Monday, July 11, 2011

Seating Charts

Even though we won't get our seating assignments until we are on the ship, I thought I would post what you can expect the seating chart to look like. This picture was taken from one of the past New Kids cruises.

Seating Chart for the Imagination

You can see that it is quite different from the way the Destiny seating was set up:
Seating Chart for the Destiny: Lower Level

Seating Chart for the Destiny: Upper Level

I've heard mixed reviews on the Imagination's set up in the main lounge. Since there are tables in the lounge, it poses some unique challenges. For one, the floor is more flat, making it more difficult for the people in the back to see. This especially holds true when everyone stands up. I've read several reviews from past New Kids cruisers, most of which were unfortunately not very positive. They mostly said that unless you were in the first few rows, you had trouble seeing. 

That said, I spoke to my brother who has worked on both the Destiny and the sister ship of the Imagination. FYI- the sister ship is a boat that has the exact same set up. He said that the lounge is a lot smaller on the Imagination, but the stage is significantly bigger. His opinion was that unless you were in the last 3 rows of the upper balcony where the floor flattens out, you should be okay.

I also heard some words of wisdom that I will share with you as well. As much as I stress about how good my seats will be, along with these other little details, the reality is that we will all be in the Caribbean on a cruise with the Backstreet Boys. I really shouldn't get myself worked up about things that are beyond my control. And none of us can control where we sit (unless you book a suite of course). Thus take this information and do what you want with it :)

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