Sunday, May 6, 2012

Backstreet Queries #1

Well I just got home from 2 weeks in Italy and Switzerland and of course NKOTBSB. Such an amazing trip! I can't wait to tell you all about it. But it's going to take me a few days to catch up on things, post pics/vids, and write my review. So in the meantime, I'm kicking off a new series for you all- Backstreet Queries. I had a stroke of inspiration on my trip because my friends and I had a blast asking each other fun random Backstreet related questions. So I've decided I want to make this a monthly feature on my blog. At least that's my goal. So you can expect a new set of fun questions to kick off every month where we can get to know each other a little better.

So here goes nothing...

What is one song that you think should have been a single but wasn't?
I'll side with AJ on this one, I would've loved to see Don't Want You Back as a single. Not that I don't want The One as a single, but I'd like both.
What's one song that was a single that shouldn't have been?
Inconsolable. It was too similar to Incomplete and they had better songs on that album.
If the boys show up at your door and say they will sing one song to you a capella, what song do you choose?
I adore AJ's solo in I'll never break your heart and would absolutely die if he sang his first chorus to me. I feel similarly with Nick's opening line in All I Have to Give. So most likely one of those two songs. I would also love More than That or What makes you Different. Too many good songs to pick from!
What's your favorite Backstreet TV special?
Mine is the 2 hour Millennium release special that was on TRL. Games with fans, games amongst themselves, q&a, singing. It had it all!
Is there anything you would change about your favorite BSB?
Would I change anything about Nick? Not too much. Right now I think he looks homeless and think he needs to shave and cut his hair! But that's minor. I suppose the only thing I would change about him is I wish he interacted a little better with the fans. Howie is always stopping to take pics and autographs, etc and I wish Nick was just as good as Howie.
How did you initially become a BSB fan?
I got the first Backstreet Boy album as a gift and started listening. I really enjoyed it, but I think what really hooked me in was the millennium album and all the specials and hoopla that surrounded it. I got to see the boys behind the music and that's why I fell in love.
How would you spend your dream day with BSB?
My dream day with BSB would probably be spent in Disney World. What better way to have fun with them than at the most magical place on earth? I would love sitting next to the boys on a roller coaster or seeing Brian do his Donald Duck voice with Donald.
My other dream day would consist of being on a cruise with them, but not a Backstreet cruise. Just a good ole fashioned regular cruise where I could get dressed up and have a nice dinner, relax on the beach (read as shirtless backstreet boys), go to a show, play games, go in the hot tub (more shirtless backstreet boys), go dancing in the evening. Its got it all!

Your turn to answer! Feel free to post your answers below or link over to your blog.

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