Friday, March 23, 2012

2011 Cruise Playlist

Just like last year, there were several songs played throughout the cruise that helped make the cruise experience what it was. Now every time I hear one of these songs, its transports me back to the lido deck of the Imagination. Clearly the anthem for this cruise was LMFAO's 'Sexy and I Know It' but here are a few other songs that were played throughout the cruise. I've also linked them to a video of where you may have heard it.

  1. Gimme More - AJ dedicated this song to Howie, who wasn't familiar with it despite having just toured with Britney. Makes me smile.

  2. Pour Some Sugar on Me - Classic 80's song will now always remind me of AJ rocking out to this song.

  3. Danza Kuduro - Happy song also heard quite a bit throughout the cruise.

  4. Party Rock - This one got me so pumped up. Hearing it now brings back fond memories of the boys in the Caribbean.

  5. We Found Love - For me, this is my favorite song of cruise 2011. I can't not smile hearing it.

  6. If You Want it to be Good Girl - So amazing to hear an old school BSB song that I've never heard live before. Definitely worthy to be on the playlist.

  7. I Know You Want Me - Another fun one heard during prom night.

  8. Only Girl - Felt like we heard this song several times throughout the cruise.

  9. Yeah Yeah Yeah - While Im not a huge Chris Brown fan, Brian did crowd surf to this song. 

  10. Sexy and I Know It - Voted by you guys as best song from the cruise!

    My favorite instance of Sexy and I Know It
  11. Shots Shots Shots- I still vote this the anthem of the 2010 cruise, but it made several cameo appearances on the 2011 cruise, so still worthy to get on my playlist this year.  
I know there were a ton more but these were the ones I could easily find videos for. Let me know if I missed any other good ones!

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