Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lose it All Challenge Part 2

It has been 15 weeks since I started the Lose it All Challenge. I wanted to give everyone a quick update on where I stand as well as provide the next set of challenges. Since I last posted this entry, we had a few more girls join the competition so there are currently 4 of us competing to lose it all before the cruise. Unfortunately though, I am not doing very well. In fact, I’m losing. Yes, its quite pathetic I’m losing at my own competition. But, don't worry, that's all part of my strategy, I'm going to step it up this second half!

Here are the rest of the challenges that will take us right up to the cruise:

Week 16: Create a new Backstreet Boy play list at least 10 songs long and go workout to it. I’ll tell you that ‘Burning Up’ will be #1 on my playlist!

Week 17: Honor Nick week! Nick has stated in recent interviews that he is “85% vegetarian.” While I’m not sure how he came up with 85%, being vegetarian certainly has health benefits. This week’s challenge is to go vegetarian for 1 day, or at the very least 1 meal.

Week 18: One of the best motivators for working out is to have a friend to go with. Grab one of your “backstreet friends” and go for a walk together. You can chat about BSB the whole time and will burn calories without it even feeling like exercise. If you don’t have a backstreet friend nearby, shoot me an email and we can be virtual walk buddies for the week :)

Week 19: Nick has said his favorite nutrition books are The All-Pro Diet and The China Study. Pick up one of these books at your local library or another nutrition book that catches your eye in order to learn something new or find some new motivation.

Week 20: Honor Howie week! Lets honor Howie’s Irish half and create a healthy Irish dish this week.

Week 21: Did you know shopping burns 75-100 calories an hour? We’re going to kill 2 birds with 1 stone this week. Go shopping for a new cruise outfit and lose weight while doing so! Win, win. Just don’t stray towards that food court. 

Week 22: Cruise Prep Challenge: In preparation for all the good, tempting food that will be available on the cruise, this week is all about only eating when you're truly hungry. So no mindless snacking this week. Here's a trick I heard: Ask yourself, "Am I hungry enough to eat an apple?" If the answer is no, you probably aren't that hungry.

Week 23: 10,000 Promises is your inspiration for this week because we’re going to work out for 10,000 seconds! Don’t worry, its not as bad as it sounds. That equates to 2.7 hours of any workout of your choice.

Week 24: Honor Brian week! Brian said one of his favorite home cooked meals is “baked chicken breast with rice with a cream of mushroom sauce and steamed carrots and green beans” This sounds nice and healthy so take some inspiration from Brian and recreate this for him!

Week 25: You’ve heard of a drinking game?  Well, I’m taking that same concept but challenging you to a Backstreet Workout game. Put in the cruise DVD (or any other BSB video) and you have to do 20 jumping jacks every time Brian cracks a joke, 10 pushups anytime you see AJ ham it up with a mic, 10 crunches anytime you see Howie wink, and 10 lunges anytime you see Nick without a shirt. Also, run in place anytime you hear a song from the This is Us album. Feel free to create your own rules as needed.

Week 26: Get those creative juices flowing again and this time come up with a healthy dish inspired by the album “Black & Blue”

Week 27:  Honor AJ week! Time to switch it up a bit an do some weight training but you’re going to do it while listening to AJ’s album ‘Have it All’

Week 28: Cruise Prep Challenge: We've got to get ready for all those buffets that are available on the cruise so your challenge is to work on portion control. Pay attention to the servings sizes of food and don't overeat. I like to use smaller plates to help keep myself in check.

Week 29: It's been a little while since NKOTBSB has been on tour, so lets have the good 'memories come flooding back' by learning that dance routine for Don't Turn out the Lights and burn some calories in the process.

Week 30: Congratulations, hopefully by now you did 'Lose it All' or are well on your way to losing it all. With the cruise 1 week away, time to take a break, celebrate your successes, and pack!

Good luck everyone!

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  1. love the new challenges!!!...I think week 25 may be my favorite!...haha!...good job creating these!!!