Sunday, April 15, 2018

Check-In and Various Updates

Hi cruisers - We have an update from Rose Tours with some key information! My commentary all the way at the bottom ;)

Important Information:

Is everyone ready to leave the Real World behind and cruise for 4 nights with BSB onboard the Carnival Sensation?!?!?

Before the nonstop fun can start we need to take care of some business. All guests sailing on Carnival are required to complete an online check-in no later than 11:59 pm May 2nd, the night prior to sailing. Once the quick and easy 4 Step Online Check-In process is complete you can proceed to print your Boarding Pass and Luggage Tags and book shore excursions and spa appointments.

New for this year – Carnival Staggered Check-in: Carnival has a new staggered check-in policy for their regular cruise guests. You must select a time when you do your online registration. This new CCL check in policy will not apply to us but they do require an arrival time to be filled in to complete your check in. You can arrive any time prior to 3pm.

To begin the Online Check In process, click the following link- Carnival Online Check In

Select Login, Register or Access Your Booking Now and provide the following information:

Your Booking Number: 

Guest Last Name

Date of Birth

Ship Name: Carnival Sensation

Sail Date: 05/03/2018

Step 1 - Provide Guest Information: You will be required to provide personal information such as address, an emergency contact, and your travel documentation information

Step 2 – Select your arrival time.

Step 3 - Onboard Expenses: You will open your onboard expense account by providing credit card information or you can select to provide cash upon embarkation.

Step 4 - Cruise Ticket Contract: You will need to accept Carnival Cruise Ticket Contract (Please note you will not be able to complete the online check in without accepting these terms)

Step 5 - Check-In Summary: You will receive a message you have completed the Online Check In and can now proceed to print your boarding pass and luggage tags.

If you are having technical issues while checking in please call Carnival at 1-866-236-6670 for assistance. If any of the pre- populated information in your online check in is incorrect (example: date of birth) please contact Rose Tours at 1-215-663-8800 (M-F 9am-5pm ET)

Please have proper travel documentation (valid Passport or State Issued Birth Certificate and government issued photo ID) with your Boarding pass with you for check-in at the pier. We suggest you put any necessary medication in your carryon bag since any checked luggage will not be delivered to your stateroom until later in the day.


AUTOGRAPHS: No autographs will be given at the photo sessions. You are more than welcome to ask BSB for their autographs when you see them around the ship, however please respect their privacy if they request it.

PHOTO SESSIONS: We will have groups of 4 or 5 passengers for each picture with BSB. Please respect this group policy. These sessions will be in the Plaza Aft Lounge on Deck 9. Please arrive at the Photo Session with your group of 4 or 5 passengers! NO CAMERAS, MOBILE PHONES, GIFTS OR BAGS WILL BE ADMITTED INTO THE PHOTO SESSION. If you do not have a group of 4 or 5, please go into the Disco to make up your group. Once you have your group of 4 or 5, please get in line. If you do not get a group of 4 or 5 you will be added to random passengers in order to get your photo. The photo session will end when the line ends. A link will be sent about 2 weeks after the cruise for you to download your photo. There will be no mixing of group A & B – this will be strictly enforced.

PERSONAL CAMERAS / VIDEO CAMERAS: Please feel free to bring your personal camera to all events except for the official photo sessions. If personal cameras are brought to the photo sessions, you will have to return it to your cabin. Video cameras allowed only for personal events. They are not allowed at official BSB cruise events. NO PROFESSIONAL CAMERAS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME. (SLR, DSLR, HD VIDEO, ETC)

WRISTBANDS: You will receive your wristband at check-in. Your wristband will have your exact seat assignment and either an A or B, which will denote your dining and event time. Wristband color and seat assignment number was determined by time of booking. Please note that these wristbands are required for all events. DO NOT REMOVE these wristbands until the end of the cruise. The cruise is sold out and the showroom is at capacity. There will be no seating changes.

PERSONAL GIFTS TO BSB: Gifts will NOT be permitted at any BSB scheduled events. Gifts can be left at the Rose Tours hospitality desk located Midship on deck 9. Please consult your itinerary for Hospitality Hours. Your gifts will be delivered to BSB.

SEATING: All seating in the Fantasia Show Room will be reserved. Your wristband determines which zone you are in and your Seat Number. Please look at the seating charts provided at check in to see where you will be seated. Please respect the seating policy and do not switch seats during the events. Please be respectful of others when entering the Fantasia Show Room.

CONCERT: BSB Concerts will be reserved seating. Each group gets ONE concert. NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED INTO THE OTHER GROUPS CONCERT. Please respect your fellow guests during the concert. VIDEO IS NOT PERMITTED DURING THE CONCERT!

DRESS: Dress during the day is casual (shorts, shirts, skirts, jeans, etc.) Theme nights are as follows:

Thursday 5/3 – Fast Times at Backstreet High

Friday 5/4 – We’ve Got it Goin’ Con

Saturday 5/5 – Millennium Night

Sunday 5/6 – Party Like It’s 1993


Guests with Early Dining are in Group A

Guests with Late Dining are in Group B

  • You will receive dining room assignment at check in. Seating in the dining rooms is open.
  • Beach & Swim Wear, Tank Tops are not allowed in the Dining Room.
  • Please arrive at your assigned dining room with your party, the Maitre D’ will seat you.
  • Other options include 24 hour Room Service (fees may apply), Buffet on Lido Deck or the 24 hour Pizzeria.

Free Day in Grand Turk

You can enjoy your day on shore, no activities are scheduled while we are in port.

Carnival Ban Carry-On Bottled Beverages

Carnival Cruise Line is prohibiting its passengers from bringing bottled beverages onboard

You are allowed up to 12 unopened cans of water, sodas and non-alcoholic beverages per person to be brought on board during embarkation. You can now purchase a 12-pack of bottled water from Carnival at a price of $4.50 plus tax online prior to the cruise or on board.

Passengers age 21 and older can bring aboard one 750-milliliter bottle of unopened wine or champagne in carry-on baggage on embarkation day. If you choose to consume it in a restaurant or bar, you will be charged a $15 corkage fee.

All liquor, beer, other forms of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages outside of these exceptions are prohibited in both carry-on and checked luggage and will be confiscated and discarded with no compensation provided. All alcohol purchased in ports of call or onboard shops will be returned on the morning of debarkation.

Guests also are prohibited from bringing large coolers onboard since it’s an impediment to the boarding and security process. They can bring onboard personal-sized coolers, no larger than 12-by-12-by-12 inches to store small quantities of non-alcoholic beverages and/or medications.

Door Decorating Contest: Please note that while we are having a door decorating contest, Carnival has changed their policy on what is permitted to go on the door. You can decorate your door if it doesn’t present any fire hazards; such as plug-ins or decorations over the lighting features that may overheat.

My Interpretation
Most of this seems pretty standard. The thing that jumped out at me is of course that we're not having a beach party this year. Definitely a bummer as that is always a highlight for me and we missed that last time in Europe. I also personally prefer the vibe at the beach party as opposed to the theme parties mainly because they are daytime events and not late night parties. But on the bright side, it gives us the day in Grand Turk to explore. I do encourage you to take advantage of the day...there's no need to stay on the ship and stalk the guys. In the past, the boys have taken advantage of the port and gone off to explore. Thus you should too! You never know if you might run into them in Grand Turk.

Another point to note is that they did officially announce a door decorating contest. While they always seem to have one, they don't always make an official announcement. So that's exciting. Hopefully they'll have some good prizes this year.

Other than that, we are officially 18 days away! As we get closer to set sail date, if anyone has any questions, always feel free to email me.

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