want to point out a few things...

The policies seem to be similar to past cruises. I've seen a few of you concerned that the email says that video cameras will not be allowed at events, nor will video be permitted at the concerts. Hopefully you can take comfort in the fact that they say this every year and they don't strictly enforce it. The only time where they are strict about 'no cameras' is at the official meet & greet, for obvious reasons. I imagine they might not allow professional video cameras, but if you're just using your phone or a point-and-shoot camera, I think we'll be fine.

Hey Laura!

Let's get ready to sail away with the Backstreet Boys and spend 4 nights cruising the open waters partying like only BSB fans can.

Before the nonstop fun can start we need to take care of some business. All guests sailing on Royal Caribbean are required to complete an online check in no later than 11:59 pm May 7th, three days prior to sailing. Once the quick and easy Online Check In process is complete you can proceed to print your SetSail Pass and Luggage Tags and book shore excursions and spa appointments (opening soon).

New for this year, you will have the ability to purchase any of Royal Caribbean's beverage packages. You can do this online or onboard. You can find more information here.

** Please note that the cruise itinerary will be sent approximately two weeks prior. **

To begin the Online Check In process click the following link- Royal Caribbean Online Checkin

Check-in online! It's easy. We'll show you how in 4 simple steps. You can also view a tutorial here.

When you check-in online, it saves time. You won't have to fill out any forms at the pier. When you and your party arrive, you'll just need your signed SetSail pass, identification documents, and credit card that you used to register online.

First, gather the following information for all the guests you're checking in:

✔ Ship, sailing date and Royal Caribbean reservation number
✔  Passport or appropriate proof of citizenship and identification
✔  Home address
✔  Emergency contact name with phone number
✔  Travel plans before and after your cruise
✔  Credit card for the Onboard Expense Account

Ship Name: Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas
Sail Date: 05/10/16
Step 1: Guest Information: In this step, you'll provide the passport or acceptable proof of citizenship and documentation  required to travel for all guests you're checking in. You will also need their home address and emergency contact information.

IMPORTANT:  The information you enter must be identical to the way it appears on the identification documents you take to the pier. Middle names are not required. Discrepancies may result in delayed or denied boarding.

NOTE: Your name on the reservation must also match your proof of citizenship documents.
Step 2: On-Board Expense Account: Onboard your ship, you will use a cashless system for purchases and services.

You can set up your Onboard Expense Account in advance.
You can link it to your credit card or cash (There is a $300 minimum on cash desposits)

Step 3: Cruise Ticket Contract: In this step, you can certify the Cruise Ticket Contract (CTC) in advance for yourself and others in your stateroom and/or minor passengers (under 18) sailing in another stateroom.

Step 4: Set Sail Pass: In this final step, you can review and print your SetSail Pass and learn more about what to expect at the pier.

: For security purposes, the system will time out after 30 minutes even though there is activity, so make sure you have everything listed above before you begin.

IMPORTANT: You must complete and print your SetSail Pass 3 days prior to your sail date.

If you are having technical issues while checking in please call Royal Caribbean: US or Canada: (800) 256-6649 • Outside the U.S.: (954) 628-9290  for assistance.

Please have proper travel documentation (valid Passport/ any required Visas) and your Boarding pass with you for check-in at the pier.
We suggest you put any necessary medication in your carryon bag since any checked luggage will not be delivered to your stateroom until later in the day.


AUTOGRAPHS: No autographs will be given at the photo sessions.

PHOTO SESSIONS: We will have groups of 4 or 5 passengers for each picture with THE BSB. This way we will be able to see everyone, no one will be left without a photo. Please respect this group policy. Please arrive at the Photo Session with your group! NO CAMERAS, MOBILE PHONES, GIFTS OR BAGS WILL BE ADMITTED INTO THE PHOTO SESSION. A link will be sent about 2 weeks after the cruise for you to download your photo. PERSONAL CAMERAS /

VIDEO CAMERAS: Please feel free to bring your personal camera to all events except for the official photo sessions. If personal cameras are brought to the photo sessions, you will have to return it to your cabin. Video cameras allowed only for personal events. They are not allowed at official THE BSB cruise events.

WRISTBANDS: You will receive your wristband at check-in. There are 6 wristband colors. These colors represent the zones in the Pacifica Theater. Your wristband will have your exact seat assignment and either an A or B, which will denote your dining and event time. Wristband color and seat assignment number was determined by time of booking. Please note that these wristbands are required for all events. DO NOT REMOVE these wristbands until the end of the cruise. There will be no seating changes.

PERSONAL GIFTS TO THE BSB: Gifts will NOT be permitted at any THE BSB scheduled events. Gifts can be left at the Rose Tours hospitality desk located next to Guest Services deck 4. Please consult your itinerary for Hospitality Hours. Your gifts will be delivered to THE BSB.

BSB. SEATING: All seating in the Pacifica Theater will be reserved. Your wristband determines which zone you are in and your Seat Number. Please look at the seating charts provided at check in to see where you will be seated. Please respect the seating policy and do not switch seats during the events. Please be respectful of others when entering the Pacifica Theater.

CONCERT: The BSB Concerts will be reserved seating in the Pacifica Theater. Each group gets ONE concert. NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED INTO THE OTHER GROUPS CONCERT. Please respect your fellow guests during the concert. VIDEO IS NOT PERMITTED DURING THE CONCERT!

DRESS: Dress during the day is casual (shorts, shirts, skirts, jeans, etc.) Theme nights are as follows:

Tuesday, May 10th – In a World Like This Night: This night is all about celebrating where you're from - show your hometown pride. Show off your country/state/city pride with flags, shirts, countries colors, etc.!

Wednesday, May 11th – A night at the Cinema! In honor of being in Cannes on opening night of the world famous Cannes Film Festival, we're channeling our inner movie star and dressing as our favorite movie character.

Thursday, May 12th – Casino Royale Night! - Dress to kill and be ready to join the boys on deck for a martini, shaken not stirred.

Friday, May 13th – Leather and Lace Night! - Come dressed in your best leather and/or lace and let's see where the night takes us. Laters, baby.

Guests with Early Dining are in Group A (Minstrel Dining Room)
Guests with Late Dining are in Group B (Minstrel Dining Room)
• You will receive dining room assignment at check in. Seating in the dining room is open.
• Beach & Swim Wear is not allowed in the Dining Room.
• Please arrive at your assigned dining room with your party, the Maitre D' will seat you.
• Other options include 24 hour Room Service ( service charge for room service between midnight and 5 a.m.), Buffet on Deck 11 or the Seaview Cafe.

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