Tuesday, April 24, 2018

AJ Blackjack Tournament Sign Ups

You know we're starting to get closer to cruise time because the blackjack tournament signups are here! In case you missed it, here is the email that went out:

Ever dream of playing blackjack on the High Seas?
Well, here is your chance.
 AJ is hosting his annual Blackjack Tournament.
For just $25 dollars (payable to the casino host on-board), you can have a chance to play for a cash prize and, more importantly, the chance of beating Mr. McLean himself

The top six chip winners from the qualifying rounds (starting in the casino at 10am) will test their skills in the grand finale.

The three players with the most chips will win cash prizes.

Submit your name, email address and dining time HERE.
We will randomly select among all entries. You will receive a schedule with your table time in advance.

Please submit your request by Friday, April 27th
Good luck!

What to Expect- Cliff Notes
I wrote a post a few years ago on 'What to Expect: AJs Blackjack Tournament' if you want more info. But I'll attempt a cliff notes version here as well. My credentials are that I've played in the tournament 3 times and made it to the finals to play with Howie once.

Basically you need to sign up via the link above. You will likely get an email a few days before the cruise with the schedule on when you're assigned time is. If you sign up, you do NOT have to participate if you choose later not to. Alternately they usually do accept last minute sign-ups as well. It costs $25 to play.

The tournament itself is structured that you will play at a table with other fans first. Everyone starts with the same amount of chips/money and the goal is to be among the top 6 players OVERALL in order to play with AJ, not just at the table. You will play through 7 hands and whoever has the most chips/money at the end will go on a leaderboard and go on to play with AJ. Definitely keep this in mind with your betting strategy.

From my anecdotal experience it seems that you dont need to be an experienced blackjack player to play. A lot of fans just want the chance to play with AJ and that's okay! So don't be intimidated because you don't know how to play. I recommend giving it a try, you never know.

Good luck!

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