Thursday, February 1, 2018

#CruiseThemeThursday: Millennium Night

Another Thursday, and another cruise theme!

Ahoy, Backstreet Army!

We're bringing it back to the Millennium era for theme 3...

#BSBCruise2018 Theme Night 3 Is.....
Millennium Night​

All white everything! Bonus points if you rock an outfit like the ones in 'I Want It That Way' ;).


My Take
Is it just me or are all of these themes pretty much the same? Yes they are technically different, but 90s, millennium, and high school all occurred around the same time for a lot of us fans and they seem to have a similar vibe to me. I like each of these themes individually but not sure how they will all come together on one cruise. They feel too similar.

That said, I do think 'white night' will be easy enough to dress for, which I do like. Not sure what they'll do for activities that night, hopefully something Millennium themed. I'm also not as excited to see what the boys wear. It won't be as exciting as some of the other themes where you never know what they will come out ask. I guess we'll have to wait another 3 months to find out!

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