Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You're Not a Real Backstreet Cruiser Until...

I've been brainstorming some fun posts to do to kill time until the next cruise is announced. I also enjoy making lists. In fact, you should anticipate a lot more lists in the near future. So here's my latest creation.

You're Not a Real Backstreet Cruiser Until You've...

  • Scarfed down several pieces of pizza at 3am after a deck party

  • Gotten ready to meet you dream men in a bathroom the size of a shoe box, and still able to come out looking fabulous

  • Had regular nightmares about missing the ship for some silly reason like forgetting your passport

  • Spent more hours working on your door decoration than it actually spent hanging up

  • Seriously contemplated getting extra friendly with a member of Rose tours security to get into the VIP sections and be closer to AJ

  • Bought new clothes/accessories for the cruise that you didn't even end up wearing for one reason or another

  • Pondered stealing a cabin stewards uniform so you could try and sneak into Howie's cabin

  • Gotten to the point where you aren't fazed when you bump into Nick at the buffet

  • Encountered fans who are ten times crazier than you are; when you're already pretty fanatical in the grand scheme things

  • Posed inappropriately with pictures/cardboard cutouts of BSB around the ship

  • Gotten to know all the members of Rose Tour staff by name.

  • Actually figured out how to get to your cabin with out getting lost or having to look at a sign

  • Gotten to the point where you're actually comfortable eating in the presence of Brian

  • Stopped complaining about how much money the trip costs because you know its worth every penny and you'd do it again in a heartbeat.

  • Run into countless fans on the ship that you "know" because of twitter, facebook, and the fan club; even though you've never actually met them before

  • Been recognized by the boy themselves and/or their security guard.

  • Memorized the lineup for Backstreet TV

  • Cried at least once on board due to a surplus of emotion

  • Spent over $100 on cruise merchandise that you won't even use/wear for fear that the item will get ruined

  • Stopped worrying about where every Backstreet Boy is every second of the day

And yes, this post is also inspired by How I Met Your Mother. I've been watching the show a lot more now that there's no cruise to preoccupy myself with.

So can you come up with anymore to add to this list?

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    1. I started cracking up at the merchandise one because it's soooo true!!! It took me forever to wear my first cruise tshirt bc it's white and would get dirty lol. And anytime I eat something messy I make sure to take off the sweatshirt and wash it right away if I spill. I know I know I'm crazy but I want them to look nice