Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cruising with Nick

I’m doing another mini-series on my blog and doing a post on Cruising with each Backstreet Boy. Since Nick is my favorite, I’m going to start with him. I’ll cover favorite stories, memories, pictures, quotes, videos, moments, what I’m looking forward to in 2011, etc for each Backstreet Boy as it pertains to the cruise. So here goes!

I love the playful side of Nick. Here he is playing with a water gun.

Favorite Nick Moment #1

Before I set sail for BSB cruise 2010, I had never met Nick. He was the one I was most excited to meet and see up close, but also the one I was most intimidated by. To me, he’s just the epitome of a sexiness. Even if he wasn’t famous and wasn’t a Backstreet Boy, I would be intimidated seeing him walk down the street.  So when I first saw him on the cruise just chilling by the elevator, I was so taken aback. He was actually the first BSB that I saw after I boarded, which was probably about 20 minutes or so after I stepped on the ship. I saw him casually waiting for an elevator with a pair of headphones around his neck. The 15 year old girl inside of me wanted to squeal with delight and run over and ask for a picture or hug. But the 24 year old me just stole a quick glance and tried to whisper to my brother who was with me at the time: “Oh my gosh, its Nick!” I’m pretty sure I didn’t succeed in it being a whisper though. I know you can barely call this an experience, but since it was my first BSB sighting on board, I still have fond memories of those fleeting 10 seconds.

Favorite Nick Moment #2

As you probably already know, I was too excited to eat pretty much the entire first day on the cruise. Our first dinner in the main dining room was incredible, we had the second best table in the room. I only say second because I would have preferred to be sitting at the table WITH the Backstreet Boys. But the table right next them was almost just as good. I truthfully didn’t have a great view of Nick as his back was to me, but that was still good enough for me. I enjoyed just eating in the presence of Nick and the other Backstreet Boys. The only downside was watching him and Lauren with all their PDA going on. I just don't think its appropriate when you are eating around your fans, your friends, children, and really just any other human being in general. So that part wasn’t my favorite, but that part was soon forgotten when I saw Nick get up from his seat and head towards the middle of the room where he got up on the chairs and started busting a move to ‘Low’, with AJ quick to follow. What was neat about this for me, was that since we were seated so close to the Backstreet Boys, we saw them get up with their security before the majority of the rest of the room had any idea what was going on. Thus we got to experience the brief dance in its entirety.

Nick and AJ dancing during dinner

Favorite Nick Moment #3

Typing out my personal favorite memories made me realize I really didn’t have that many Nick encounters throughout the cruise. But the last one I can fondly recall was when I was on the lido deck strolling through to get to the buffet and I ran into him. I was quite taken off guard upon this “meeting” as well so I didn’t really do much of anything beyond walk past him and smile. The only thing about this that I can still vividly recall was his security guard yelling at me. Again, not much of an experience, but there’s something special about running into a Backstreet Boy when you aren’t expecting it.

Other Nick Highlights

So those were MY favorite moments because they were largely unique to me. Well, the dining room not so much.  But I still loved it! Here are a few Nick highlights that I think the majority of people who might share with me:
  • He previewed 2 songs from his new album, which at the time wasn’t released yet. I thought that was very cool. Though I hate not knowing the words to a BSB song.
  • Nick letting loose at the beach party a bit
  • Bartender Nick during Masquerade night- handing out shots.

Nick handing out shots
  • Nick fixing his fly during the concert
Oh Nick....
Favorite Nick Quotes
  • “I’ve got a high crack, man”
  • “I would dress like Elvira… I would have some big you know what’s right here”
What I’m looking forward to most from Nick on cruise 2011?

I’m also hoping to see him loosen up a bit with the fans this cruise. It was very evident that the guys were very nervous the first time around, but now that they know what to expect, I hope that Nick will warm up to the fans and be more willing to interact, take pictures, etc. Or maybe we just need to get him a new body guard.
I want to see more of Nick interacting with the fans like he did at the beach party

Another thing I’m excited for, even knowing there’s a good chance that it won’t be me who gets lucky, Nick invited maybe 10 girls or so back to his room. Just the thought that there is a remote possibility of this happening again and me being in that room gets me super excited. Here's a review from one of those lucky girls.

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  1. that video from the concert is amazing!!!...i cant believe i didnt notice this when it happened...haha!!!!