Friday, February 16, 2018

#CruiseThemeThursday: Comic Con Night

And it looks like we finally have our 4th theme!

Ahoy, Backstreet Army! Our final theme night of #BSBCruise2018 is... We've Got It Goin' Con Superheroes and villains and monsters oh my! Cosplay is key here... so have fun with it! Love, BSB

My Take
So I'm excited for this one!! It's fun, different, and related to BSB. I also think it will be a fun atmosphere and it'll be cool to see what the guys are dressed up as. As for me, my favorite has always been Superman so I'll see if I can find a t-shirt or something with an 'S' on it. Just no spandex and capes for me.

Now that we have all the themes - I do find it interesting that they aren't really have a formal night. I suppose white night kind of falls into that category, but in all the years past they've had some sort of official dress-up night that corresponds with the formal dinner. I'm also (believe it or not) pleasantly surprised that they aren't doing a raunchier theme this year. Last year it honestly felt a bit forced to me. 

I guess it's time to go shopping, cruisers!


  1. First timer you think the rooms with preferred seating are worth the additional cost? The site says you’d get seats in the first six rows for events in the main show lounge. How many shows are in the main lounge?


  2. Hey Brianna - Good question and I think you'll get different answers depending on who you ask.
    The seating is based on reservation number (aka when you booked). So if you booked late, it may be worth getting a more expensive cabin to ensure you have a decent seat.
    That said - Ive only sprung for the expensive cabin once out of all the cruises and I didnt think the seating was worth it. Those rooms are substantially more - like $1000+ more. You figure there are maybe 2-3 events in the main theater (usually the concert and game show. Maybe 1 additional depending on the cruise) and i think the place is relatively pretty small. Would you pay that much more for good seats at say a concert?
    I think I'd rather take that money and do a VIP on tour or something else. I also feel like there are plenty of other times on the cruise where you'll hopefully have a chance to be close to the guys.
    I have friends who got bad seats in the past so they'll always spring for the more expensive cabin now to ensure they get a good spot.
    I just encourage you to think if its really worth that extra money.