Thursday, December 2, 2010

1 More Week and Sun in the Forecast

We’re actually close enough to the cruise that we can check the extended weather forecast. I asked my brother if I needed a jacket and he just laughed at me. Here's a quick preliminary peak at the weather:

December 8th in Miami: Party Cloudy. Low of 53’ and a high of 69’
December 9th in Miami: Mostly sunny. Low of 57’ and a high of 74’
December 10th in Key West: Mostly sunny. Low of 69’ and a high of 74’
December 11th in Cozumel: Partly cloudy: Low of 64’ and a high of 78’

I can’t believe we’re a week away. I thought the time would never come. I’m just happy that at this point, there is nothing left to do beyond get to Miami and have a great time. I know some people are already on their way but I’ll be heading down early on Wednesday. I can't wait for this vacation to begin!

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