Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cruising Without BSB

Yeah, I know, where's the fun in a cruise without the Backstreet Boys? Anything else by comparison seems so dull. But I have to admit, I came pretty close to booking the New Kids on the Block cruise last week. If you told me a year ago that I would have been scrambling trying to get some money together to fund a NK cruise, I would've told you you're crazy. In fact, even 4 months ago I would've told you you're crazy. But after the NKOTBSB tour, I found myself becoming quite a fan of the New Kids. Their songs are just so catchy! It took about a month to get Dirty Dancing unstuck from my head.

Thus leading me to seriously contemplating spending $1000+ to go on their cruise next June. While my recent fixation for the New Kids doesn't even come close to my love for the Backstreet Boys, I thought I would still have a great time going to their events, deck parties, concerts, and meeting new friends. Plus my whole inspiration for this blog came largely in part from Katie's NKOTB Cruise Blog. I learned so much from her about theme cruising, and in turn got to know the New Kids a lot better in the process. In fact, I would probably be a lot more relaxed on a NK cruise since I wouldn't be constantly worried about running into Howie, Brian, Nick or AJ.

In the end I decided not to book it (at least for now). Though if it was just a smidge cheaper, I'd probably be one of the lucky owners of an interior cabin on deck 1 of the NKOTB cruise. But this got me thinking...what other themed cruises would I consider doing if money wasn't an issue?

I am a big TV watcher. I would probably consider going on a theme cruise if one of of my favorite shows did one. For example I would love to do a cruise for Friends or How I Met Your Mother. Heck, maybe I'd run into AJ on the Friends cruise ;) And I love How I Met Your Mother! They make several references to the Backstreet Boys throughout the series as well which just makes it all the more funny. Here is one my favorite scenes where one of the main characters gets his hair done before his wedding:

"...The Good Backstreet Boys?"

Another theme cruise I want to try that actually kind of exists is a Biggest Loser Cruise. It seems like an oxymoron to have a weight loss themed cruise, but nonetheless, I think it would be a really positive and beneficial experience. Plus I would love to meet Bob, one of the trainers from the show.

So what other theme cruises would you consider doing if money wasn't an issue?

PS- This is very loosely related, but my friend Cory passed along an NKOTB Cruise blog entry about booking the cruise that I found absolutely hilarious and completely relatable. Definitely worth a read if you have some extra time.


  1. we could be roomies on the himym cruise! love that show!!!

    also I think vh1 had some sort of cruise earlier this year...a whloe bunch of bands were on it not just one...lifehouse was one of them...I love if money wasn't an issue I would def consider going on that!

  2. Dude... I need to get my Fun Money fund built up so I could totally do these cruises with you. And Mega Tour...and traveling around the world to see BSB...and who knows what else. Why do I have to be addicted to something so expensive?

  3. I would totally do a Law and Order: SVU Cruise. I love me some Detective Stabler.